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  1. My friend and I cannot unlock the Social trophy despite talking to everyone. Do all of their side quests need to be completed as well or is it just bugged?
  2. Right after the price reveal presentation I was just scrolling through reddit until I saw a post saying that preorders were open at GameStop. As soon as I saw that I rushed to GameStop as fast as I could to hopefully secure a preorder. There was only one other person there doing the same as me so I was successful! I was also to help out a lot of my US friends to get preorders by telling them to get their asses down to their local GameStops.
  3. It's not fair to fans of Elder Scrolls or Fallout that new games will be Xbox exclusive. I'm all for this being a PlayStation exclusive.
  4. Isn't the game out? When is it going live on PSNP
  5. Is there a free upgrade to PS5?
  6. I’m sure I’ve done the requirements for these trophies but they won’t unlock for me. I’m playing on my ps5 and have already tried deleting the game and reinstalling it. Can anyone help?
  7. Does anyone know if I’ll be able to get the game and turn off automatic updates before the new one comes out? Will it let me play the game if not updated to the latest version?
  8. Just completed insane today. I was having a lot of trouble seeing until I played through my vr headset. Even in a brightly lit room I was able to see more with a headset on than I could playing in a pitch black room. So for anyone struggling who has a headset give that a try.
  9. I had my file corrupted at the Goo Lagoon pier. I tried to jump to the golden spatula you’re meant to get from the bungee challenge. I ended up not being able to collect it and I fell into the water. When I reloaded I walked one step and the game crashed. Stupidly enough I tried to do it again to see if that’s actually what caused my crash. Sure enough it crashed again and my save file was corrupted when I restarted.
  10. I cannot wait for this! Nostalgia overload!
  11. Honestly it’s a lot of luck. What I would suggest to try to do is fill in the spaces between the beats instead of on the beats. It usually has to be pretty perfectly timed. To keep cool just keep doing what got you into cool in the first place. Even that doesn’t work all the time as I’ve descended from cool rank many times for not playing good enough. Good luck it’s definitely not easy.
  12. I'm very excited. I never would have expected Monkey Ball on ps4
  13. Lol I did the full game on professional and one through on casual for the last trophy and I STILL got a better time than you based on PSN profiles. Looks like you were not "all about speed" in your playthrough.
  14. Haha damn I can't compete with most of these. My biggest franchise is the 3 platinums and dlc for crash n sane trilogy. Currently working on crash team racing.
  15. honestly this game isn't really too bad on professional and its really satisfying once you've done it.