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  1. Yet we all still play them.
  2. I really only encountered like 1 or 2 bugs but they were just something to laugh at and didn't affect the game at all, like a civilian walking off a rooftop then continuing to walk along on air. That's about it. Seems like you just got really unlucky.
  3. I think you're overthinking this just a lil bit 😂
  4. Yeah, but the timestamps were out of order and no matter what it looks very fishy that he unlocked the platinum without having all trophies unlocked. Pretty sure he'll get removed from the leaderboards either way if he doesn't hide it.
  5. Hide those trophies, you're gonna get removed from leaderboards.
  6. ugh, just found out i have a 4th unobtainable game. apparently the pvz garden warfare 2 dlc is mostly unobtainable...

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      That's a bad feeling. As far as I know I have two, trying to make sure the number doesn't get to three...

  7. What a kick in the nuts 😂
  8. I'd like to update my post, new letters are in bold: # - 11-11: Memories Retold A - Arise B - Burnout Paradise C - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare D - Day of the Tentacle Remastered E - Everybody's Gone to the Rapture F - Final Fantasy VIII G - Goat Simulator H - Hotline Miami I - Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka With Love J - Just Ignore Them K - Kona L - Life is Strange M - Marvel's Spider Man N - Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroine's Infinite Duel O - OVIVO P - Pyre Q - R - Ratchet & Clank S - Skylanders Trap Team T - Terraria U - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy V - Virginia W - WRC 4 X - XBlaze: Code Embryo Y - Yesterday Origins Z - Zeroptian Invasion Just missing Q!!!
  9. as much as people are talking about hating jim ryan and moving away from sony, i dont see myself moving away from it anytime soon. a lot of the stuff barely affects me and its not like microsoft is the holy grail either.

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Not going anywhere either. I think a lot of people won’t, even the most vocal. It’s a lot easier to complain than to take action. Anyway, I left XBox behind and never have regretted it.

      Also, Jim Ryan isn’t the only person making decisions at Sony. If people think that, they don’t really know how corporations work.

    3. snakebit10


      I know the XBONE launch was a mess. I even remember that E3 leading up to launch when Sony put them to shame. I love the PS5 so far, even though I think the UI could use some work. I am looking forward to the games they have coming. 

    4. shxrpay


      @MidnightDragon ikr, and like you said, the most vocal complainers are still actively playing and don't seem to be going away regardless of what they say...

  10. I've officially started cleaning out my backlog, gonna finish what I started with my month on PS Now then starting on the Vita + PS3 backlogs! I'll sadly never get 100% completion since I have 3 unobtainable games, but I'm gonna do every other one! Pretty annoyed with past me since before I really got into trophy hunting I started a bunch of F2P games like Trove, 3on3 Freestyle, Brawlhalla, etc. and now I gotta do those... I'll get around to it eventually. Atleast I'll get 4x platinums for 3on3 by autopopping the region stacks 😁

    1. Honor_Hand


      Good luck cleaning your backlog and completing those games. Looking good so far. I also used to start a bunch of games before even knowing if I was going to complete them or not. Now I don't know when I'll get to finish a bunch of them due to server closures, glitched, me not being interested in some of them, or others just having ridiculous trophy requirements. But eh, whatever, they're there now. I'm trying to improve my completion little by little. xD

  11. meant to say this a long time ago, I like ya pfp g



      Thanks brutha 🙏

  12. shxrpay ~ Kaos Mode Master 👌
  13. Two platinums this time, although they're the same game:


    Platinum #365 ~ The Wolf Among Us (PS4)

    Platinum #366 ~ The Wolf Among Us (Vita)

  14. For snowplough, me and my boosting partner found a kind of workaround for the 4 people. You only need two for this method. The trophy description says you need to kill 3 people will snowballs in each round, you just have to kill 3 people over the course of the entire game. So you can just kill your boosting partner 3 times and it will pop.