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  1. So get the original retail version, update to the latest patch and you'll be able to get 100%. That's simple then, thanks a lot.
  2. For the people who bought the physical copy, did you get the ps4 edition with the old cover or the bedrock edition with the updated cover? I'm looking to get this game but i'm confused about the whole editions and bedrock thing as well as not having played the game before the bedrock update and there not being an editions tab. If i bought the physical copy of the ps4 edition with the old artwork, would that let me switch between bedrock and editions and be able to play the minigames for those trophies? Also are private matches not going to work at all or is there still a way to do them split screen, say if i got the copy with the old cover and don't update or something?
  3. Sorry for adding to the headache, grimy. My thought is that because you technically could still get it legit if you had a bounty before it got removed and haven't played since, as well as how you could unwillingly get a bounty put on you at random, i don't think it should be flagged. It would just make it easier since not everyone who's gotten it recently necessarily cheated it, so instead of having to figure out how everyone got it, you just don't have to worry about it anymore. I don't know if this would be allowed or anything but you could just keep changing servers until there's a modder and be lucky to get a bounty or something. I know you could just message them, which i wouldn't, but still. It'd kind of be like trying to get an npc to give you a bounty or something like that. Not trying to persuade you or anything, that's just my thought.
  4. Exactly, Daiv. I did look at the other posts but since all the latest achievers are from 2019 and the fact i didn't find an explicit yes or no answer, i made the post to see if there was any current news on it. I've just decided to forget about it and add it to the list of other unobtainable plats i have. I'm sure if there was a proper answer, there wouldn't be so many posts about it too. Hopefully something is worked out eventually so i'll be able to get all the gta plats for my cabinet but i have too many unobtainable plats for it to matter anymore.
  5. Thanks Daiv, i'll give that a go
  6. I really want to get all the gta platinums but this trophy is worrying me. Lots of people have got it this year so idk if there's a reasonable solution or not still. I don't want to have my psnp account banned or my gta v trophies hidden or anything like that. If you just happen to find a lobby with a modder who does it, would that be bannable or anything or is there really no way to get it? When i start online, i was planning on only playing in solo sessions until level 100 just so i don't get ranked up instantly and get those trophies. I've read around but it's hard to find a clear answer, it's a pretty grey area. Basically, if you get the trophy now, is anything going to happen to your account or is it safe to server hop and hope you get a bounty or something?