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  1. This definitely does not sounds normal. Even if you room was hot while the console is off the fan should definitely not be running. I would get this checked out or buy a new one, whatever you wish to do.
  2. Just received the mission. Took months, finally I can start the game. 1/2/21
  3. Infamy 2.0 is an update they added for their infamy (prestige) system. It is free so no issue there. With the base game (crimewave edition), the Hardcore Henry pack is included. So it is technically free. If you have any other issues just ask. The scarface pack was suppose to be delisted in a previous update, not sure if it is gone though since I have had it for years. If it is missing there is a trophy that requires a gun in the DLC, but if you confirmed you bought it there should be no issue. The heist is also required but if you have a friend with it you can join his game.
  4. Seems like this is an issue with only you. Other people seem to have popped both trophies just fine. I doubt you are locked out of the plat. Just attempt it on a new save and see if it works. Lucky for you this is one of the easier trophies to obtain.
  5. Well I am asking about Resistance, no need to be negative about my question. Was hoping to get an opinion on trophies, not the game.
  6. Well this is the Resident Evil Resistance forums, so yes I am asking about Resistance
  7. I have been very interested in picking up Resident Evil 3 for a while, but hadn't pulled the plug yet. I just got the game from Best Buy yesterday and since this is multiplayer I want to get it started soon. I wanted to know whether it's going to be easy or difficult. Are the queue times long and is it because of no player base? And how hard are the trophies if done solo, since the guide seems a bit outdated, is it easy or slightly difficult? I am mostly worried about trophies that require a specific situation to occur, if there are any. Queue times are the main issue, don't want to start the game if I wouldn't be able to find a game.
  8. Doubt it, they have never added new trophies for casino update or any gunrunning updates. Maybe for a new ps5 list, very uncertain though.
  9. That's the issue with legal sources. Outside of America the consistency of shows is very limited. Even services like Crunchyroll or Funimation that are all anime still lack international support. Netflix is not bad especially recently with all the support they have been giving to anime, but they still lack a huge library, and unless you're in Japan the library is also bare. If you are looking for consistency, outside of NA it's going to be hard to find. These prices for shows physically that you are saying are also higher than normal, I usually see shows for $20-30, depending on length. Shipping is a different story though. I have many friends outside of NA, and the options are limited. Until the companies expand outside NA.
  10. If I may ask what sites are you using? I could recommend some if you have been having issues. I usually watch on my phone though, I hate using my PC to watch. To me it seems like everyone sees blurays as a collector's item instead of something to actually watch. Buying blurays would also cost a lot of $ if you plan on watching every show like that.
  11. I have been playing the game for maybe a 2-3 weeks and the game is very simple even as solo. I have gotten around 30 wins in the game and most of the end game enemies are bots so victory is almost always guaranteed unless you get a real person. -The bots are extremely bad, they seem to get more aggressive towards the end of the game, but unless you are very close to them you should always win against them. If you are too close to them you might get lasered depending on how late in the game you are. -For the 10 driving kill trophy the bots have extreme difficulty shooting you while you're in a car. If you're in a jeep its almost impossible for them to shoot you. Therefore just switch seats and just pull your gun out from the car and kill them. -I have been playing only the basic royal mode and the win trophies are easy, I have even won some solo-squad games, since the bots are usually remaining. I strongly recommend that you stick in duo or squads for the frag kills or sniper headshot kills since they are much harder without downing them. Killing downed enemies does count as a special requirement kill. After completing all the special kills, I have been just doing solo, going for 10+ kills a game. -The season just ended, and I have gotten progress transfered. The game seems very buggy but I have not had any issues. I have been using PubG Lookup to check progress.
  12. I started Pubg almost a week ago and have had no issues popping any trophies. I have been using pubg lookup to track my kills, but I have not faced any issues. I still have not reached the 1k kill trophy but everything else like the sniper headshots and the rifle kills have popped properly.
  13. After starting this thread I finally beat it 2 days ago, and IMO the 9/10 is enormously high. I beat the game around 4-5 times beforehand and I pretty much had the entire game memorized. Even the horrendous Chapter 6 section was beat in 2 tries because of level 5 flashes. The only issues I really had was in the later half of Chapter 11, and Chapter 8 because of the small enemies. I ended with a 12:28 time, faster than my first playthrough with around 108 deaths. I'm really surprised the score is so high, apart from 2 sections where I used a guide everything else was beaten with prior knowledge. After a lot of game time I started getting used to zombie movements and eventually just got used to running them around.
  14. I assume they were waiting for Xbox as I think right after Xbox announced both versions of their console they announced this event. Of course if Xbox announced back in February I doubt Sony would have right away but still, they were trying to compete. I blame this on both Sony and the stores for lack of pre-order availability, they should have given a specific time when pre-orders would be up, not this "tomorrow pre-orders will open thing". All these stores should have not broken the indicated date for pre-orders, if Sony even enforced it. Both Sony and the stores are at fault, Amazon was the only company who somewhat followed guidelines as they technically did launch today at 12am. Luckily I'll be waiting for a few years, don't want the machine breaking on me Day 1, most of the games will already be more than half off by then. Sony is trying too hard to compete, this idea of people buying the other console I find ridiculous as some of the Sony fans that did pre-order are casual or just bandwagon the company, changing release date wouldn't have matter but at this point Sony doesn't want to lose ground, and doesn't want to compete any harder. I personally don't understand this need to buy now or never idea from some people, if you don't get a pre-order just wait an year, doubt you have played every game worth playing on ps4.
  15. I also had an issue with this game and that after it started turning nighttime in real life the game also turned night following the ps4 clock. Raiders stopped spawning after it turned night, and I would have to wait for the next day to get raiders to spawn. I usually played in the morning before noon and I would get consistent raider every 20 minutes. This is just what I noticed and it seems that raiders don't show up in the afternoon and at nighttime. I tried to not move the clock to speed up time since it seems like it might screw up the game, but that's just me. I hope that this solves your issue, this game had a lot of inconsistency with raiders and I had around 58 hours on my only vault when I got my plat.