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  1. I might a little late to this but yes the WBID servers (aka. the service itself) no longer exists. You should be able to log in on the mobile game if have an account made before the shutdown but there is no connection anymore to the console release. Any attempt to reset passwords or contact support does not work since the service is no longer available.
  2. Akumu is easier in my opinion but is not easy in any regard. You'll die to less bullshit in Akumu compared to Brutal in Uncharted 1 for example. It's easier to prepare for each chapter since everything can be controlled much better than uncharted where random gunshots from anywhere almost one-shot you (I haven't played Uncharted in years so I might be wrong). I only used a guide for certain parts of Akumu, but that's probably because I played the game around 4 times before doing Akumu so I had the game pretty much memorized. It's mostly annoying once you get to zombies with guns around chapter 11 if I remember, other than that the game is manageable since most zombies use melee. I had much more fun doing Akumu than Brutal (mostly on Uncharted 1 cause it's the hardest) and solidified Evil Within as one of my favorite games.
  3. Not necessarily, just that games might take a while to find (aka. 5-8 minutes) depending on the time of day. People still play the game but don't expect to find matches instantly.
  4. People still queue. I got the trophy recently, the only issue was that they were only during the day. Whenever I would queue at night (especially during the weekday) I would get 10-minute queues then get kicked. Your best option is to solo queue during the day and preferably during the weekend.
  5. The Ultimate Edition includes all newly created survivors and killers specifically for Dead by Daylight. DLCs like Nightmare on Elm Street and Leatherface are licensed from their respective franchises and therefore are not included in the Ultimate Edition. This goes for any other DLC that is not an original intellectual property from Behavior like Ghostface. It's still not known whether the ultimate edition will provide owners with future original DLCs after the Trickster DLC. If you want to see for yourself scroll to the bottom of the game page in the light gray box, the DLCs provided with the Ultimate Edition will be shown: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP3509-PPSA02048_00-6842585299164139/
  6. Even though there are two versions of dlc to buy in the store, everything upgrades to the ps5 version. Once you get the ps4 version from the stranger things edition you can upgrade to the ps5 version, along with the stranger things dlc and the extra 3 dlcs included in the bundle.
  7. The game is insanely fun although the player base can be underwhelming sometimes as previously mentioned. If you're looking for only the 100% I suggest you start while in the early ranks to make the adept killer trophies easier, and even the killer abilities trophies.
  8. This game isn't difficult to boost. Just need someone willing to queue for mastermind, and 1+ survivors since it depends on the trophies you need. If you're asking about normal matchmaking mastermind, and a team of friends as survivors the high-level masterminds still play. Do expect to find people in general, I wouldn't say every single attempt to queue into the same game will be successful.
  9. Thanks for the update, I don't know whether to feel excited for the free trophy or sad that it's not a wave 15 trophy again. Reaching wave 15 was very fun, but I lost a lot of long term enjoyment for this game. Hopefully we get some more fun trophies the next time around. Good to see they are still supporting the game though.
  10. Right now I'm looking at buying all the DLCs for Black Ops 1, finishing Demon Souls. Then gonna start looking at some series on the ps3: Dead Space (Extraction and Ignition included) God of War (Excluding 3 since I have it with Plus)(Origins Collection)(Ascension) GTA 4 +DLC COD World at War(DLC), COD Classic, Black Ops 2 + DLC (Even though I don't have Big Leagues) Dark Souls 2 (Dark Souls 1 is too expensive on disc) Infamous 1 & 2 Deus Ex Human Revolution +DLC Silent Hill HD Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Payday The Heist? (Too many 4-player trophies) Sly Cooper Collection? (on PS Now)
  11. I'm only joking, just get your partner to make sure you get 100 kills and just use the precision rifle when going for the 100 kills. Make sure you won't miss when you shoot, a few mistakes are allowed.
  12. Yes, without an aim controller.
  13. Wanted to give an update since just a few minutes ago I finished all the challenges in the entire game. I pretty much have the plat just need random trophies and weapon levels. This game IMO is very overrated in the difficulty of the challenges. After completing flight as my first challenge all the other main game challenges were relatively easy, spend around 30-40 minutes on each, and 1 or 2 took a little over an hour. I will to put my descriptions of how each challenge went for me. Arrival: This is apparently suppose to be the hardest challenge in the game. But apart from the grinding in some sections it was not difficult, one of the easier ones in the game. Just focus on grinding points in a few sections and this one will come naturally. Took around 30 minutes to complete. Decent: Another difficult challenges supposedly, but 50% of the challenge is running and the last half is surviving. Just make sure to take almost not hit until the last section, and jut grind points until the timer runs out. This is one also took around 30-40 minutes. Summit: This challenges took me 2 tries to complete. There are enough enemies in the map to just run through and kill everything, but I stayed in some spots to grind some points and completed this challenge easily. Very normal nothing special here. Took 10 minutes to complete. Remains: If you are doing the challenges in order this should be the first challenge with drones. Apart from the drones which are the majority of the enemies this challenge, there are almost no ground level enemies. If you completed Flight first like me you might have some reflexes to face of these enemies, but if not you might find difficulty in this challenge. Took 4 tries and completed it in around 10-15 minutes. Vestige: The final Challenge I need to complete the 3 stars trophies. This challenge was very simple no techniques or anything. Just run through the map quickly and kill everything like you usually do and you should get 3 stars first try like me. Very simple compared to others, so if you want easy trophies start with Homecoming or this challenge. Co-op Challenges: I will make a general description for all the coop challenges from the dlc since they are all relatively the same techniques. All the challenges on solo are just run and kill challenges, don't worry about grinding. These solo challenges should be very easy compared to main game challenges. The co-op challenges you need a decent partner (not extraordinary). Your options are either to do the challenges on hard and just reach the end with enough points, or have a good performance on medium (no hits, fast multipliers). Hard allows for many mistakes so I wouldn't worry, that's how I did it. Hopefully this helps you guys if you're worried about starting still. IMO the platinum is not impossible or even hard, but it does require some skill. You can either practice by doing the co-op stuff then main, or you can start with Flight as I accredit that mission to helping me become a good farpoint player. GL if you wish to attempt this platinum, I'm here if you need me. @RNumbers Hopefully this is enough to trust me, you seemed you have an issue with the challenges. 😁
  14. Cool to see you here. For the 100%, most of the main game stuff is relatively easy, only the collectibles could be annoying since you would need to look at a guide when taking off the headset. If you want to get everything in 1 playthrough then you would do hard difficulty with the collectables, I platinumed the game before any DLC so I had to do another playthrough. Hard difficulty wasn't actually difficult, but if you want to have an easier time or want to do a unknown playthrough first then I would probably do it as a second playthrough. Apart from the the Hard trophy every other dlc trophy is acquired through the challenges rather than main game. I would only worry about one of the DLC trophies though.
  15. "It Takes Two"