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  1. Very easy plat, i did it on 5 hours with Acessibility options on. The only grind is coins, but, you can gather a good amount 30k and just sell all your itens and keep buying them from NPCs =)
  2. I am doing it right now. Just finished the first DLC A Walk in the Park. There's a shortcut if you want to make the game a 1/10: There's an enemy near the first operations center that drops MK2 materials, he looks like an astronaut with orange head. Farm MK2 materials there. Then, go kill the first boss and do his hardcore challenge (you can't let him hit himself with his missiles). You will get the best weapon in the base game (Pax 2.0). Upgrate it to MK2 and that's literally it. You will destroy anything that dares to attack you.
  3. Oh, That's the problem then. With me, it puts me in the teleport Stone and it always autosave.
  4. What u did tô make it work? When i load the save with the history completed, it always put me in front of the teleport Stone and it autosaves
  5. Mine version is 1.04 and it isn't working
  6. Not working either
  7. Just tried and didn't worked =(. What u did when u meet Toshi? I mean, did you waited the cutscene end, or skipped and loaded The save?
  8. Well.. You probably will regret this, lol. It's not hard, it is broken. Your Courage doesn't regen over time, only hitting enemies. They gain a lot of HP and you die in two hits. Also, the timing for parry is weird and the dodge doesn't work in some bosses =)
  9. It doesn't work that way. It doesn't let you change the difficulty. Already tried it, lol.
  10. Please tell us how =)
  11. I played the entire gaming again in one sitting doing all the puzzles. Some people say that if you exit to the main menu right before it finishes the last puzzle, it makes the trophy pop. I already spoke about the matter with the studio. Hope they fix it soon.
  12. Hey guys, There's one trophy that's glitched: - Master Puzzler: Solve all of the puzzles. I already solved all the puzzles, there's one trophy for each, and this trophy didn't popped. I started a new playthrough, from 0, and it didn't popped either. Also, half of the trophies are missable. There's no way to return to a City after you left them. If you miss a Collectible or Sidequest, you will need to start the game from 0.
  13. Barrel Smasher = You need to deliver the 3 Gun Plans to upgrade Rocket to Max. After that, the NPC will provide a new Challenge. Break all the Brown barrels and the trophy is yours. Dimension Collapse = You need to destroy Drones throwing them on each other. There's two spots on Old Town to farm it!
  14. Does anyone know how we obtain these trophies?
  15. You need to deliver the "post cards" to Bear. Then, the skin is unlocked and you can change it in the Machine Next to him.