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  1. Thanks 4 the detailed info on each chapter Eagle.☺️
  2. Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2 ,c'mon Capcom .
  3. Great guide ,thanks IBad was stuck on last 2 trophies 'The fool' & 'The ploy' ,but ya helped me out .
  4. Ok , question regarding dlc reward weapons - so if ya buy it or use weapons , will that affect trophies when doing rank S & S+ runs ?
  5. Thanks Maniekz , tried this last night but still get white screen .
  6. Hi everybody , this bug / glitch still exists 30mins ago ! Bought the Season pass version from the Store . 3 times now after Hoyt cuts Jason finger off screen goes & stays white. Don't want to start game from start / scratch - 3 trophies off Plat FC3 CE .
  7. Thanks 4 the info drthomys .
  8. Does anyone know the release date of 'Lost on Mars '?
  9. Thanks 4 info Dan
  10. Hi guys , stuck on Hunter lvl , trying to do Quick draw trophy . Is it better to play in Survival or Spartan mode ? Keep failing / dying in Survival mode ! Thanks
  11. Hi guys , mega stuck on Isla Sorna ( Lost World ) on the flower puzzle thing in hunter's camp . Can get the Blue , Red & green flowers to work but as so jump on green stops working ! Any suggestions, this is last Gold brick I need 4 Platinum ?
  12. Yeah - totally agree with Rico, looks very glitchy, was looking forward to the sequel after Homefront but the 1st game was buggy as well -with the 61 newspapers trophy you could only find 60 even after reading forum solutions! Homefront had good story & written by Jonh Mills who also wrote story 4 Red Dawn (1984) movue .
  13. Great video guide , wil try it out today thanks Rose Dark .
  14. Question guys - in the Wesker mode play through, whereabouts do you find the Death Stare weapon 4 the '20/20 Vision trophy ? Thanks
  15. Hi, glad I'm not the only 1 having online problems. Tried to play online today but could not join a game , kept being teleport failed or ship connection abort .Driving me nuts !