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  1. This is some fucking amazing help, man. You've helped some hunters save 10s of hourse!
  2. You got your hands full my man. Have fun and get to it. If I was you I would start with 100%ing your platinum's.
  3. Would not say that is procrastination. I have other games lined up and i shelved it for good reason, as I know it will take a while for me to complete and I at the creation of the account could not be bothered playing such a tough game. Tough for me atleast. Cheers for your input through. I'll be sure to ask for it too when I am in need of sub 30 minute platinums.
  4. Cheers man, If I'll get stuck I am sure to keep in mind your offer. Might have to also look into how to properly "cheese" as I never have done it. The vote is in. It has been over 24 hours since I posted this and even though the scores are tied for 25th and 50th. *I did not really care for the achievement on the site, as 25th would have been achievement for me personally* You guys have expressed that it would be a cool thing. So Furi will be my 50th Platinum on iamvolfy. Ta for your time fellas.
  5. It's brand new account, man. Why you heff 2 b mad. I will do it. Seen you post about it, think replies to posts it was actually. You do like the game. I am just not good at such things and it will take me a better part of 1-2 months most likely. :'(
  6. You have got yourself a deal there, phoenix9447
  7. That is what I originally figured I would do, but it is quite a while till then. However, should it be that this poll ends that way. 100th it will be. I have it as the first game at the bottom of my trophy list at 4%. I doubt I'll forget it. Cheers for the vote.
  8. Pleasantly surprised at the way you did it. Had totally forgotten about such things exists. Should have done it myself. Oh well, I'm already with a foot in this so might as well see if anyone else has something to say about it. Could you kindly express your vote in the poll above as well? ******EDIT****** Had forgotten to press show results. It was already done. Cheers.
  9. Hey guys, If you were to check out my games you would see that I started out on Furi as first game. I quickly came to the realization what it will take from me to have this platinumed. Therefore I am here now. It has been sitting there through the next few games and does not bother me, but I need to get around to it at some point. I want you to decide in the poll above which platinum game it should be. I will be 100% Arkham City and BL2 in next week or so and got other games lined up already, but I am unsure if Furi is yet to be one of them. Looking forward to your opinion. Ta.
  10. Working on this myself as we speak. Good things to keep in mind. Ta.
  11. Grindy ones that are there for no friggin reason at all. Something like level 100 in GTA Online or level 50 in RDR2 are respectable grinds and fine with me as that is account progression. However, the type I am talking about are ones like AC: Syndicate destroying 5000 things with your carriage. On my few playthroughs I was never close to it by the time I had done everything in the game. So I ended up there for a few hours riding circles around a market to unlock the trophy. Not ideal time and barely can be said that it is gaming. Any trophy that is similar to this is dreadful. As well as what has already been mentioned, not being able to track your progress on such matters. And what others have said about being luck based, ehh, RNG trophies are fun for myself to go for.
  12. While my wife's away on holiday I feel lonely, so I would like to have a pixelated number higher than what it is currently in my playstation, so I know there are people online on the other end. As well as I will be diving into some MP games, so might be great to find someone to play with. PS4 only. Don't got the time for others and PS5's backwards compatibility will take care of the rest. IGN: iamvolfy
  13. Welcome to the site. Feel free to feed the green gremlin under the stairs. He has all the goodies!
  14. Really great thread so far and amazing topic to touch upon. I am heavily into fitness and easily can draw stuff that applies to both, it primarily being that everyone is an individual and not everything will fit everyone. Because of that here are a few off the top of my head that I am following the new account I created to start properly hunting on: 1. - Enjoy myself. I had many PS plus games from previous PSN that I wanted to platinum first, but realized that most of them I will not enjoy at this time at least. So that is a pass on that. Rather play something that I will enjoy the big F out off. 2. - As close as 100% everything as possible. This means having to wait a bit if I do not want to waste more money than I have to for like the newest BL2 DLC. 3. - Read the roadmap for a certain game, unless it is just released and they are not available like it will be for some upcoming games I am eager to play on day 1. (Jedi, Death Stranding, Gods n Monsters, The Last of Us 2, Dying Light 2, etc.) Learned my mistake by realizing how hard Furi will be to platinum, so it will stay at 4% until either my 50th or 100th. As I know how good it will feel to beat the game. Will take shit ton of practice. EDIT Forgot one vital point that I do not like at all. Purposely stacking a game. It is essentially one platinum. Especially for the ones achieved in a single day or less.
  15. Welcome back! Looking forward to possibly getting to knowing you better.