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  1. After starting this thread I finally beat it 2 days ago, and IMO the 9/10 is enormously high. I beat the game around 4-5 times beforehand and I pretty much had the entire game memorized. Even the horrendous Chapter 6 section was beat in 2 tries because of level 5 flashes. The only issues I really had was in the later half of Chapter 11, and Chapter 8 because of the small enemies. I ended with a 12:28 time, faster than my first playthrough with around 108 deaths. I'm really surprised the score is so high, apart from 2 sections where I used a guide everything else was beaten with prior knowledge. After a lot of game time I started getting used to zombie movements and eventually just got used to running them around.
  2. I assume they were waiting for Xbox as I think right after Xbox announced both versions of their console they announced this event. Of course if Xbox announced back in February I doubt Sony would have right away but still, they were trying to compete. I blame this on both Sony and the stores for lack of pre-order availability, they should have given a specific time when pre-orders would be up, not this "tomorrow pre-orders will open thing". All these stores should have not broken the indicated date for pre-orders, if Sony even enforced it. Both Sony and the stores are at fault, Amazon was the only company who somewhat followed guidelines as they technically did launch today at 12am. Luckily I'll be waiting for a few years, don't want the machine breaking on me Day 1, most of the games will already be more than half off by then. Sony is trying too hard to compete, this idea of people buying the other console I find ridiculous as some of the Sony fans that did pre-order are casual or just bandwagon the company, changing release date wouldn't have matter but at this point Sony doesn't want to lose ground, and doesn't want to compete any harder. I personally don't understand this need to buy now or never idea from some people, if you don't get a pre-order just wait an year, doubt you have played every game worth playing on ps4.
  3. I also had an issue with this game and that after it started turning nighttime in real life the game also turned night following the ps4 clock. Raiders stopped spawning after it turned night, and I would have to wait for the next day to get raiders to spawn. I usually played in the morning before noon and I would get consistent raider every 20 minutes. This is just what I noticed and it seems that raiders don't show up in the afternoon and at nighttime. I tried to not move the clock to speed up time since it seems like it might screw up the game, but that's just me. I hope that this solves your issue, this game had a lot of inconsistency with raiders and I had around 58 hours on my only vault when I got my plat.
  4. I just recently started this game since I bought the second game as an impulse buy and decided to start on the first game. I am around chapter 6 right now on survivor, and so far the only issues I have are being overwhelmed and running out of supplies. The horrible FPS on some sections have also been bad but nothing seems too difficult. I have done Outlast 2 on permadeth and this game is a 9/10 difficulty with 8,000 achievers. Is this game really this hard on Akumu, since you also get unlimited tries? I would just like a heads up since I'm having fun and am excited to finish this game and dlc and move to the sequel.
  5. This game is a joke if you can find 7 other players to boost, you just make 2 groups and just keep queuing until you get into the same game. From there just keep playing until everyone gets the trophies. If you find 7 other dedicated players the headshots which is the longest trophy solo will be cut down in time and be a joke. The Size Matters trophy is almost impossible in solo since you need to be far from the players, so boosting is heavily recommended for that one. I would say good luck finding 7 others, most people that are interested in this game are casual. Another note, most of my headshot were done solo, and the size matters/hunter trophies were done in a boost session.
  6. Just platinumed this game recently by myself, and from experience you will be running into the same people especially if you play on a consistent basis. I would expect that when I was playing there was only a handful of servers( 5-6) running at the same time maybe even less since every time I had a bad team I would leave and immediately queue just to join the same game. I would say most of the time you will find games immediately but you will be waiting in the lobbies for the remaining players that make up 8 to join. I don't see too much life in this game, and I personally feel that since there are maybe a hundred or so recurring players and that this game will stop support eventually. So if you really want to play this game get to it.
  7. Thanks should have check the EU version.
  8. The game just became free on PS Plus and reading through the discussions I have seen people constantly talking about the trophies being glitched. I wanted to know whether I should bother starting this game and with the bot method mentioned in the guide's comments would the 150 hour time decrease. I have heard that they are also planning an update to fix this I believe.
  9. Most likely not, this game is done, the only thing they are actively changing are the monthly gamemodes. Idk how long the grind is since I am waiting for the monthly portal to be a trophy orientated gamemode.
  10. According to people I have seen yes it does unlock the trophy, so if you are willing to pay go ahead.
  11. This requirement is good enough, the previous amount was 8 hours before the update. This is not a bad requirement compared to others.
  12. The game is having a free weekend, so this is not forever. Only till August 9th. https://borderlands.com/en-US/news/2020-08-06-borderlands-3-free-weekend-august-2020/
  13. 2. Tbh depends I don't know how many sweats you will queue up with. 4. Reznov should not be difficult if you believe in your skills, I was pretty average on blackout and still got everything done so you should be good. The strat like you mentioned is queuing at the same time on solo then him letting you kill him. I just camped in a building after and got it, very lucky. The mugshot is hard since you tend to get the drops towards the end of the game and melee kills at that point are difficult since everyone has tier 3 armor and guns and in this case are most likely experienced. I would suggest getting this soon since Warzone is free and its a matter of time until this game becomes dead, especially with the recently announced project by Treyarch
  14. 1. Sort of you tend to get similar people but finding people shouldn't be impossible. 2. Definitely not full lobbies most of the time depends on the time of day. 3. Like every COD game after the new one is out yes only sweats, maybe some new players now and again, but expect Dark Matter sweats. 4. Depends on what characters you need to unlock certain ones might not be too difficult if you have a good team, I personally boosted them with a partner and things like the reznov hat kill. The win for frank I got on ground war when that was still around. Whatever you are missing might make or break the plat, especially if you aren't too good and still need frank. I see you are still missing some zombie ones, the drops for scarlet and diego I believe were very hard to come by so I would be wary as finding the unlock then getting a kill after might take a long time.
  15. No only the ones that are on land count, the ones underwater do not need to be collected.