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  1. I get emails on every reply and I somehow missed this. Just wanted go add to the topic that yes I do play in English. U also asked in discord and nobody really knew why this was but since it's an always online game there's basically no way to cheat it anyway. At any rate, I think they simply messed up the coding of the number of troops and didn't think people would hoard keys from the beginning but use them faster I'm just used to haording and such just in case there's better ways to use resources later or for certain times (play a few mobile gatchas). Thanks anyway for your time mate!
  2. Hey there, Playing Gems of War right now and after asking in their discord about the Keys, they advised to use them instead of hoarding (saving the higher tier keys instead). I decided to go into the game and unlock all Gold Keys (112). Upon doing this I got a trophy; a sliver one (General). I usually check a trophy when I get it just to see what it's about and this one is to acquire 50 troops. I thought, cool, but it's silver so maybe there's a bronze similar one? Sure enough, there's another called "Raid Leader" that's for 25, but that one didn't pop. Now it will look weird if/when it does pop. Anyone else experiencing this? Usually if you fulfill miltiple trophies at once, they can pop out of order, but at least they pop within seconds. This one I still don't have the 25 Troops one but I got the one for 50 Troops (Also have the smaller one "Rabble Rouser" which is for 10 Troops but that's from yday I think). I know people can get flagged for trophies so I thought I'd be ahead of the problem this time. (Can't take a screen shot as I don't know how using the Vita to Remote Play >_>). EDIT: Ok I just used my Glory Keys too (22) and Raid Leader popped. Seems like the triggering doesn't stack somehow?
  3. Ah ok, well it's more of a chore really. I'd say annoying over hard. I heard there are scripts tho for those that wanna make it easier. I do agree it does nothing for the game tbh. Could easily have been 100 and that'd still be somewhat of an achievement even for Vivi.
  4. Sorry to revive an old thread, but what exactly is wrong with the jump rope minigame? Haven't seen anyone else mention any bugs.
  5. Had a slight hint of "sequelable" but didn't think it'd come. Glad I saw the entry here as a new trophy list. I'll prolly grab it as the first was amazingly fun!
  6. Appreciate your help. I'll add you on PSN then and try to contact you later!
  7. I see, so the real grindy bit is leveling up that much for the treasure hunter. I'll keep that in mind. At least DLC aren't needed so that saves me some money when I do get it. Thanks!
  8. Just curious as I wanted to pick this up to try before it becomes a desert or online servers shut down. Question is, do I need the season pass (that is the DLC's) to get the trophies or are they not needed? Don't wanna invest in base game only if the version with the DLC's actually is a better value (IF they're needed).
  9. So I am grinding out Mercenary Kings (1.00 version) and was close to getting Speed Runner so I thought I'd do just that. Turns out, the trophy is glitched and won't unlock for whatever reason. Now my question is, if I update the game I'll get the "Reloaded" version and with that comes a few more quests. However annoying that is, do I have to finish those too for the Speed Runner or will I only need the original 112? Cause the "Coronation" trophy (clear all missions) popped without a fuss, so that's nice. Basically this: Does the new update (Reloaded Edition), which brings new missions, require said new missions for the Speed Runner trophy or not?
  10. Yes, you need the Royal Edition code which is guaranteed to give the DLC, not the Standalone. I got a physical copy but I heard rumors that even the digital copy can get you the DLC. Although I haven't really seen it confirmed yet so unless you got an extra 20 or so dollars to waste (or less if it's on sale) you should aim for a physical copy of the Royal Edition.
  11. I know I'm late to the game, but have been following this doing the easier stuff first (unlocked all stages so far and gotten almost all characters). I'm playing on 1.00 so this is indeed helpful. However there are some issues. The seed Quarter Below (0JGY 6ZWX) does indeed give the 25C coin and Cain can open the shop, however the machine always gets jammed after 1 coin, making it rather useless :(. Maybe it's just on 1.00, I dunno (can't seem to find the 1.03 pkg file to upgrade). The seed last mentioned (13SQ VP20) does give Lost Contact but I can't seem to find the staircase. Been bombing every stone on the room below as well as on the left. Nothing sadly. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. nothing. You have to go TWO rooms down (where the Mullis are with symetrical jars and rocks) and bomb the rock on the left. The mulli's spawn troll bombs when killed so you could kill the top right mulli and if the bomb is close enough to the jar the rock blows up too, in case you wanna play with a character that has zero bombs to start with. Lastly, but I haven't really tried that much, just the obvious spots, the seed (BTL9 9SAE) has a huge room on the right and "bombing up" is either on the left or right side afaik Neither really worked. Again, I might be off with my bombs on this one and it isn't really the most important either. I'm playing on PS4 if that makes a difference. Edited the second seed.
  12. At the time I got a "website is unavailable" as if it was taken down. After a day or two someone commented and then it did work for me for some reason. At any rate, it's good now!
  13. Much appreciated! I wonder why I got a "Not available" screen a few days ago, it does work now tho as I get a list of URL's. Now one more thing I'm curious about is how this exactly works cause in the FFXV case you had to replace the .json file. Are .json and .pkg similar? I couldn't even find a .json in Isaac's case so I'd assume so but stil unsure.
  14. UPDATE: I received my physical copy of the Royal Edition 2019-06-28. I activated the code and everything worked great (playing through it now!). I already had Season Pass and there was no conflict with the Royal code so even if you own some things you'll be able to activate it. However, if I hadn't yet ordered the physical copy I'd have tried the digital Royal Edition because I suspect it's the exact same thing. I doubt they can make the same bundle and simply remove an item from one of them, it doesn't really make sense technically. When you unlock the Royal Edition you're getting the exact same item as in the play store. One or two people have said the digital works too and I suspect it does. It would also have been cheaper for me but I opted for the safer route still. Oh well. Take this as an educated guess, not fact tho! A big thanks to this thread and all it's helpful participants, none the least @Golden Devil Gamer. On that note, I have a question: The link to the file with all the URL's (for other games) doesn't work and I can't find a replacement. Does anyone have a .txt file in their possession they could share?
  15. You know what, turns out it was because I had an older version of the game, while having a newer version of the save file. I guess if you have a new save file from a newer patch the autosave will try to save to it but you won't be able to use it. That was my problem at least so that's sorted (in case someone stumbles in here). Here's to hoping I don't get what you got later down the line!