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  1. Update #4: 1. Moons of Madness - (16/9/21) 2. Spirit of the North - 39% (3/11/21) 3. Persona 5 Strikers - 20% 61% 4. Nier Automata - 0% 5. State of Mind - 0% 6. The Walking Dead: Final Season - 0% [IN] Yomawari: Midnight Shadows - 28% [OUT] Trials of Mana - 0% {NEW} Doki Doki Literature Club Plus - 0% Swaps: 2/5 I liked cleaning up Spirit of the North and I'm glad my opinion changed on it. Stopping yearning for it to handle better and be simpler definitely helped. It did feel like a lonely experience, as it was intended mind you, but in hindsight, not my preference. Give me buddies, people to talk to etc. Nice though, definitely magical and chilled. Currently smashing out requests to boost that bond xp in Persona 5 Strikers. I've heard of the post-game grind so I'm being as thorough as possible through my playthrough to try and offset it. I'm in love with the game though. It's just a great all round experience for me. The story, the slickness of the whole package, the feeling that you genuinely don't want it to end. I'm not sure when I'll finish it because I kinda want to eek it out over a month or 2 but I might end up wrapping it up in a couple of weeks. Not having a plan on when I'm finishing P5S is a bit strange since my next platinum will be my 100th. I'd earmarked for it to be P5S for a couple of months but then I found Yomawari: Midnight Shadows which I'm using as my 2nd swap. I stumbled across this around Halloween and it's fantastic! The monsters/spirits with their variations and sounds are terrifying first and foremost. The sense of finishing a chapter is NICE and the fact that there aren't any missable collectables is also nice. You're a young girl looking for your friend around town. If I was to put money on it, I'd say you're about 8 which makes you very fucking brave. I felt a flicker of Silent Hill walking down streets to the sounds of monsters, sometimes reaching dead ends, sometimes coming across something which makes you say nope and then u-turning. I showed a 10 second clip of that to a mate at work and he bought it on his break πŸ˜‚ personally I only really see the 100th platinum as a name in lights and I really wouldn't mind if Yomawari: Midnight Shadows makes it there. It's definitely a night-time adventure and a chapter only takes around half an hour if you're not faffing around. Sometimes that's all I can really handle considering I fist pump every save point. Moderately buzzing about it as you can probably tell. Other bits...Doki Doki is a couple of quid off at the mo and I've heard enough that I'm more than intrigued. The remainder of my gift card deserves to go on it for sure. Trials of Mana had to make way as I haven't purchased it yet and a Black Friday Switch is taking precedence. Keen to start one of my 0%s now I'm off for a couple of days. Great to read from so many different people, nice to be part of it. Lots of banging game ideas as always. Hope everyone's doing well πŸ‘Š
  2. I've just changed my mind after an hour or so on it this afternoon. I don't think I was using my brain enough when I first sat down with it! It's a much more pleasant experience now! The music's lovely ☺️ I've been looking at the Switch on eBay this morning. If I want to class myself as a Zelda fan, I really should play Breath of the Wild soon 🀦Early Christmas present I think!
  3. Update #3: 1. Moons of Madness - (16/9/21) 2. Persona 5 Strikers - 2% 20% 3. Nier Automata - 0% 4. The Walking Dead: Final Season - 0% 5. Trials of Mana - 0% [OUT]. Yooka-Laylee - 34% [IN] State of Mind - 0% [IN] Spirit of the North - 39% Swaps: 1/5 I was surprised by a Β£30 PSN gift card from my mate and boss for supposedly working hard πŸ˜‚ Gratefully accepted thank you. He did ask me to try and spend it on one substantial game so I'm naturally buying lots of smaller games. The problem is, anything over like Β£25 is generally available on physical so I prefer to go that route if I want it. Anyway, as a result, in comes State of Mind and Spirit of the North. Spirit of the North thus far is a tiny bit underwhelming if I'm honest. I wanted puzzles and prettiness and I got it, but not quite what I hoped. The platforming parts are a bit clunky and I'm prone to getting lost/stuck a bit but it's ok. The collectibles seem well hidden so it'll be another chapter select playthrough. On the fence. I'm well in with Persona 5 Strikers now. Finished the 2nd jail and I'm loving the storyline. The change in combat has clicked and I'm not tripping about the 1 or 2 missable trophies. It's a joy to play. In other news, I've got into Genshin Impact as a casual crack on and play game. I recommended it to a friend saying it gave Zelda vibes and she said it felt too similar to BOTW. Shamefully I still haven't played it so I'm suffering less with the comparison. It runs smooth, it's not too taxing and there's plenty plenty to do. All day on that yesterday, back to P5S today. Have a good week all! Edit: Spirit of the North is better than I implied. I'm having a lot nicer time with it this afternoon, I guess I just needed to think a bit more!
  4. Update #2: 1. Moons of Madness - 36% (16/9/21) 2. Yooka-Laylee - 0% 34% 3. Persona 5 Strikers - 0% 2% 4. Nier Automata - 0% 5. The Walking Dead: Final Season - 0% 6. Trials of Mana - 0% Swaps: 0/5 I finished off Moons of Madness last month. It has 3 chapters, the 1st being the standout and then it dwindles slightly. It sounds strange to say, but it becomes predictably unpredictable which does make the story suffer a bit. I'm a bit of an analyst at heart so I ask "why?" quite a bit. "I'm going to explore alone." "WHY?" "This is now suddenly that." "WHY?" That being said, I had a good time with it. There's a lot of different gameplay elements; puzzles, stealth, running for your life. I did only pick it up because of a passion for astronomy but I was pleasantly surprised. It looks polished as well. Oh dear, oh dear, Yooka-fecking-Laylee. I haven't even bothered to finish the game yet as I had a sulk over some of the collectables. I hate getting stressed out on bullshit bits of games and this looks like a prime candidate for that. The whole package would be quite enjoyable had some of the collectables been not so savage with the arse controls. I'll leave this to chill for the time being, probably will swap it out eventually. I'm loving Persona 5 Strikers, especially because it's an extension of the Persona 5 story. I didn't realise they retained the old characters, joy! I'm in the very early stages, there's a bit of a learning curve in the combat changes but I know I'm going to enjoy this throughout. Other gaming bits; I finished the epilogue of RDR2. I won't be going for the plat because the 70+ gold medals are beyond me, but I may try and 100% the compendium at some point. I'm also attacking the DLC of Immortals: Fenyx Rising. I finished the trials one yesterday (sooooo many trials). Hope everyone's keeping well.
  5. Update #1: 1. Moons of Madness - 30% ➑️ 36% 2. Nier Automata - 0% 3. Persona 5 Strikers - 0% 4. The Walking Dead: Final Season - 0% 5. Trials of Mana - 0% 6. Yooka-Laylee - 0% Mini update to kick me off.. I'm pleased I stumbled across Moons of Madness. I've recently become interested in astronomy so I went on the hunt for space related games. This one's a 1st person horror puzzler set on Mars. It gives me Fear vibes with random flashes of ethereal beings popping up for scares, but there's no combat which I'm fairly pleased about! I can't call it an exploration game because it's pretty linear but I'm very much enjoying it so far. I'm going to start Yooka-Laylee on my lazy day off today. I'm a little bit wary of the dodgy camera angles I've read about but I've been playing a lot of PS1 recently so I might not notice as much. I was going to put a big game on my list but decided against it. I'm finishing off the story of RDR2 so I can make a start on Ghost of Tsushima soon. I would have put GoT on my list but I don't fancy committing to 2 playthroughs and DLC within a time period despite the longer challenge. Happy hunting playerrrrsss! 🀘
  6. Hey all. Hope everyone's getting on well. Really sorry to ask to be a super late entrant. I wasn't able to complete the last one but I really enjoy being part of these so I've put together a mini-list I can work away on: 1. Moons of Madness - 30% 2. Nier Automata - 0% 3. Persona 5 Strikers - 0% 4. The Walking Dead: Final Season - 0% 5. Trials of Mana - 0% 6. Yooka-Laylee - 0%
  7. Update #3: I've been putting off this update for a while now, I haven't made great progress in this challenge unfortunately. I finished the 2nd chapter of Death Mark. I really like hunting for clues and such, and the nerve-wracking encounters (whereby you select actions or answers to questions based on what you've learnt) are not that punishing if you happen to get them wrong. The reload system for a game over is pretty good. The jump scares are fun and some of the artwork is lush. Really enjoying playing it when I can at the moment. I finally holed a bunker shot and got a hole in one on PGA Tour 2K21 to push the trophy progress along a bit. I think I've got about 10 events to go in the PGA Tour season to clean up the remainder of the trophies. I won't be adding to my progress any more during this challenge unfortunately. A very close friend of mine passed away at the end of June unexpectedly. She was 28 and the closest I'll have to a little sister so I've been struggling to come to terms with it. I've tried to lose myself in the world of RDR2 and I've finished off the DLC for AC: Odyssey but my play time is very sporadic and non-committal so specifically aiming to finish set games isn't on the cards for the time being. I think it's perspective. I do always read your updates either over morning coffee or while I'm having my dinner and I'll continue to enjoy these. I just can't commit to anything for the time being. I won't be far away though and I'll rejoin in the future. Take care of yourselves β€οΈπŸ‘Š 1. PGA Tour 2K21 - 50% ➑️ 69% 2. Resident Evil 3 - 53% 3. The Outer Worlds - 44% 4. Death Mark - 5% ➑️ 20% 5. Lego Movie 2 - 0% 6. The Walking Dead Final Season - 0%
  8. Update #2: 1. Resident Evil 3 - 20% 53% 2. PGA Tour 2K21 - 50% 3. The Outer Worlds - 44% 4. Death Mark - 5% 5. Lego Movie 2 - 0% 6. The Walking Dead Final Season - 0% Mini update from me compared to my usual. I finished off my 1st blind playthrough of Resident Evil 3 last week and did a collectable run with a guide on assisted difficulty today. It was just what I expected after playing 2 and hearing the general reviews for 3. I've been a big fan since the start and the remakes have treated it well. The heart suffered a few times with the surge of adrenaline that accompanied Nemesis. A good mix of resident evil piano chill out and shit shit shit shit when will this end bits. It is short but story-wise it doesn't feel squashed. They've had to release the Resistance online game with it to warrant charging full price I guess which leaves me feeling slightly short changed. At least there's a few replays needed. I ticked off the 'use max one health item' and 'no inventory box' trophies so I've just got the S rank and difficulty trophies to go. I'm at the cross-roads of whether I grind kills to buy the rocket launcher or just 'cheat' and buy buy it. I think I'll at least try to grind for a bit and then see if I give in. I've got a few saves around farming spots so it should be quite enjoyable in theory. I'll move on this week to Death Mark and start Lego Movie 2 as well I think. I've only hit 50 trophies so far this month, my lowest for over 2 years! I blame football, work and sunshine. Have fun and take care folks ✌️
  9. Update #1: 1. PGA Tour 2K21 - 50% 2. The Outer Worlds - 0% ➑️ 44% 3. Resident Evil 3 - 20% 4. Death Mark - 2% ➑️ 5% 5. Lego Movie 2 - 0% 6. The Walking Dead Final Season - 0% It's about time for my first update! I've only managed to play a few days so far this month. I've been tending to lean towards reading in the sun on my days off. I'm also quite a big football (UK) fan so I'm watching a lot of the Euros tournament at the moment. (Got England in the work sweepstakes for the 1st time ever. Eng-er-land!) Nevertheless, I haven't made such a bad start to the challenge. I've also basically stuck to one game which is totally unlike me! I like that there's different ways to play The Outer Worlds. I guess I love speech checks. Having a high enough persuade, intimidate, lie, science, medical skill lets you unlock different conversation threads and lets you avoid or instigate conflict. Apparently that's the easy way to complete Supernova (hard mode). Load out your skill points cleverly and "blag" your way through. The combat has successfully grown on me. I was worried at the start because it seemed really tricky, with your bullets barely making a dent in the weakest enemies' health bars. The inventory menu could make it a little clearer as to what's what, with a pop up overlay showing the stats of each weapon obscuring the other weapons. There doesn't seem to be a sort function. I did get the hang of tinkering and moding weapons and armour and got a bit more knowledgeable about what guns to use/not to use. The difficulty seems to be a bit up and down though. It started off a bit hard, then levelled out, but now I'm clearing up before the point of no return, all the enemies seem a little too easy, especially to achieve the amount of kills for different miscellaneous trophies. Question to people who have completed it - can I clear up the kill trophies during the DLCs? Stuff like 50 sneak attack kills and 100 plasma damage kills etc? I've got all the missable story trophies already. I just feel like I'm running around grinding now without much to show for it. Story wise, it's a bit of a shame but it hasn't completely gripped me. I like the companion interactions however. I like my space stuff to, so it's a bit of a let down that your view from the ship is a bit limited because it could look fantastic. I'm a big fan of seeing different planets up close in the sky when exploring worlds so I've appreciated that, but it's made me want to play No Man's Sky because I feel like I'd get more of that, plus more variation of "alien stuff". I might put this down now for a bit and move onto Resident Evil 3 to keep it fresh. Death Mark is going to be great, I just need to give myself more than an hour stint to play it. It highlighted some stick drift I have because it seems to be very sensitive when choosing options, so I bought a new back up controller for it (keeping it in a dust free box). A genuine official PS4 dualshock controller in blue? Nope mate, a P4 gaming controller that rumbles 5 times as long as it should. Where's that ebay seller? Oh, he's gone πŸ˜‚. Not going to dispute it, the price indicated it wasn't official. It'll serve it's purpose anyhow. I had my 1st jab last Saturday, great moment. I risked an 8hr bar shift straight after and I was fine. Only had an ache when I proded my one and only tattoo and said "they jabbed me right through the tattoo", then it took me back to school days with a bit of a dead arm. The updates are great, I've been reading them all each morning. I never really got into Mass Effect so I'm really tempted to at some point because of how much you guys are loving it! @Crispy_Oglop - great news you're on the vaccination list! That's an awful long time you haven't seen your family for. It must feel great to have a date to look forward to. Having something to look towards makes a big difference I feel. I haven't seen my best mate in a year and a half but he's driving 3 hours west from London next weekend to visit so I'm looking forward to that! Hope everyone's as well as they can be. Big love to all πŸ‘Š
  10. Final update: 1. Sakura Wars - (16th March) 2. King's Quest - (30th March) 3. Zero Time Dilemma - (5th April) 4. A Plague Tale: Innocence - (10th May) 5. Concrete Genie - 95% (13th May) 6. The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - 0% (25th May) 7. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 72% 85% 8. PGA Tour 2K21 - 31% 50% (carried over to Summer challenge). I best quickly wrap my challenge up here. I did start The Fate of Atlantis in Assassin's Creed Odyssey but I won't be able to commit enough time to finish it by June. I'll finish it eventually, before I start Valhalla at least. The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker was interesting. I embraced the weirdness of the different character's stories and it was pretty entertaining. Some decent acting to (that type of acting can't be easy). It's spoilt a bit by the need for the platinum though. You can't use a hint for one trophy, but you pretty much need to use hints. I used a hint or 2 before realising that the re-play would be terrible, mainly because you have to type in ALOT of questions manually. I ended up starting again, asking all the questions I could think of and then using a guide for any I missed. Overall it was a pretty good cheapy but I've preferred other FMVs. I'll engage a bit more in the next challenge, with shorter updates weekly etc. I like the whole kind of team effort behind these, it's good to be part of! My game of the challenge - Zero Time Dilemma Special mention - A Plague Tale: Innocence
  11. I'd like to be in again (my 5th in a row!). Love the challenge and the people involved! My list (all PS4): 1. PGA Tour 2K21 - 50% 2. Resident Evil 3 - 20% 3. Death Mark - 2% 4. Lego Movie 2 - 0% 5. The Outer Worlds - 0% 6. The Walking Dead Final Season - 0% I bought Lego Movie 2, The Outer Worlds and Maid of Skier on a 3 for 2 at Game today. Subnautica was originally in my list but I popped The Outer Worlds in to beef it up a bit, plus I don't play a lot of FPSs and I feel like I'm up for one. One that's not Borderlands 3 because I'm still harbouring a grudge that they f**ked it. Also, it's been about 9 months since my last Lego game so I'm just about ready for another!
  12. Update 6: 1. Sakura Wars - (16th March) 2. King's Quest - 65% (30th March) 3. Zero Time Dilemma - 34% (5th April) 4. A Plague Tale: Innocence - 0% (10th May) 5. Concrete Genie - 0% 95% (13th May) 6. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 67% 72% 7. PGA Tour 2K21 - 31% 50% 8. The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - 0% Currently sprinting for the finish line but I'm going to fall a little short. Not to worry though. I'm still transitioning from having all the time in the world to having a lot less. I'll be joining the Summer challenge, but I'll keep my list to 5, maybe 6. Good decision on my part to include A Plague Tale: Innocence. I really enjoyed the setting and the characters. I like journeys like this where you're introduced to new characters not just for the sake of it, but characters that really add to the story. I loved the interactions with your younger brother as well, who genuinely seems like a 5 year old which could have been quite hard to achieve. As a rule of thumb, I'm not a massive stealth fan but I really didn't mind it here because I enjoyed the story so much. It could have benefitted from more boss fights, I really enjoyed the first one which kind of acted as a tutorial, but then there wasn't really any others to note until much later. That aside, the whole package is a great success. Manipulating the rats for destruction or puzzle solving doesn't get stale. I also completed all I can with Concrete Genie this last week. It makes me want to revisit Okami which I've only played on the Wii. I finished off the collectables today which felt a little bit long, but that's because I decided I needed to prioritise it on my first day off since last week. I'm not a massive fan of bullies in games. It just felt a bit lazy and I'm sure they could have achieved the general premise of the story without going down that route. Still, I enjoyed the painting which is the main part and it did feel magical so it achieved what it tried to do. Defo a PS+ only game for me, but I liked it more than I didn't. I decided to start Legacy of the First Blade in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I was going to start the Atlantis one first but then my need to play things in order kicked in. It's a bit like I expected, same same but different, but it feels like an enjoyable ongoing task rather than a boring chore. The introduction of new skills helps keep fighting fresh because I'd kind of settled on my "character build" in beast mode. Just ticked off episode 1 so I'm 1/6 for the remaining DLC. I've stopped PGA Tour 2K21 in it's tracks at 50% because I'll carry it over to the Summer challenge. I'm playing all the tournaments as I did in the old Tiger Woods games, so I'm not tearing through it for the tournament trophies. I haven't got a hole in one or holed a bunker shot yet so I need to stop in case I do! Strangely, I holed a bunker shot in real life for the 1st time last week. Shamelessly told the person I was playing with that I still needed to hole a bunker shot on PGA Tour 2K21 for a trophy. He couldn't give less of a shit if he tried πŸ˜‚ Well done everyone for cracking on! We're getting there! Take it easy πŸ‘Š
  13. Update 5: 1. Sakura Wars - (16th March) 2. King's Quest - 65% ➑️ πŸ’― (30th March) 3. Zero Time Dilemma - 34% ➑️ (5th April) 4. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 47% ➑️ 67% 5. PGA Tour 2K21 - 20% ➑️ 31% 6. Concrete Genie - 0% 7. The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - 0% {OUT} Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls - 0% {IN} A Plague Tale: Innocence - 0% Swaps used: 1/2 It's been over a month since my last update, and there's only just over a month to go, ooof. I've been back working at the pub since the 12th when lockdown eased here in the UK. I'm not doing too well with picking up a controller after a shift. Going from all the time off to just Tuesdays and Fridays off is strange. Just got to get my stamina stat up after getting used to sitting down most of the time. My back is hating it mostly. The fact I'm moderately prancing around back and forth for 7-8 hours and getting shattered furthers my respect for our health care staff. King's Quest was great for it's story, voice acting and puzzles. I'd missed this when I was younger so I loved that it gave the player a view of the past, using old graphics from previous iterations on the last episode. I'd imagine for familiar players that would have been gold. Some parts were guide worthy but I didn't mind, I found it baffling in parts but not too frustrating. A nice solid fun light-hearted journey. Sweet as. Zero Time Dilemma was great. Absolutely loved it. I found it more shocking than Virtue's Last Reward but that might have been because it was on my TV rather than Vita. I liked the fact you could play the story in your own unique order and the ease at which you could switch storyline/characters. Have to say, I was disappointed when I got the trophy for completing all the escape rooms when I was only about 60% complete. They were really satisfying to work through so a few extra would have been good further down the story strands. I've reached the main DLCs in AC: Odyssey after finishing off the sub-story DLC. They were all really good in their own right and either added to existing narratives, closed off story arcs or encouraged you to explore places you might not have previously. Shout-out to the voice acting and humour as well. I'm not massively keen to start Legacy of the First Blade, the Atlantis one seems more appealing so I'll do that 1st. I dropped a bottle top into the ice dump and dove my hand in to get it like a dick. Turns out ice is sharp so I've cut my knuckles which aren't healing with my extra dry hands from lots of hand washing. This means I'm currently playing PGA Tour 2K21 one handed like a G. I gave it a knock in my earlier review but the settings are quite extensive so you can play it how you want it really which it deserves credit for. I would like a sense of progression from things like improving stats in the early Tiger Woods games however. Bit of a shame. Just remembered you used to be offered sponsor contracts to. Not like now where you start out and it's "here's all your sponsors. Which one do you want to pick noob?" Big thanks to @Crispy_Oglop for his thoughts (advice) re. Ultra Despair Girls. I'd bought it on price and expected similar to the 1st 2. The price should have indicated it wasn't. I did watch some game play but I had to really hunt for what must have been game play but might not have been. Either way, the conclusion is no, not right now. Thanks for taking one for the team there man! In comes A Plague Tale. It's the cheapest I've seen it in a sale and I've heard good stuff from a few people on here. I even played the demo for a bit to, just to "check", ha. Aside from the challenge, I'm revisiting one of my favourite franchises in Resident Evil. I've ticked off more of Resident evil 2 remake, Resident Evil and Resident Evil 7 in that order (I know right) and I bought Resident Evil 3 remake yesterday. Might even be able to plat that one, wooooh! Village soooooon! I read all your updates every morning with a coffee and a smoke. Some of you are bossing games I outright couldn't. Thoroughly enjoy reading about them in any case. @SpacebarPlays great news that you're better than you were. Sounds nasty and must have took some strength to get through. Keep safe and as happy as possible all πŸ‘ŠπŸ€˜
  14. Update 4: 1. Sakura Wars - 100% (16th March) 2. King's Quest - 65% 3. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 43% > 47% 4. Zero Time Dilemma - 0% > 34% 5. PGA Tour 2K21 - 0% > 20% 6. Concrete Genie - 0% 7. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls - 0% 8. The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - 0% I had a session on AC Odyssey yesterday. I really want to finish the platinum and 1st DLC (the cool sub-stories) before April starts. I managed to finish off all the cultists which was big fun. Had some of my most epic fights with the usual mercenaries bowling in. I'm in love with Zero Time Dilemma. The fact you can play in "fragments" - small story segments that you can switch between, is a big win for me. You can mix the story up as much as you want, switching between teams and time frames, and it doesn't adversely affect the "story telling" aspect, because the back story explains it. The escape room puzzles are really fun, taking some real thought with satisfaction. The decisions are great as well. Simply standing in front of a button saying do not press, deciding whether to press it, is simple and brilliant. Regret your decision? That's fine, see it through and choose the opposite next time. I'm assuming you need to see all the stuff for the plat. That's another major thing - I haven't looked at a trophy list, no need, no fear of missables. Reload where you want when you want. I was going to say that it seems short, but I'm at 18hrs with large sections still locked off, so it just feels like I'm playing too fast, the sign of a fab game for me. Aaaaannddd... Lots of PGA Tour 2K21 things: Enjoying all the updates as always. Some good work going on! Take care all!
  15. Update 3: 1. Sakura Wars - 35% (16th March) 2. King's Quest - 47% 65% 3. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 43% 4. Concrete Genie - 0% 5. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls - 0% 6. PGA Tour 2K21 - 0% 7. The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker - 0% 8. Zero Time Dilemma - 0% Finished off my first of the challenge. My opinion of Sakura Wars fluctuated throughout the journey but overall it was a very enjoyable experience. I'm usually a fan of VN elements so it was nice to have lots of "sit back and enjoy" moments - lots of humour, silliness and spectacular-ness. I got the hang of Koi-Koi fairly quickly, starting to remember the important cards to have etc. It's an element that helps to mix up the game quite nicely as you can play when you feel like it. I improved with the combat but it didn't really become more enjoyable. A few of the combat levels are pretty fun but the game suffers from making you replay all combat sections with each team member. It's understandable being a bit grindy for the platinum, but I tended to prefer the main character in combat so it was very repetitive. Still, with each section taking about 15 mins, it seems bite-size and manageable, but there was 48 or so of them... Platforming within the levels is a joke, my only proper negative of the game. I wouldn't have my time back with this one though, I give it a 7.3/10 or something around there. I almost need a warning for games like this though; "by the way, you're a young guy, all of your world is filled with young girls, some of very suspect age, but you'll flirt relentlessly, you will feel awkward, there's lots of bathroom scenes." Should have known πŸ˜‚ Finished the 2nd and 3rd episodes of King's Quest. Still having a great time with it. It makes me chuckle quite a lot which is nice. It's a good option for when I only want to commit to a couple of hours of gaming. I'm starting Zero Time Dilemma today, looking forward to the puzzles. Zero Escape: VLR was a highlight of my gaming last summer so hoping for more of the same. I'll start PGA Tour 2K21 over the weekend in prep for some real life golf from the end of March onwards. Real life anything seems a challenge, but real life 4hrs of walking round and playing golf after 4 months of sitting down is going to be interesting!