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  1. Persona 4 Golden and Gravity Rush for sure. Don't play Gravity Rush 1 if you've already played 2 though, because once you go 2 there's no going back.
  2. How can we tell the difference between from a glitch and some kind of non-legit method? (like hacking) Trophy for 10% of Riddler trophies is out of order.
  3. Thanks so much for this tread! I've been trying to log back in since June 30th! This thread really helped me out.
  4. If a player was to join a friend via online multiplayer in Borderlands 2, and that friend's game session was at a later part of the story than that player and they both finished that mission together, would the player then unlock the trophy for that later story mission even though they hadn't earned the trophies for the earlier missions? I've heard conflicting answers from friends of mine irl, so could someone here please set the record straight? Thanks 😘
  5. Ignore that crazy person from your introduction post lmao. Nice to meet you, you just earned another follower.