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  1. Update #1: 1. The Town of Light (PS4) - 0% ➡️ (3rd June) 2. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PSV) 8% ➡️ 32% 3. Ratchet & Clank (PS4) - 30% 4. Erica (PS4) - 24% 5. Valiant Hearts (PS4) - 19% 6. Lego Avengers (PS4) - 14% ➡️ 16% 7. Final Fantasy 7 Original (PS4) - 8% 8. Kona (PS4) - 0% 9. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (PS3) - 0% 10. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4) - 0% 11. Steins;Gate (PSV) - 0% 12. The Council (PS4) - 0% 13. The Walking Dead S2 (PS4) - 0% We're a week in, I should get my 1st update down. Started off a big sluggish. I've been all over the games in lockdown but when June 1st came, I couldn't be arsed. Didn't last long though. I knew very little about The Town of Light apart from it was a walking sim set in an asylum. That'd usually be green light go for me but I was a bit apprehensive about starting it because of trivial reasons like; it always seems to be in a sale and the picture they use for it looks shit. Don't worry about that, it's a cracking game. The substantial warning at the start sets the sinister tone, especially because you learn that it's based on real life events. You walk round a run down 1930s psychiatric hospital in Italy, looking to discover your past essentially. It involves exploring, and going where your narrative (voice in your head) tells you to. There's some take this there bits, along with some fairly clever puzzle moments. Through it all though, there are some really disturbing flash back moments with electric shock treatment, physical and mental abuse, and worse, which are supposed to shock as well as educate us that this actually happened. I did enjoy the game, quite a lot, but not being reminded that that stuff actually happened. The Town of Light is dark, man. I finished the story in Danganronpa 2 and it was even crazier than I expected. Great stuff. For some reason I'm loving the tamagochi pet system a bit too much. Give it a present for hope, don't clean up it's shit for despair. Depending on how much hope/despair it's got when it evolves, you'll get a different pet. There's a few to get, nice. Minor progress on Lego Avengers. I've got 1 more level to go before the huge clean up. Spent most of the time switching to a character that doesn't pirouette or mince about when they're supposed to be breaking stuff. Other news - I completed Secret of Monkey Island to 100% in prep for Monkey Island 2, and I finished off Late Shift which is a gangsterish FMV set in London. One of the week's highlights was sitting in the garden watching/listening @Crispy_Oglop play some cool games. Really appreciated the company actually! Fun fact, we both have deaf pets. I might start The Council this week, other than that, continue as is. Have fun cracking on everyone! Loving the updates.
  2. Does anyone know if Gearbox have acknowledged it and committed to a fix? I know they were releasing regular patches and hotfixes to fix lists of trivial stuff (maybe there were some fairly substantial bugs fixed but not trophy breaking ones I don't think). Anyway, one of these patches has buggered it as we know. From my old software testing days, if a patch/drop/hotfix breaks existing functionality, it's called a regression. With any dev team I've worked with, regression is a big alarm "don't put it live!" and if it is live "quick, fix it asap!". There is another point that forms the basis of "whether to fix or not", and that's if there's a workaround possible. It turns out there is (do all locations in one sitting without going back to sanctuary I believe). It could be the case that Gearbox are aware but because "a workaround" for the locations trophies exist, the priority of this major bug has been reduced and it's been put into their backlog of "fix later, maybe". There may be more weight behind getting a patch for this if less people were willing to complete the all locations slog in one sitting, but us trophy hunters are resilient and we will find a way if there is one. Unfortunately, that may be delaying the fix.
  3. I should lock in my final games now before I forget. I've added a few but taken out Persona 5. P4G is going to take me more than 3 months with a fair break between PTs, so I'd imagine Persona 5 will go the same route. 1. Ratchet & Clank (PS4) - 30% 2. Erica (PS4) - 24% 3. Valiant Hearts (PS4) - 19% 4. Lego Avengers (PS4) - 14% 5. Final Fantasy 7 Original (PS4) - 8% 6. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PSV) - 8% 7. Kona (PS4) - 0% 8. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (PS3) - 0% 9. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS4) - 0% 10. Steins;Gate (PSV) - 0% 11. The Council (PS4) - 0% 12. The Town of Light (PS4) - 0% 13. The Walking Dead S2 (PS4) - 0% I've nibbled a bit off Erica and Danganronpa 2 recently. Couldn't help myself.
  4. Didn't pop for me. I chose the "bad choices" (right options) for my 1st playthrough. Decided to do my 2nd playthrough a couple of days later choosing the good choices (left options) and no trophy. I was skipping lots but that shouldn't make a difference. So yeh, I guess playing through twice in a row is the advice EDIT: I was wrong. Was prepared for 2 PTs today, but it only needed 1 so I must have buggered up one of the choices on the previous 2. Easily done apparently
  5. Personally, I don't. I can understand if you really enjoy a game and play it over multiple platforms over a number of years. However, if someone has 150 plats and most of them are doubled up, it's the equivalent of putting a sock down your pants. BUT, each to their own. I like that I've played Without Escape on the PSV and taken 3 hours to play it, but then I see people have played it on PS4 and PSV and taken 20 minutes each time. It disappoints me slightly, BUT, each to their own.
  6. @clairelifelistjo - That's a fair old list. It's nice to see a few people picking some non-platinum games. Monkey Island 2 has somehow snuck itself onto my ever changing list, alongside TWD season 2. You'll need to strike off #1, 2, 12 & 13 though. The 30%/25% limit is your trophy completion for that game, so Moss can be your 30% and everything else has to be 25% or under. The bonus is, you can replace them with easier games if you wish ☺️ I would definitiely not be getting as many games done if this was a trophy rarity related event! @MidnightDragon - Really sorry for wading in there. Disappearing again now
  7. Final Update: 1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - (6th March) 2. RiME (PS4) - (11th March) 3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - (30th March) 4. Zero Escape: VLR (PS Vita) - (5th April) 5. Shenmue (PS4) - (8th April) 6. Root Letter (PS Vita) - (16th April) 7. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - (18th April) 8. Donut County (PS4) - (5th May) 9. My Big Sister (PS Vita) - 0% (10th May) 10. Dreamfall Chapters (PS4) - 92% (12th May) Swaps used: 2/2 Finish him!! Perfect! I'm glad I haven't given myself a moderate panic getting it all done in time. Should have really done that in education... My Big Sister (yep, I now know it's my big sister instead of my little sister ha) left me a little disappointed I'm afraid. I love those pixelated top-down games as a nice alternative to the usual, but I just didn't really enjoy it that much. The plot is a mix of dark humour and dark ritualistic stuff that never really gel. Oh my, the amount of text dialogue as well. I'm not an X basher either, I sat there and endured it. Positive points... the trophy list is quite fun and clever. I never use a guide for games like this on the 1st run, and I missed 65% of the trophies whilst being quite thorough. It's actually quite long as well, with a few different locations. Cheap as well. Ok ok, it could have been worse! Dreamfall Chapters is very much for existing fans of the series. However, I did enjoy it a lot and it suited some late night gaming/watching (mostly watching) nicely. Glad to have played it. My Spring Backlog awards: I'm currently re-visiting Alice Madness Returns on PS3 and I'm slowly finishing off The Curse of the Pharoahs DLC for AC: Origins. I recently bought Dreams as well so I'm looking forward to seeing how much I can get into it. Good luck everyone, keep safe and see you in the Summer!
  8. Ahaha I see what you've done there! Likes their trophy cabinet to be topical and relevant to the times, showing some much needed humour through this dark period. Well played!
  9. The Blacklist is back! Season 7 I think? Watched the 1st episode last night. The overarching plot is a complete mess but Reddington continues to make it quite enjoyable, I can assure you.
  10. Just watched some gameplay. Looks like it'll be loads of fun and fairly challenging, but do-able most importantly! I can imagine there will be some "round breaking holes" that'll require some practice. I wonder if there will be a "restart hole" option if you screw it up? That would make the trophies for getting par or under on each course infinitely easier. I very much doubt it though!
  11. I got my PS4 on release day. I remember the psn store had Contrast which I really enjoyed, but nothing else that appealed, and the choice was minor to say the least. Reliability wise, my PS4 is still going strong (touch wood) with lots of use so I wouldn't be too concerned opting for the PS5 on release day in that regard. I think the key is to keep a close eye on the titles that'll be available day 1 or soon after and then I'll see whether I'm tempted enough for a release day purchase.
  12. Update #10: 1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - (6th March) 2. RiME (PS4) - (11th March) 3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - (30th March) 4. Zero Escape: VLR (PS Vita) - (5th April) 5. Shenmue (PS4) - (8th April) 6. Root Letter (PS Vita) - (16th April) 7. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - (18th April) 8. Donut County (PS4) - 0% (5th May) 9. Dreamfall Chapters (PS4) - 58% 92% 10. My Big Sister (PS Vita) - 0% Swaps used: 2/2 Donut County didn't disappoint. You control a hole, making stuff fall in it, which makes the hole bigger. The story and characters are fun, it's just satisfying to play and made me happy. A little on the short side but it's half price. Pick it up, pick it up. I finished the end of Dreamfall Chapters. It's a shame the rest of the series isn't available on PS. I played the Longest Journey on PC what seems like another life ago, I literally have 2 memories of it. I didn't realise until looking it up half way through that this was the crowdfunded 3rd game of that series. It's worked in a way that it can be played as a standalone I guess, but there's references to stuff you feel you should know, even though that blends in with stuff that's meant to be confusing anyway. Confusing in a good way though, Never ending story type confusion. The use of "light" and "goddess" as general curse words seems so natural and is a touch of genius by the way. Kind of looking forward to the 2nd run, kind of. I've added My Big Sister for the Vita to make the list 10. I've enjoyed Home and Without Escape recently and it looks similar. Winding down now so I can have a break between this and the summer event. Hope everyone's still keeping well. Good luck with the final push!
  13. I'd love to sign up for this considering how much I've enjoyed the Spring event! Here's my list at the moment (may change slightly but not much): 1. Valiant Hearts (PS4) - 19% 2. Lego Avengers (PS4) - 14% 3. Final Fantasy VII Original (PS4) - 7% 4. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PS Vita) - 0% 5. Erica (PS4) - 0% 6. Persona 5 (PS4) - 0% 7. Steins Gate (PS Vita) - 0% 8. The Council (PS4) - 0% I'm starting a bit more ambitiously than I did for the Spring event. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll be back to work for a few months yet meaning time shouldn't be a problem. Looking forward to seeing everyone's lists - I got lots of inspiration from the Spring event! 🙂 Thanks @MidnightDragon for organising this again!
  14. Update #9: 1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - (6th March) 2. RiME (PS4) - (11th March) 3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - (30th March) 4. Zero Escape: VLR (PS Vita) - (5th April) 5. Shenmue (PS4) - (8th April) 6. Root Letter (PS Vita) - (16th April) 7. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - (18th April) 8. Dreamfall Chapters (PS4) - 46% 58% 9. Donut County (PS4) - 0% 10. TBC Swaps used: 2/2 I've made a little more progress with Dreamfall. The dry humour has actually made me laugh quite a lot. Well done to the script writers. There's only a few different decisions to make on the 2nd playthrough and it'll be interesting to see how much the story differs, but even if it just alters conversations, that's fine by me. They're probably my favourite part of the game. Oh, and it's quite pretty to. Nice little eyeball massage at the end of the day. Shamelessly, the main reason for my update is to say I got my 50th platinum today, Silent Hill 3 HD 😁 I stuck to my word for once! I'm not that big on landmarks but it's nice to have a game that means a bit more to me than others as #50. After I found a PS3 controller that vaguely worked, I actually had a lot of fun getting the Possessed and UFO endings. For those that aren't familiar and I still have their ear... you have to get 333 kills across multiple runs to unlock the Heather beam in order to get the UFO ending. Words. Looking back at my trophy timestamps, I completed it 1st in 2013 and then again in 2017 so I thought 1 more run getting the Possessed ending would unlock the heather beam for sure. Nope. What was I doing on my other 2 runs?! Anyway, at least I remembered to kill the final boss with a kitana this time (unlocking the unlimited sub-machine gun). I reluctantly started again and went on a rampage playthrough, completing the game in 2hrs 4mins. I was pretty chuffed with that because, well, it was nice to get the speedrun trophy without getting the UFO ending (which cuts the game in half). All that was left was 1 more run making sure to kill 30 enemies with the Heather beam before you get to your apartment. I actually had to get the trophy for completing it with getting less than 500 damage as well, and because the Heather beam is arse, I was taking a fair bit (and swearing loudly, either impressing or not impressing the kids next door playing on their trampoline). Not to worry though, I don't care about them and it turns out I only took 150 damage. I don't have the patience to get good as my trophy list probably shows so it's nice to have a platinum for something with speedrun / damage / minimal save trophies. It's all about the enjoyment for me with as little stress as possible, but with heavy doses of nostalgia 😎 Other games I have on the go are P4G on the Vita which is amazing, and the original FF7. The buzz around the remake has infected me so I thought I'd play the original (not strictly the original) version again before borrowing my mate's remake. I'm not a super fan but I realise it has to be done. Also, I rarely get new games but I was given the Yakuza Remastered collection as a gift so I must must must start Yakuza Kiwami 2 and get my usual 60%ish of the trophy list before starting on those. Apologies for the long update on the whole not relating to the challenge. I do enjoy reading everyone else's. Stay safe. Don't drink detergent.
  15. Update #8: 1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - (6th March) 2. RiME (PS4) - (11th March) 3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - (30th March) 4. Zero Escape: VLR (PS Vita) - (5th April) 5. Shenmue (PS4) - (8th April) 6. Root Letter (PS Vita) - (16th April) 7. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - 66% (18th April) 8. Dreamfall Chapters (PS4) - 38% 46% 9. Donut County (PS4) - 0% Swaps used - 2/2 The rainy day(s) finally came so I was able to finish off Detroit. It's not often you can say that your favourite play-through of a game was your last one, but that was the case here. Some of my favourites scenes I only got to see during my last playthrough so it's a bit of a shame that most who play the game may not see them. There's also some intense QTEs that make you wish someone else was pressing the buttons so you could sit back and watch. The most satisfying part for me was watching Hank and Connor's relationship progress after butchering it in previous runs. I'm a big fan of "moments" in games (think giraffes in TLOU) and I think there's a few underrated ones in here, particularly rope climbing to the top of the TV tower (atmosphere, music, cinematics). I was tending to agree with the 70%ish reviews until my last playthrough, but in my opinion, it has to be nearer 80%, and in asking us who our favourite character was at the end, there's hope of a Connor / Hank spin off. I'm continuing to leave my list at 9. I'm going to start Silent Hill 3 this evening and rather than begin Danganronpa:GD, I've chosen to have a good crack at Persona 4 Golden. I've also ticked off Everybody's gone to the Rapture and Home from my over 30% backlog. Keeping occupied... Take care everyone!
  16. Update #7: 1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - (6th March) 2. RiME (PS4) - (11th March) 3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - (30th March) 4. Zero Escape: VLR (PS Vita) - (5th April) 5. Shenmue (PS4) - (8th April) 6. Root Letter (PS Vita) - 10% ➡️ (16th April) 7. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - 66% 8. Dreamfall Chapters (PS4) - 23% ➡️ 38% 9. Donut County (PS4) - 0% Swaps used - 2/2 Finished Root Letter today. I found it a charming little mystery VN that suffered a bit from following Zero Escape on my list. I loved the art work and the soundtrack and the premise was fresh. All the characters backstories and ongoing career struggles provided some nice real world moral stuff as well. Their persistent "deny all knowledge" attitude did wear me out though. But I've got ALL this stuff proving you know something. Alongside a bit of progression with Dreamfall, I've been digging up a fair bit from my backlog. Now seems about the right time to finish Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. I'm really glad I revisited it tonight actually, I forgot how stunning it is! As well as that, I was a big Silent Hill fan so I'm going to try and get the platinum in #3. I've played #2 a lot more than #3 and more recently to, plus #3 looks to be easier to plat (wimp). If I finish Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and one of Detroit or Dreamfall, I can make Silent Hill 3 my 50th platinum. Niceee. I treated myself to Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair today to keep the Vita rolling. I'm desperate to add it to my list to make a round 10 but I'll be sensible and get Detroit finished 1st at least, plus see how I go with my non list. Wary I've used both swaps to. Hope everyone's as well as they can be.
  17. Yes you can
  18. Update #6: 1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - (6th March) 2. RiME (PS4) - (11th March) 3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - (30th March) 4. Zero Escape: VLR (PS Vita) - 40% ➡️ (5th April) 5. Shenmue (PS4) - 24% ➡️ (8th April) 6. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - 66% 7. Dreamfall Chapters (PS4) - 10% ➡️ 23% 8. Donut County (PS4) - 0% {NEW} Root Letter (PS Vita) - 10% Swaps used: 2/2 Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is fantastic. The story is really well thought out and you gain a genuine like or dislike for each and every character. The flowchart helps you keep track of which route you're going down and allows you to skip to different story arcs easily. Some of the escape rooms take some real working out which makes it satisfying when you crack them. I resorted to looking up a couple and saying to myself that I was almost there anyway, ish. I'm fairly new to the VN genre so I'm going to play a few of the more popular ones I've read about. Root letter is completely different but equally as intriguing so far. Shenmue had me a little worried part way through when I realised I was useless at the fighting parts. Because of how the game pans out, you have basically no fighting segments for the 1st half. The game then builds them up gradually but with very easy enemies. All of a sudden, bang, 70 man battle. I actually did it in one attempt which was really surprising. Dodging back to let yourself recover definitely makes things easier as did settling on one or two stock moves/combos. You give them a proper old school satisfying whack when you connect properly. Despite the worry over the difficulty, and one or two missable trophies that may/may not pop depending on if you've stroked the cat and what the weather's like, it was a really satisfying platinum. I was on the fence halfway through, but then I warmed to all the characters and really enjoyed the strong emotional story. The audio sounds like 70s porn on VHS though. Dreamfall Chapters is interesting to say the least. I don't have much clue what's going on, but I've laughed out loud more than once. Something I haven't come across in decision games before; you can hear the protagonist's thoughts about an answer before you select it. It means you get a bit more background which is nice. One of the blokes sounds like Sean Bean. The jury is still out on it, but better than watching the news every night which I had been doing. Aside from the list, I recently started playing Diablo 3 with a mate for the 1st time and I'm looking forward to starting Yakuza Kiwami 2 soon. Tonight's mission is to finally get the last trophy on Day of the Tentacle. I just need to keep the radio on this time! I'm really pleased to be part of this with whats going on. Reading everyone's updates is one of the day's highlights! Stay strong
  19. Update #5: 1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - 2. RiME (PS4) - 3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - 49% ➡️ 4. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - 66% 5. Zero Escape: VLR (PS Vita) - 0% ➡️ 40% 6. Donut County (PS4) - 0% {NEW} Shenmue (PS4) - 24% {NEW} Dreamfall Chapters (PS4) - 10% {OUT} Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4) - 19% Swaps used: 2/2 I haven't given Sleeping Dogs a fair chance recently. It's a combo of when and how I've been playing it. When - hastily loading it up after a big session with another game thinking I should make progress. How - getting a massage for increased face meter gain, travelling to a drug bust underprepared (no gun), dying and starting off in the hospital with no face meter gain. (Just progress with the main story missions after a long time away you numpty!). I'm using my last swap on it because I know I've got to the "bad feeling" point re. the game and I'll need a bit of time to fall back in (without feeling I have to). There's a small chance I'll re-add it, but that would be before it's passed 30% and would come with a commitment I'm not feeling at the moment. I've swapped it with Shenmue and/or Dreamfall Chapters which I picked up in the latest PSN sale. Shenmue is a game I remember watching my mate play on the Dreamcast years and years ago. The graphics and audio are shocking in this day and age but it hasn't been affecting my enjoyment. The charm is there in abundance. Dreamfall Chapters was a purchase on price (£4.99) and because I was struggling to find new TV series to watch. It's heavily story based (choice and consequence) with long cut-scenes so I thought it would fill the TV void. Having played the 1st "book" last night, it has a real "Life is Strange" feel to it so I'm really enjoying it so far. I finished South Park: TFBW earlier in the week. The last couple of battles were a little tricky on mastermind but learning from mistakes and rejigging your skills sees you through. The collectable clean up works well if you go building to building at the end because it allows you to see the whole map and witness little bits you might have missed. My play time was about 35hrs with a bit of faff so not that short! Zero Escape: VLR is a game I have to limit my play time with because it's so good. I love the fact that I've got lots of little bits of paper with puzzle scribbles on. Highly recommend. Stay safe and take care all.
  20. Update #4: 1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - 2. RiME (PS4) - 3. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - 66% 4. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - 1% ➡️ 49% 5. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4) - 16% ➡️ 19% 6. Donut County (PS4) - 0% {NEW} Zero Escape: VLR (PS Vita) - 0% Swaps used: 1/2 If you are a fan of South Park, I urge you to play this game for a bit of light relief from the current situation. I share play to let my mate watch and we both have a hilarious time. The battle system is different from The Stick of Truth in that it uses a grid for it's turn based battles. This means positioning your team, alongside choosing the characters with the appropriate abilities, is quite important. It's a lot like chess so strategy is important, which makes it more enjoyable to work through with a mate on share play. Trophy wise, the only missable is the difficulty based one whereby you need to play on mastermind difficulty. I think playing on an easier setting would reduce the enjoyment, and that's coming from someone who doesn't usually venture past "medium" difficulty. I'm only left with the overall level 50, skill level 100 and clear 50 dungeons trophies to get the Skyrim platinum so I'll do the Dragonborn DLC that I've never played before just to tick them off. After that, Sleeping Dogs (I'm comfortable playing more than 1 game at once, but never really more than one biggie). I've added the 2nd Zero Escape game to my list so I can sit in the garden with the Vita while the weather is nice. Best wishes from South-West England. Bunker down, look after your loved ones and stay safe.
  21. Update #3: 1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - 2. RiME (PS4) - 30% ➡️ 3. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - 55% ➡️ 66% 4. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4) - 11% ➡️ 16% 5. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - 0% ➡️ 1% 6. Donut County (PS4) - 0% Swaps used: 1/2 I completed RiME fairly early on this week having put in most of the legwork last week. Satisfying rapid trophy progress as you tick off the final collectables, all of which you can get in 1 run, and then a couple of event trophies via chapter select. It really is a wonderful story with a real fresh feel to the game play. With the collectables and the fact that it's not too tricky, it's my type of game. I set aside the best part of a day to do a violent play-through on Detroit, the main focus being killing Connor in every way possible ("I'm just a machine replacing a machine Lieutenant. You don't have to get emotional about it." "F*ck you."). Another dark depressing ending but at least I was going for it this time. I'll leave the final happy play-through for a month's time. We're living through an event right now that'll be known to future generations like we know world war 2. (I'm only comparing the pandemic and WW2 as global sustained events, apart from that, they are very different). In the future, there will be a lot of "what were you doing when...?" Well everyone, I was turning 35, working in a pub and getting the Skyrim platinum for the 1st time (couldn't be added to the list as I'm not doing the DLC). Because of this, Sleeping Dogs is currently parked. I did start South Park: TFBW earlier today. I'm going to really enjoy this one. I got a trophy for doing a poo. I turned 35 today 😎 As others have said, I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone's progress updates. I'm looking to add a couple more to my list based on what others are saying about their experiences, exciting! Perhaps another VN for the vita. Stay safe guys.
  22. Good shout, I'll check later. My day 1 controller succumbed to that 6 months ago so I hope the new one hasn't gone already. Your right though, when you get that problem, it shows itself on a few games but not all.
  23. Update #2: 1. Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - 23% ➡️ 55% 2. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - 3. RiME (PS4) - 4% ➡️ 30% 4. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - 0% 5. Donut County (PS4) - 0% {NEW} Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4) - 11% Swaps used - 1/2 Sleeping Dogs: I just wanted to add Sleeping Dogs to my list. Now I've played more than half an hour of it, I feel comfortable committing to it and it bulks up my list slightly. Really enjoying it so far. I can see why the people that have played it really sing it's praises. Detroit: I finally finished my 1st playthrough of Detroit that I started 18 months ago. I'm going to reveal something fairly personal here, but if you play half of this game when you're struggling with alcoholism and finish it off sober after a spell in rehab, you're not going to have a chance of getting the outcomes you want 😂 I really don't think I could have got a worse ending if I tried and it didn't help with the violent/passive trophy endings so that'll be 2 more playthroughs! I think I'll enjoy the game more a 2nd time round though. I'll go into more on the game itself when I finish, but I have to say that having the android on the menu interacting with you is a brilliant touch. "Yes, it's been a fair while since you last saw me" 😂 Anyway, on the above topic, if anyone's struggling, reach out and talk to people, you aren't alone 👍 RiME: I've made a good bit of progress with RiME. I completed the story with a friend a couple of years ago so I was trying to do a 100% run-through. Missed a couple of bits though that i'll have to get on chapter select but there's no problem with that. One slight annoyance though is the occasional sluggish movement trying to run forwards. Hobbling to a halt almost when you're pushing directly up on the L stick. I had a quick search and only found one other person describing similar so it can't be that big a thing. The atmosphere and general beauty of the game more than gloss over that though. Really pleased to have rediscovered it.
  24. Happy Friday all, My week 1 update: Detroit: Become Human (PS4) - 23% Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita) - 7% -----> 100% Journey (PS4) - 4% (swapped out) RiME (PS4) - 4% (swapped in) South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - 0% Donut County (PS4) - 0% Swaps used - 1/2 Games completed - 1 Notes: Loving this so far! Thanks for the add. Enjoy guys!