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  1. Sooo I got a lil tired of playing simple easy platinum games (For the moment! haha). 

    I feel like trying a more serious game and since the latest Uncharted is available until the 2nd of Jan 2020 I'm giving myself a mission to complete all 4 Uncharted games before then.

    It'll be the biggest gaming mission I've undertaken so far, a proper marathon! hahaha

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    2. IntroPhenom


      I could not get into Golden Abyss at all.  Not even sure why.  I played it for a few minutes, not even enough to pop one trophy (thankfully), but abandoned it.  Maybe I needed a good tutorial or something.  Don't remember the game having one.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      @IntroPhenom The touch system was kind of annoying but overall it played like a normal UC.


      Give it another chance. I would say it is the easiest of all the UC games to plat (although there is a bit of a grind) just don't play it in a public place because it is one of those vita games that makes you walk around trying to find sunlight and you can look like a fool trying to get the perfect amount of light to shine into the camera.

    4. BeTheBesty


      Interesting lol

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