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  1. it is installed
  2. I started this game a few days ago and im at the start of the messenger mission but it says its 83% installed. anyone know what i need to do to unlock this? thanks for any help
  3. i just watched a short video on and it looks good. I already have a copy of the reg edition but just saw the GOTY edition in ps store for 5.99. Not too bad at all. It also looks like it can be platted twice.
  4. Im glad i saw this. I had the game on my bucket list. Gonna start it right away. BTW how is the game?
  5. Yeah i saw where i was still getting mine this morning. Even though i have the challenge completed it still gave me scrap, so hopefully everyone who is wanting to complete this can still achieve it.
  6. I started this back when it first came out and played it for just a couple hours and just put it on my backlog. I started playing again when i read about the shutdown and I am really enjoying it. Long but gonna be a very fun plat. The races are probably my favorite part. Good luck to everyone going for plat....hope you all get it
  7. well they way it went was....im really good friends the mgr at our gamestop and he knew i wasnt a star wars fan but said it looked amazing. i would say its definatly like everyone else said...kinda cross between GOW and uncharted. plus the skill tree is really decent. it was worth the 59.99. might be a deal on it for black friday though
  8. Even though im not a star wars fan at all.....it was recommended that i give this a try and i have to say im really enjoying it. smooth controls and the graphics IMO are great. Just thought i would share this
  9. Can anyone tell me if can be gotten in a custom match?
  10. oh yeah this was by far the hardest and least rewarding of all the slaughter challenges. I thought that circle of slaughter was actually quite easy but i was using PPB. Even when it got nerfed after patch was still IMO the best grenade i had. I did enjoy the challenge though.
  11. ty....sorry about that
  12. im getting close all the time and cant manage to get this trophy. im on now if anyone can help me get this. i appreciate any help. ty.....lastbtrophy for plat
  13. they alot better than the other ones do.....btw nice avatar. Dragon Quest is one of my fav series
  14. at the pause screen go to social and at the top it will have 4 diff option for shift codes and mailbox. In your mailbox it should have all the items u have unlocked. make sure theres enough room in inventory. I also believe you need to have sanctuary unlocked first. hope this helps everyone because thats where i found it i wasnt impressed with the items except for the shield. i didnt actually discover these until level 12.
  15. I have platted this on ps3 and ps4 and there were no issues with trophies.