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  1. I think that if this was fixed, it may actually cause more problems. If you are playing multiple stacks of a game, which of your lists would the guide choose to display? Now that I think of it, if you could choose which of your lists it was linked to that'd be really cool. But honestly I know nothing about coding and that'd probably be hard to implement.
  2. Add me or send me a message on PSN, primarily looking to trade back and forth for stocked.
  3. Ooo nice 8 chances Let's see... I had fish tacos recently. I think that counts.
  4. 100% ~ Minecraft Dungeons (PS4)


    2nd fastest :D. With like a ton of breaks too lol.

  5. finally made up my mind about my 350th


    gonna take on the masterpiece that is cuphead. is this a bad idea? is it really that hard? i think i can handle an 8/10 with some perserverance

    1. Copanele


      It's a very good game to have as your milestone! 

      Well difficulty is subjective, however I don't think cuphead is truly an 8/10... Its at most a 7/10if you really are bad with that kind of game :D

  6. Platinum #337 ~ Minecraft Dungeons (PS4)

  7. 100% ~ The Walking Dead (PS4)

    1. charxsetsuna



    2. Condemned09


      Congrats :D


    3. ihadalifeb4this



  8. Platinum #336 ~ The Walking Dead (PS4)



  9. Hmm... I might.
  10. Oh, okay. I guess this was just the case for RR; I'm gonna look at the completion dates & profiles for the sub 1 min achievers to see if they actually hack or if they just used cross-save. Edit: Yeah, they're all legit. I guess cross-save autopops the trophies once you've met all the requirements.
  11. While the posts above are correct about those other games, I don't really know if that's the case with this game. This may be the case for PC/PS4 cross-compatibility, but I think it might be that Hi-Rez games in general (this, Realm Royale, etc.) are released in a beta version first without trophies, and people who played those may have already fulfilled all of the trophy requirements which causes them to autopop after the trophies are added.
  12. Not many replies, but the forum says 16~20 hours:
  13. I doubt I'll ever be using this for region stacking, but it is helpful because I have some crossbuy PS3/Vita games that I had on my old account and I can now play them on vita. Pretty useful but you gotta be really careful.
  14. Platinum #335 ~ Word Search by POWGI ‚Äʬ†NA (Vita)


    omg finally, probably the most boring plat ive ever gotten. so glad to finally have it done.