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  1. Thank you both, since it is not a map, I will remove this from the guide, I will try to not be lazy and write down all the words without abbreviations.
  2. Hey guys, I need some english help. I want to put some "LEGENDS" in the guide, but this word Legends seems wrong, I will write below what I'm planning to write. Guide Legends DG = Double Gear SG = Speed Gear PG = Power Gear SPG = Speed and Power Gear, use them both. The word "Legends" seems wrong to me, what word can I use there ? I also have thought putting "subtitles" but It seems wrong either way.
  3. #140 - Mega Man 11 - I have finally did it ! That Dr Light Trial was no easy task, but somehow I managed it.

  4. Hi guys, I would like to ask a brand new signature, if possible. - Character - Futaba from Persona 5. - Background - Anything black and red because it is the colors of the game. - Writing - something like below I will guide you all (Centered in Italic font). Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey guys, which guide from my profile you want me to write ? I couldn't decide it. 😕

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      Write a guide for Mega Man 10. Not a lot of people would use it at this point (as it's a PS3 game), but it would be an interesting read! ;)

    2. LucasIIGD


      Nice, this is one is incredible hard, I'll never forget the hours I've spent trying to be perfect in every stage.

  6. Platinum #133 - Dirt 4 This is a nice game, indeed, a really easy but long time consuming platinum. The Codemasters made an excellent job polishing the graphics and simulation adjusts, the Racer mode style leaves the game a little "arcade" mark but this is good, cause it tends to attracts more players. The Soundtrack is amazing with real entertaining songs to keep you distracted from the long loading time screens. The joyride mode it's the best, the platinum should involve getting gold medals all over it, instead they force you to play that looong campaign, when I reach the middle of the Historic Rally I was totally bored already. Anyway its a pretty nice opportunity to learn more about rally, and if you really are a rally enthusiast fan it is imperative that you play it. I recommend it.
  7. Heey that's a nice and wonderful guide, can I will add it into my guide ?
  8. Well, I would have a little heart attack for sure. Then I would play JRPGs and car simulation games
  9. It sure helps a lot, thanks Mango. ☺️
  10. Hey guys, I'm kinda noob here, well, I got a question for ya. About stackable trophies, there are two trophies that can be attained together, one can be obtained just by finishing the stage, the other requires finishing the same stage on a higher difficulty, so if I complete the difficulty one first, I will obtain both trophies, with that in mind, the tag should be on which trophy ? the first, the last or both ? EDIT: I forgot another question...LOL Regarding the difficulty specific trophies, some games doesn't stack them so you need to clear the game in each difficulty to achieve all trophies. So, in this case, the TAG Missable can be applied here ? IMO I say no, because the TAG Difficulty Specific combined with Stackable provide the properly guidance needed.
  11. I will try to make it worth your while. I did it yesterday, it's kinda easy after you defeat the challenge 27.
  12. Assetto Corsa. This game kills you from boredom first, then when you finally think you made the worst part, the nightmare begins with that ridiculous time trials. This game needs some improving, but it's fun to play, their simulation was one of the best I've played. Badlands This one is truly boring, I dropped, but I like it from the start.
  13. I'm playing naturally and got almost everything I'm on 22 and it was easy enough, I thought I could write a guide but I didn't keep track of the collectibles Anyway, I'ts nice read some tips about ir, thanks guys. EDIT: I'm on the 30th challenge, I will probably beat it tonight, that damn 27th was extremely hard to beat it, 28, 29 was a walk in the park.....LOL. I will write a guide, but it will take some time, since I will have to play all again, to keep track and take notes of every trophy.
  14. Man, I'm struggling at Ni No Kuni 2 DLCs, that Solosseum Slog is totally unfair. 😠

  15. Oh, didn't knew about this "headquarters"... nice knowing it. Thanks. All right, I will start it as soon as I can. Thanks. In addition, the game I'm referring to is Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom DLCs.