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  1. Hi, I was trying to make this trophy but none of the eligible partners were born on November 28. I have tried to create a character born on November 28, get their password and then enter it when it asks you to choose the partner but it does not work. The only way is to create two characters using two controllers and playing with someone in coop?
  2. No order: Yakuza 0 Judgment Persona 5 Royal Horizon Zero Dawn Red Dead Redemption 2 Days Gone The Last of Us Remaster Final Fantasy XV Catherine: Full Body Dragon Quest XI
  3. Xenogears Final Fantasy Tactics Suikoden
  4. 1 - Baldur's Gate (PC) 2 - Yakuza 3 - Final Fantasy 4 - The Elder Scrolls 5 - Grand Theft Auto
  5. I'm currently playing Dead Rising 2, I like the system of the olds Dead Rising, raise levels, improve the character, restart the story keeping the level and skils and get things that at the beginning you couldn't.