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  1. When you pick move on,exit Asap then after continue you should respawn on Eliza chair after choosing move on
  2. Oh my,I was confused at first when I see I have premium membership then see this,thank you very much happy to help fellow trophy hunters!
  3. no after second time visiting Eliza you don't need to pickup move on - apparently Cutscenes counts to move on counts so when you see 2 times same it means like 2 move on
  4. That's right, I wrote my text after getting plat late night so probably I make mistake with 8 and 10.We don't know how this actually works,only speculation but since ps5 ver loading times is so faster you should get hard pass at the end of chapter 8 only if you close app after every hag move on scene,on ps4 version it's easy to wait for save icon because loading is you can trick game to get this trophy at chapter 5 end
  5. You need 9 triggers so if you do my method you are gonna have 8 triggers at the start of chapter 5 and at the end before chapter 6 you should got a trophy like me after choose "move on" In chapter 5 end hag cutscene
  6. We got confirmation,people with my method got trophy on 1.0.0 downgraded version and also with updated digital versions,check HARD pass trophy thread for more info
  7. Just like title say,you can get a plat in 3 playtrough i doesn't count Laura and max reunite,Kaitlyn/Ryan only alive 1 playtrough -all alive (if you want to make alive and infected you need to pick up emma bracelet at the start of chapter 1 -all infected -all clues - (left road in chapter 2) -all evidences -Butterpops so auto aim on first playtrough -Nick of time -podcast trophy -working with travis -15 encounters pass -5 don't breathe pass -all hackets die -Silas die -Hard pass(if you know recent method,I advice you to go to HARD passw trophy thread for more information) And ofc 1-10 trophies for chapters Playtrough 2 -all tarot cards -Jacob tell Emma truth ending. Playtrough 3 -all die -Laura and travis kill each other -Ryan only survive -Kaitlyn only survive
  8. After you start as jacob,turn around and behind you you should find interactive item it's her bracelet
  9. That's awesome news so we can assume this method is temporarly fix for this trophie 😁 untill patch is going live maybe in next week
  10. If you are too late you should time close app right because if you are on dashboard menu game is still running,again for the first time,move on wait for save icon then close app,game should put you on hag cutscene but after "move on" Nowe don't do anything proceed to chapter normally because if you try to do this second time game put you on next chapter intro,not hag chair
  11. We need now wait for someone to confirm if this works even on updated version because this is going to be temporary solution to get it 😁
  12. You can do this only 2 times and for third time game put you on next chapter intro,you should start from prologue and play up to chapter 5 end
  13. Hello after Trying almost every method to get that elusive trophy with community I found working 100% method for disc owners,I'm not sure if this is going to work on digital too so to the work First of all collect 1 tarot card in every chapter including prologue Here is the most important thing to unlock this trophy after choose "move on" Look in bottom right for save icon when you see save icon immediately hold ps button-options-close app Launch game again,select continue and you should spawn on hag from previous chapter but now after choosing move on,after this cutscene you should see save icon with means another "move on" Has been saved so with this method you can get 2 move on in every chapter. I got my trophy hard pass after chapter 5 end and selecting move on Explanation how this works If you get in Prologue - 2x move on Ch1-2 move on Ch2-2 move on Ch3-2 move on Ch4- 2 move on And ch 5-move on Total 9 move on so if this trophy worked correctly then this should unlock after chapter 9 end Let me know if this method works for you especially digital owners because tomorrow im gonna try with ps5 digital version with this
  14. I CAN CONFIRM MY THEORY!! I got that fuckin trophy as well plat on ps4 version 😍 First of all I collected 1 tarot cards in prologue,ch1,2,3,4,5 I didnt do anything special like picking up phone to hear eliza,scare bird etc,I killed Jacob and Emma right away and in move on to chapter 6 trophy poped! Just after every hag encounter look in bottom right if you see a save icon immediately hold ps button - options - close app then continue,rinse and repeat untill chapter 5 end!!!! Here is proof of having plat! Tomorrow im gonna try with ps5 digital version this method maybe its going to work on every update like that Explanation:If you leave after move on and see save icon you have saved 1 move on,if you close app and continue you are gonna start with hag from previous chapter but after choosing move on but after that you are gonna get again save icon with means you got 2x move on instead 1 so chapter 5 end is close one because if you count prologue-2 move on chapter 1 -2 move on chapter 3 - 2 move on chapter 4 - 2 move on and after chapter 5 you got total 9 move on and trophy unlocks with ita supposed to unlock in chapter 9 - 9 move on if this trophy worked correctly Best of luck for everyone and don't give up,it was fun investigating this trophy with this community!(♥ω♥*)
  15. Currently on chapter 5 start but something wrong is going on with my save,in menu it says im on chapter 6 but I'm definitely on chapter 5 lol leaving after move on( close app) makes game think you are in next chapter I think? If anyone wondering if my road map is working im gonna say YES! I got 66% on ps5 version after first playtrough,remember if you want to get all infected,all alive you need to pick up emma bracelet in chapter 1! Otherwise Jacob is gonna rip apart emma 💀