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  1. That was the one. Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm trying to unlock the Master Builder trophy and it says I'm at 92% or 12/13, but looking at the list on bridge link I have built more than one of everything. I've even built one of everything today alone and it still isn't popping. Does anyone have any thoughts on what to do? These are the stats: Signs: 119 Ladders: 4 Climbing Anchors: 4 Postboxes: 3 Watchtowers: 2 Bridges: 2 Generators: 2 Safe Houses: 2 Timefall Shelters: 2 Jump Ramps: 2 Zip-Lines: 2 Cargo Cantapults: 2 Road Sections: 3
  3. I was following Now in Stock alerts through the Telegram app, and one day at the end of January I received an alert for Walmart having stock at 2 pm, so I used my laptop and filled out all the billing and shipping information beforehand. At exactly 2 pm I somehow got one in the cart and ordered before Walmart created a waiting room for the restock. Super lucky.