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  1. Recently... The Town of Light It was always at varying levels of cheap in the ps store and the screenshots just looked naff. In my opinion, as a "walking sim", it's only slightly behind Everybody's gone to the Rapture and I'm a little biased towards that one, because I live in a little village in England. Good disturbing engaging story and a fun trophy list to clean up. Over the past year or so... Yakuza 0. I had no idea how much fun that game, and indeed the whole series is. I've taken screenshots of so many hilarious moments, especially in the sub-stories.
  2. Update #4: 1. The Town of Light (PS4) - (3rd June) 2. The Council (PS4) - (18th June) 3. Ratchet & Clank (PS4) - 82% (28th June) 4. Lego Avengers (PS4) - 65% (2nd July) 5. The Walking Dead S2 (PS4) - 65% 82% 6. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PSV) 77% 8. Valiant Hearts (PS4) - 19% 52% 7. Erica (PS4) - 24% 42% 9. Steins;Gate (PSV) - 16% 20% 10. Final Fantasy 7 Original (PS4) - 8% 11% 11. Kona (PS4) - 0% 12. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (PS3) - 0% 13. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4) - 0% My focus is a bit all over the place so hopefully this update sorts that a bit! I finished off Ratchet & Clank and I haven't got a bad or sarcastic word to say about it, it was really good fun. The controls are good, the variation is decent and the grind at the end is fine. I got the plat halfway through a 3rd run whilst levelling up the Ryno so I was just blasting the shite out of everything when it popped. FUN. One of the hoverboard race trophies took me a few hours but it always felt like I should beat it. I don't always manage the ones that I feel I should be able to get though. I needed to kill a few days while waiting for the fish tank to bed in, so I managed the hub clean up on Lego Avengers pretty quickly. It wasn't as painful as expected and as with all Lego games, I ended up enjoying it overall. Avoiding using the cars for the ground races was a good shout. Quicksilver is ya boi. Finally figured out the R stick controls the altitude when you're flying as well. Not sure how long I was using O and X for(yes really). Things I won't miss; iron man posing like a nobhead for 5 seconds after uncovering a mystery bit. Having to charge Thor up before he can use the electricity points, and not being able to nicely get the gold brick you've just arduously earned, because you have to weirdly jump and rub yourself against the side of it because the chest is shit. Apart from that, Lego games. I'll keep playing them, with hefty gaps in between. Quick fire bits... I'm onto the last episode of TWD S2. Does she die? Does anyone else die? Do I care? Yeh, I think so! I'm getting the collectables as I go in Valiant Hearts, redoing the section if I miss any. Some of the puzzles need a fair bit of brain. Lovely game, I'll write more when I finish. 3 play-throughs of Erica and not half way done yet. The trophies pop at the end so I may use a guide from now on, mainly because my memory is shocking. Get the violins out, I'm waiting at the Gold Saucer and Aeris turns up. I had a wonderful time, but that will probably prevent the FF7 Original 100% for this event. I'm still playing so if I get everything else done, I may start afresh. Swaps might be coming up. Enjoying the updates as always. Hope everyone's all good.
  3. Update #3: 1. The Town of Light (PS4) - (3rd June) 2. The Council (PS4) - (18th June) 3. Ratchet & Clank (PS4) - 30% 82% 4. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PSV) 77% 5. Lego Avengers (PS4) - 47% 65% 6. The Walking Dead S2 (PS4) - 0% 65% 7. Erica (PS4) - 24% 8. Valiant Hearts (PS4) - 19% 9. Steins;Gate (PSV) - 0% 16% 10. Final Fantasy 7 Original (PS4) - 8% 11. Kona (PS4) - 0% 12. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (PS3) - 0% 13. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4) - 0% I've gone for a bit of a shotgun blast approach this last week or so. With 4 games in recent progress, and 8 games in progress in total, I still strangely want to play something else at the moment. I'm not allowing myself to though, because I've placed a PS store ban on myself indefinitely. I've had to buy a new fish tank because the current one has a leak. I'm so so lucky that its high up meaning I only needed to reduce the water by an inch to stop it. Wallet's been hit hard though, so no new games for me. This does mean I'll have to swap out Fallen Order as it's the only game I don't currently own. Don't know what I'll replace it with yet so I'm leaving it on there for now. Right, quick fire game comments.. I'm into the challenge mode in Ratchet & Clank and I'm loving it. This was one of the last games I played before I stopped drinking and I kept getting flashbacks of being insanely lost, confused and angry. What a remarkable experience change. It's just genuinely fun to play. The levelling of all weapons to max might go into a 3rd PT but I don't care, crazy. I've now got all the minikits/characters/Stan Lee's from all the levels (+DLC) on Lego Avengers and my in-game completion is just 58%, wow. I tried to clear a mini hub world yesterday but got bored. Short, sharp attacks at this are needed I reckon. I'm enjoying The Walking Dead S2 a lot more than I thought I would. Clementine's a badass. There's some split second decisions you make that can turn out shockingly, but Clementine just remains a stoic nutcase from what I've seen so far. Minimal whining, the girl's grown up. I'll definitely be picking up the others when my wallets happier. My oh my, I came quite close to giving up on Steins;Gate. By the looks of the trophy percentages, a fair few did. 13% didn't get from pressing start (yes, you get a trophy for pressing start) to the end of the prologue. A further 16% then didn't finish Chapter 1. For a VN, this tells it's own story (ha). It's a combination of how slow it is, how niche the subject is and the fact that it's extremely hard to like yourself (in the game that is). Two days ago, I never thought I'd warm to the mad scientist, but I actually am. He treats his mates like shit, laughs maniacally too much and thinks it's acceptable to put his hand up a girl's top to check she's alive. This last point really gave me a "ffs, again" feeling. I was so so close to turning it off for good but I remembered I'd chosen to play it because it features at the top of a lot of the VN lists. I've now discovered the reason. I'm hooked and I'm firmly in, but it shouldn't have taken 12 hours of play time to get there. I've just finished Chapter 3. Have fun and take care all!
  4. Update #2: 1. The Town of Light (PS4) - (3rd June) 2. The Council (PS4) - 0% ➡️ (18th June) 3. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PSV) 32% ➡️ 77% 4. Lego Avengers (PS4) - 16% ➡️ 47% 5. Ratchet & Clank (PS4) - 30% 6. Erica (PS4) - 24% 7. Valiant Hearts (PS4) - 19% 8. Final Fantasy 7 Original (PS4) - 8% 9. Kona (PS4) - 0% 10. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (PS3) - 0% 11. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4) - 0% 12. Steins;Gate (PSV) - 0% 13. The Walking Dead S2 (PS4) - 0% I've been screwed over with the retro / remaster sale that's currently on. I want most things. Settled on Destroy all Humans, Bully and Okami HD. I'm desperately trying to not get more. I also picked up The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 a few days ago. I'm not going to add them to the list, but I've got a few in the bag for potential swaps. Speaking of swaps, I might have fallen out with Danganronpa 2 a little bit. I'm finding the end game stuff really monotonous and the extra Monomi mode isn't great at all. There's a trophy for getting all the presents in Monomi mode as well which means I could get lucky and get them all within 3 hours, or much much longer. The main game was thoroughly entertaining. Perhaps if it wasn't as much, then the extras wouldn't feel so bleugh. Parking it for the time being. Where do I start with The Council? I had a lot of issues with it. It's not rubbish. If it was outright shite, I'd have been a lot more understanding, but it shows potential. I loved the concept of getting character points for different traits which unlocked different dialogue options. There's a lot of dialogue options and perhaps this was the game's downfall. After choosing certain options, the pacing of the speech was all over the place. The main character sounds like a wet fart one minute and a twat the next. There's a fairly major point where something may or may not physically happen to you. If that happens, only half the people you talk to bother to mention it! Spoiler tags aren't working so I won't mention it but look it up if you're curious! The plot and the characters were great. The character points system forms the skeleton of what could be some banging games in the future, but not this one. Despite all this, I'm still glad I've played it rather than not. Solid Lego Avengers progress. I've been clearing up 5 levels a day for a few days. I have to say that I found most of the DLC levels to be really short and average, but I guess people mainly buy them for the character packs. Saying that, the Doctor Strange one was pretty cool. Random bits - a friend wanted to get the MP trophies for Journey so we went through that. Loved it, sometimes I need to be forced to play certain games. I also finished Hidden Through Time which I highly recommend. It's basically where's Wally (or Waldo for some). So chilled and nice to play! Hope everyone's all good!
  5. Ooo, count me in please! I'll have a look at what numbers I'm naturally "in progress" with a bit later. That will be quite fun in itself. Nice one for putting this on! 😀
  6. Played through twice last night whilst trying to meet up with a mate. We started all the levels at the same time but by the end I'd encountered 8 players and he'd encountered 7, but not each other. For the second run, we both started the frozen level at the same time and appeared together. It might be easier when you've finished the game once and got chapter select. Crux of it is, June 2020 and I encountered 10 players across 1.5 playthroughs. It's alive
  7. Update #1: 1. The Town of Light (PS4) - 0% ➡️ (3rd June) 2. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PSV) 8% ➡️ 32% 3. Ratchet & Clank (PS4) - 30% 4. Erica (PS4) - 24% 5. Valiant Hearts (PS4) - 19% 6. Lego Avengers (PS4) - 14% ➡️ 16% 7. Final Fantasy 7 Original (PS4) - 8% 8. Kona (PS4) - 0% 9. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (PS3) - 0% 10. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4) - 0% 11. Steins;Gate (PSV) - 0% 12. The Council (PS4) - 0% 13. The Walking Dead S2 (PS4) - 0% We're a week in, I should get my 1st update down. Started off a big sluggish. I've been all over the games in lockdown but when June 1st came, I couldn't be arsed. Didn't last long though. I knew very little about The Town of Light apart from it was a walking sim set in an asylum. That'd usually be green light go for me but I was a bit apprehensive about starting it because of trivial reasons like; it always seems to be in a sale and the picture they use for it looks shit. Don't worry about that, it's a cracking game. The substantial warning at the start sets the sinister tone, especially because you learn that it's based on real life events. You walk round a run down 1930s psychiatric hospital in Italy, looking to discover your past essentially. It involves exploring, and going where your narrative (voice in your head) tells you to. There's some take this there bits, along with some fairly clever puzzle moments. Through it all though, there are some really disturbing flash back moments with electric shock treatment, physical and mental abuse, and worse, which are supposed to shock as well as educate us that this actually happened. I did enjoy the game, quite a lot, but not being reminded that that stuff actually happened. The Town of Light is dark, man. I finished the story in Danganronpa 2 and it was even crazier than I expected. Great stuff. For some reason I'm loving the tamagochi pet system a bit too much. Give it a present for hope, don't clean up it's shit for despair. Depending on how much hope/despair it's got when it evolves, you'll get a different pet. There's a few to get, nice. Minor progress on Lego Avengers. I've got 1 more level to go before the huge clean up. Spent most of the time switching to a character that doesn't pirouette or mince about when they're supposed to be breaking stuff. Other news - I completed Secret of Monkey Island to 100% in prep for Monkey Island 2, and I finished off Late Shift which is a gangsterish FMV set in London. One of the week's highlights was sitting in the garden watching/listening @Crispy_Oglop play some cool games. Really appreciated the company actually! Fun fact, we both have deaf pets. I might start The Council this week, other than that, continue as is. Have fun cracking on everyone! Loving the updates.
  8. Does anyone know if Gearbox have acknowledged it and committed to a fix? I know they were releasing regular patches and hotfixes to fix lists of trivial stuff (maybe there were some fairly substantial bugs fixed but not trophy breaking ones I don't think). Anyway, one of these patches has buggered it as we know. From my old software testing days, if a patch/drop/hotfix breaks existing functionality, it's called a regression. With any dev team I've worked with, regression is a big alarm "don't put it live!" and if it is live "quick, fix it asap!". There is another point that forms the basis of "whether to fix or not", and that's if there's a workaround possible. It turns out there is (do all locations in one sitting without going back to sanctuary I believe). It could be the case that Gearbox are aware but because "a workaround" for the locations trophies exist, the priority of this major bug has been reduced and it's been put into their backlog of "fix later, maybe". There may be more weight behind getting a patch for this if less people were willing to complete the all locations slog in one sitting, but us trophy hunters are resilient and we will find a way if there is one. Unfortunately, that may be delaying the fix.
  9. I should lock in my final games now before I forget. I've added a few but taken out Persona 5. P4G is going to take me more than 3 months with a fair break between PTs, so I'd imagine Persona 5 will go the same route. 1. Ratchet & Clank (PS4) - 30% 2. Erica (PS4) - 24% 3. Valiant Hearts (PS4) - 19% 4. Lego Avengers (PS4) - 14% 5. Final Fantasy 7 Original (PS4) - 8% 6. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PSV) - 8% 7. Kona (PS4) - 0% 8. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (PS3) - 0% 9. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4) - 0% 10. Steins;Gate (PSV) - 0% 11. The Council (PS4) - 0% 12. The Town of Light (PS4) - 0% 13. The Walking Dead S2 (PS4) - 0% I've nibbled a bit off Erica and Danganronpa 2 recently. Couldn't help myself.
  10. Didn't pop for me. I chose the "bad choices" (right options) for my 1st playthrough. Decided to do my 2nd playthrough a couple of days later choosing the good choices (left options) and no trophy. I was skipping lots but that shouldn't make a difference. So yeh, I guess playing through twice in a row is the advice EDIT: I was wrong. Was prepared for 2 PTs today, but it only needed 1 so I must have buggered up one of the choices on the previous 2. Easily done apparently
  11. Personally, I don't. I can understand if you really enjoy a game and play it over multiple platforms over a number of years. However, if someone has 150 plats and most of them are doubled up, it's the equivalent of putting a sock down your pants. BUT, each to their own. I like that I've played Without Escape on the PSV and taken 3 hours to play it, but then I see people have played it on PS4 and PSV and taken 20 minutes each time. It disappoints me slightly, BUT, each to their own.
  12. @clairelifelistjo - That's a fair old list. It's nice to see a few people picking some non-platinum games. Monkey Island 2 has somehow snuck itself onto my ever changing list, alongside TWD season 2. You'll need to strike off #1, 2, 12 & 13 though. The 30%/25% limit is your trophy completion for that game, so Moss can be your 30% and everything else has to be 25% or under. The bonus is, you can replace them with easier games if you wish ☺️ I would definitiely not be getting as many games done if this was a trophy rarity related event! @MidnightDragon - Really sorry for wading in there. Disappearing again now
  13. .

    Well that didn't disappoint!! 😂 She knows she shouldn't have that gun and she's suffering some real guilt demons there. "What are we doing here? Why do I have a gun? Why are you a dick? I'm going to end it all right now", and then her arms and legs go 😂 fabulous stuff. I totally understand with the ups and downs man. Appreciating those ups and managing those downs is really crucial but much easier said than done. I may try finishing the 2 GoW PSP remasters. Their platinum rarities indicate that even I may be able to do them. Saying that, I'm trying to avoid anything moderately stressful at the mo. Wandering around a nice environment for collectables is the way forward for me right now, or playing a FMV. P.S. Talking to walls is underrated.
  14. .

    Hey buddy. Hope you're well! Hope you don't mind me casually following your journey. You pretty much echo my feelings re. Hellblade. Isn't it a bit surprising that the combat works well? Unbelievably, it's the 1st game i've worn a headset for. I bought some Turtle Beach's around Xmas just to talk to a good friend online (I'm in a horrendous phone signal area) so when I loaded up the game and got the explicit "You should wear a headset for this" message, I was pretty grateful that I'd got some to hand. It would be a much poorer game experience without. God of War wise, I can't remember falling off that much 😂 I just admit that I cannot do the challenge of the gods. I try it once every few years. I just find getting so close to the end of something fairly time consuming and then dying is one of my most infuriating gaming experiences. One of my favourite game franchises and I've only been able to 100% the newest, due to my patience and overall gaming ability! I'm not going to lie, the main reason for the follow is to see everyone lose their shit in The Last of Us 😂