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  1. Just in case anyone doesn't know I believe this game is free for those who purchase the regular Superhot game before the release date of the new one. The trailer/article implied that if you have the game before you will get it free not after, wanted to put this out there. Might be completely wrong though.
  2. Just beat Impossible and got the plat. Tips to beat it are different from The Max. You can be much more aggressive than in The Max, if you are in the corner and can transition, a naked transition without Swamp Hands can still connect unlike The Max which you had to use Swamp Hands or the AI would block. No matter what enemy you are always try to get the max number of health even on 1/24. Interactable,Win, & 20% combo should always happen, Supermove and transition may be optional later on but I urge you to do them on the early enemies. According to the guide the annoying characters are Joker,Flash, and Batman, the run where I did it on Batman was 14/24 and the rest were early 9. I would consider Green Arrow,Doomsday, and Shazam to be the most annoying characters to face. I would recommend to attempt to get them early as possible. Every time you meter burn Swamp Hands, Green Arrow can slide and hit you with a good chunk of damage without any effort. Doomsday on the other hand is definitely the hardest especially later on, I was facing him 9/24 one run and he dropped my first health bar, his armor is definitely the most annoying part as he gets free hits since you do nothing to him. Shazam can be annoying since he is very fast and his ability increases his damage so be careful how you decide to attack him( this rule works for other damage boosting characters like Superman and Bane). General Rules: Try to get as much health as possible every round no matter what enemy. Every time you start a battle with full meter try to instantly use Swamp Hands as if it connects you will get your meter back and a free 46%. If you are going to use your Supermove try to use it early so you have time to get your meter back. I never wagered because I forgot to but it is a good way to get health back. No matter on what fight always watch the enemy's meter, if they have max meter always be careful of a Supermove, if one hits really early on in the Battle, you might need to restart, as even the dumb AI can still use it and take a lot of your health. As soon as you start a fight without max health I would suggest to start using meter a lot more, but still try to conserve for next fight. This took me about 1 1/2 hours and 3 tries.
  3. I wanted to write this just in case anybody would need some more tips on The Max I just beat it and I'm only missing Impossible now. I used the general Solomon Grundy combo. I faced only 1 character listed in the guide as troublesome which was Aquaman and he was at the very beginning of the Battle. The rest were very easy but some of them can be a little bit harder. These 2 were Batman and Bane, Bane I feel is a personal burden I don't feel like anybody would have difficulty fighting him but i found him to be tough for me. Batman on the other hand is much harder than the rest but not hard enough to be labeled as needed to be avoided, if you use Swamp Hands try to stay as far as you can as some of his meter burned attacks up close completely ignore Swamp Hands. Someone else is Zatana, she is not too hard but for her you want to avoid using Swamp Hands from far as she can teleport behind you and start a combo. General Rules: I would say when against any enemy always try to keep your distance and think about whether there is a interactable or if its safe to use Swamp Hands. Always stay away from the corner, the full string that Grundy uses covers a lot of ground and if used too much, more than twice I believe you will end up cornered, I felt very defeated as soon as any enemy had me in the corner, I would also try to avoid doing corner combos as it can get annoying to deal with the AI. Just continue to walk back but do not dash as the AI will then get more aggressive and follow you. Also follow the guides rules some characters there may be fought early like Aquaman and Lantern, but if you are using the Grundy strat avoid Deathstroke, I gave him a chance and got all the way to 9/10 and lost.
  4. It is not apparentely
  5. 6/24/20 is 3x xp so if you want to grind today is the day.
  6. Probably to try to have more immersion in the fight, having a close face-to-face encounter helps, i guess. Weird question but factual one.
  7. @Mst-Sgt-Peppa Thanks the tips are appreciated, I tried to get a new helmet and armor and the fat rolling has gotten better. I also tried Tower Knight for the second time and it seems that I have gotten better but I do almost no damage to him, still seems possible though so I will probably grind a +2 weapon and try again. The path to get to Tower Knight is annoying, having to wait for the dragon to pass has gotten old but I'm still enjoying the game.
  8. Dang idk if I'm willing to do that, I really have been enjoying Bloodborne and i'm excited to play all the FromSoftware Games. I would rather enjoy the game first then maybe do some glitch if I really get pissed off. Still Thanks for the help.
  9. I was hoping for something easier, I have no idea what you just mentioned, I think I am fine now though, I got pretty far into tower knight. Any other advice would be great.
  10. So I just recently started playing Demon's Souls and I just beat the Phalanx, and am heading to Tower Knight. I chose Knight at the beginning and I am fat rolling a lot, at first I thought it was lag but that's just how heavy I am. Would the best way to continue be grinding for upgrades and higher stats and lighter gear or just fight the tower knight straight up until I defeat him? Is this going to happen a lot where there is a lot of grinding before bosses? I was just overwhelmed about all the locations unlocking, so I'm just confused on what route to take.
  11. As long as the servers don't shut down the plat will be obtainable, but currently only the 100% is unobtainable. Everything that the plat requires only relates to regular online not community game modes. so to answer your question 100% is unobtainable but the plat still is.
  12. Yes, the gameplay is amazing and the graphics and animations are great for running on decent hardware. No one has any issues with the gameplay apart from the haters which at this point don't matter. Idk where you are in the game but just because the game is good so far doesn't mean the end product is. Good gameplay doesn't make a story game good. There are many other games with little story but the gameplay is spectacular. Games like this one don't live up to the standards set by the first one, the only thing improved is the mechanics and that's it. Also idk where this idea of needing to play a game that is narrative driven needs to be played and an opinion cannot be valid unless played. I'm here to enjoy the story most of all the gameplay features are on the side. Games like Bloodborne with vague story and great gameplay need to be played in order to be enjoyed.
  13. Most of these 0s are very unjustified. I hate how people can just go and rate the game a 0 even though it looks great. The gameplay is much better than the first and the graphics and animations look so much better than part 1 or even uncharted 4. The story is a completely different thing though, compared to the first one a score of 4 might be harsh and anything above a 7 is outrageous. Sadly compared to other games which have very little story but have great gameplay, this game is the complete opposite. The story which should be the best thing is the worst part of the game, and game that doesn't set out what it's suppose to do which is craft a great story, doesn't deserve an outstanding score.
  14. Thanks I used to play this game on my old account and at the time the only players were the really good ones.
  15. Is this online even active or would a session be a better option? Don't want to start the game if the online trophies would take a while.