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  1. Sorry if what I said was confusing. I meant save data. I had to wipe the save data clean from settings every time we wanted to play. We got really good at overcooked 1 so we did it in like 3 hours. Only other solution is to always keep player 2's controller on if you want to take a break. Player 1 can turn off their controller but if player 2 does it will stop tracking.
  2. For both players to get trophies you need to do each game in one sitting. The second you turn off the console or even turn off the second player's controller it will stop tracking. Not only that but it will never start tracking again. The only solution for me was to completely delete the game's data every time we went to played. We did both end up getting the platinum trophy at the same moment.
  3. Voyee controllers work for launching guardians
  4. I also had tracking problems when playing with a second player. The only solution was to delete the save and do each game in one sitting. We found that turning off the second controller at any time would cause the game to stop tracking. Player 1 could turn off their controller but not 2. We both ended up getting the platinum at the same time in the end. If you're planning on having your couch partner getting all the trophies be prepared to marathon the game.
  5. #113 Broken Age I wasn't expecting the story of this game to be as good as it was. The end of Act 1 especially blew my mind. I'd definitely recommend this game to everyone.
  6. This trophy is maddening. I've tried playing from chapter select on a new save, tried using the save and quit method and ps plus save method. I deleted and reinstalled the game and tried it from chapter select. I'm sure I've gotten enough kills at this point. Only thing that's left to try is deleting again and starting the story from scratch. Edit: So I got the trophy not too long after commenting. I deleted the saves, reinstalled the game and started from scratch. I didn't get the trophy on my first attempt. I died a few times and was quitting out to the menu and continuing. Then finally I got it. It didn't seem too different from previous runs but maybe I got like one or two more kills than the npcs. Can't say for sure what happened but I'm glad its over.
  7. Is the reason because its very buggy?
  8. Odyssey was the first Assassin's Creed I actually decided to get the platinum for and it was a brutal experience for me. The story was interesting at first but I quickly grew disinterested (maybe because of my selection of Alexio) and the gameplay loop was not very fulfilling for me. To me it felt like Witcher 3 Lite. There were a few missions sprinkled throughout that I did enjoy, usually involving the mythical beast quests, but these missions are far and few between. Getting the platinum for this game felt like a part time job for me in the end. But Assassin's creed is just likely not for me. I have tried some of the other games of the series on an alt account like AC3 and AC4 but these games were not able to hook me either.
  9. Platinum #110: LocoRoco Remastered A Peaceful Planet Unlock all trophies. Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 This game was a ton of fun. But the process of getting the platinum turned out to be a lot more frustrating than I could imagine. Firstly the controls are very strange, which makes sense as it is a remastered PSP game. You tilt the entire world and move your Loco's through it, so you're actually never directly controlling them. The Loco's also do not stand still and if you leave your controller down to take a break your Loco will continue to bounce through the stage and likely get itself hurt and screw up your level progress. But the main difficulty surprisingly comes from the collectibles in the game. To get the platinum you need to get 100% of all collectibles in every level. There are 3 different types of collectibles that the game tracks for completion: LocoRocos, Mui Mui's (tiny men that show up 3 times throughout every level), and pickories (which act as the coins in every level). Now the game does track collectibles and you can see what you missed on the level select screen. That is except for pickories, which is by far the most plentiful collectible throughout the game. These collectibles are also the easiest to miss so it is very common to get to the end of the level and be many pickories short. Theres also not a lot of backtracking that is available within the levels, so if you miss a pickory in a section you likely will not be able to go back for it without restarting the entire level. This leads to a lot of frustration when attempting to 100% each level. There is one level in particular that requires you to make a series of perfect jumps while being moved inside a bottle. Now this does not appear to be that difficult by the looks of it. But because of the strange controls it becomes a nightmare to do this section. This part also relies on a small amount of RNG because your Loco might jump without you doing anything and you need to pray that this doesn't happen. I spent at least 4 hours trying this level over, and over again until I got it (level 3-4 for anyone interested). I did end up enjoying the experience overall but the frustration I felt definitely soured it a bit. Check this game out if you're into feel good games, but know what you're getting into for the platinum.
  10. Trophy MasterGet 'em all. Platinum 107 - This game was a lot more frustrating than I ever could imagine. Boss rush mode and the deathless run each took me many, many tries but it felt so satisfying when they were finally done. This game also marks my first sub 1% plat. I was planning on getting the Mega Man 11 platinum after this one, but this one really burnt me out on the formula. I wouldn't really recommend this game to anyone (not that you would want to play it to begin with). I'm just glad I never have to play it again. Difficulty: 7/10 Enjoyment: 4/10
  11. I've been working on the internet's favorite game - Mighty No. 9
  12. Super Turbo Hyper Fighting Robot Complete the game on HYPER difficulty. I finally got this done! I was struggling with the final boss for a few hours. Now all that's left is completing Challenge 36 (Deathless Run)
  13. My friend and I cannot unlock the Social trophy despite talking to everyone. Do all of their side quests need to be completed as well or is it just bugged?
  14. Right after the price reveal presentation I was just scrolling through reddit until I saw a post saying that preorders were open at GameStop. As soon as I saw that I rushed to GameStop as fast as I could to hopefully secure a preorder. There was only one other person there doing the same as me so I was successful! I was also to help out a lot of my US friends to get preorders by telling them to get their asses down to their local GameStops.
  15. It's not fair to fans of Elder Scrolls or Fallout that new games will be Xbox exclusive. I'm all for this being a PlayStation exclusive.