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  1. To clarify we each have a seperate account on both PS4 and seperate accounts on PSNProfiles,,, it's working fine. Thanks for all your help.
  2. Yay that's wonderful, thanks everyone! :-D
  3. So maybe I'm being overly cautious but my partner would like to have an account on here as well as me. We both use different PS4 accounts but use the same console and we would like different accounts on here (Our own accounts). Couldn't find anything about it but a lot of posts make me want to be safe and ask if it's allowed? Thanks in advance!
  4. Sooo I got a lil tired of playing simple easy platinum games (For the moment! haha). 

    I feel like trying a more serious game and since the latest Uncharted is available until the 2nd of Jan 2020 I'm giving myself a mission to complete all 4 Uncharted games before then.

    It'll be the biggest gaming mission I've undertaken so far, a proper marathon! hahaha

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    2. IntroPhenom


      @Dr_Mayus  Hadn't even realized it had a touch system, never mind the game having me walk around!  I had a physical version and traded it away some time ago.  If I ever run through my gargantuan backlog, maybe I'll pick up another copy.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      @BeTheBesty there are puzzles that work around light. 


      @IntroPhenom well there are 2 things. 1 (and thankfully you can disable this feature) you can use the touch screen to plan Drake's path while climbing.


      The other thing (that you can't disable) is using the screen to wipe dirt and stuff off of things you need to read. And the horrible QTE events that make you touch the screen to fight...that is really annoying on the hardest setting.

    4. BeTheBesty


      I enjoy QTEs and walking around so I'll probably try it sometime but first gonna complete the main 4 games...

  5. Sitting here wondering why so many people have more platinums than completed games???  🤔

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    2. IceSoul21


      In my case, it's because of the DLC. Some games have MP DLC, and since I'm not the biggest MP/online player, I usually just get the :platinum:. That, and the fact that I'm in no rush to get all the SP Campaign DLC that they release 😶

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      Yup, same for me like AlchemistWer stated.  Even with the platinum, it only got me to 45% completion on FFXV! haha  The rest is all add-on stuff. :)

    4. BeTheBesty


      Thanks for the info peeps! xx

  6. So Ok, sorry to the person choosing from my list. I'm new to gaming so have been playing easy games to begin with and haven't actually finished many lol But I'm curious what someone would pick 😊 From @jaehyun1009's list I would love a lot of them if my skills improve! Any Final Fantasy since I played one on PS2 and loved it but couldn't beat the end boss Hatsune Mika, we have the demo and it's beautiful hehe Stein's Gate, I adore story games Horizon Zero Dawn, never tried it but looks lovely Any Uncharted, plan on playing them in the future *Edit due to being late to post* From @alexhardstyle's list Until Dawn, working on it! Stein's Gate Uncharted Any Resident Evil since I always run out of ammo lol
  7. Hope this works! lol 

    Here is my face so you know who you are chatting to! xoxogvQ0WjA.jpg



  8. Hiya peeps!

    So last week we had the guilty pleasure of playing some extremely easy to platinum games 😂

    We actually had a laugh doing them and seeing our rankings rise so quickly was such a happy bonus 😋

    Proud that my partner finally reached level 6 even though they hardly have time to play.

    How was everyone else's week?  xoxoxo

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    2. BeTheBesty


      True, we don't know any other girls who play... We've always been "different" though hahaha

      Mancave sounds cool 😎


    3. Sifferino


      Different is always more fun 👍

    4. BeTheBesty


      So glad you think so!  😊

  9. Welcome @SixsFury It so nice to see another ex XBox gamer converting to PlayStation... When my partner and I decided to start gaming we went for the XBox One but we both had our reasons to switch, for example, the XBox controller was to big for our hands and the home screen was so confusing. When we switched to PlayStation we were delighted with everything about it and the trophy system makes it even more rewarding. We also intend on playing some of the games on your list though we are working through some games on PS Now first. I guess we were quite old to be new to gaming (I'm 37 and my partner is 39) around 2 years ago but we love it so much already! Have a great time and maybe see you around 🤓
  10. Thanks for following me :-)

    Followed you back...

    Have a wonderful weekend and hope WFC do well hehe

    1. DiViD1WFC


      Cheers buddy. After coming back from today's game in gonna lock myself in a room a just shout a lot. In other words we lost badly 😡😡😡

    2. BeTheBesty


      Awwww sorry to know 🙁 Better luck next week xx

  11. Thanks for following me :-)

    Followed you back...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Glad it's not just me then 😂 I'm planning on getting it sometime next week and will just party chat while furiously clicking that sexy jar of mayo 😜
  13. Thanks for following me :-)

    Followed you back...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. MaximumOverdrive


      Oh thank you very much, I appreciate it. Hope the weekend shines bright for you as well. :) 

    2. BeTheBesty


      Yes, so far so good.  My partner and I played Divinity Original Sin 2 with another friend 3 player co-op.  We didn't get any trophies but enjoyed the game very much.  Have friends visiting today so will have to double my efforts for trophies during the week lol xx

  14. Good morning everyone! :-) 

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and may the trophies flow abundantly hehehe

    Life is good 👍


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    2. AlchemistWer


      And even better if it has two separate trophy list! Haha but yeah, I play Ace Attorney back in 2014 or so on Nintendo DS you should try it without a doubt, is a great visual novel.

    3. BeTheBesty


      Yes, I have so many games to play hahaha

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Have an amazing weekend :)<3 

  15. Well I decided to play a stupid but highly rewarding trash game simply for the trophies including a platinum in under 2 hours of grinding hahaha It's called My Name is Mayo and it's only 99 pence in the PS Store so hey why not! haha Now that is totally whoring for trophies! 😂😝