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  1. No, the PS4 versions do not have autopop between the NA/EU lists.
  2. The guide over at PowerPyx has good strategies for each of them under the A Few Splinters trophy:
  3. Welp, my LEGO Marvel's Avengers data just corrupted. And apparently my auto-upload was off, (which I can't decide whether to start doing or not because it could mess up some manual backups for some games) so I don't have a cloud save. Only was about ~5h from plat, aswell... Guess it's time to restart... 😑

    1. Atom1cMoose


      happened to me quite a few times playing different lego titles! i dont have auto save on so that i dont use up all the cloud space but ive learned to just manually make a backup every now and then!

    2. MidnightDragon


      Yesterday my nephew was playing LEGO Marvel 2 and the game crashed and the save corrupted. 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Those LEGO games, as fun as they may be, do have a reputation for being buggy and glitchy. Too bad your saved data got corrupted and there was no backup at hand, it flat out sucks when that happens.

  4. Same exact thing happened to me, this is the only mention of this happening that I can find anywhere. I bought the season pass back in late march when the whole store shutdown thing was going on and just started playing the game again. I looked at my old account and found that the Deluxe Edition had been purchased on it and downloaded the DLCs from there, so I got pretty lucky. Not sure what I would've done otherwise, for anyone having this issue you might just have to fork up the $30 and buy the Deluxe Edition unless you can find another way to purchase the DLCs.
  5. At this point can we just get a forum subsection for discussions about adding a rarity leaderboard?
  6. I have a feeling this poll will be a shutout...
  7. POWGI games have a lot of silver trophies.
  8. I can’t get Hard to Follow, You Are Being Educated, or First Things First to pop for the life of me. I’ve done 7+ runs and tried to get the last 2 to pop to no avail, deleted all save data, reinstalled, restarted my PS4, etc. and nothing has helped. Any tips on exactly what gets them to trigger? Edit: The speedrun and easter egg trophies popped fine after a system restart, so I think that was something on my end. For the trophy You Are Being Educated, I'm 99% sure that you have to also wait until the TV at the beginning of the game stops talking about humans and crows. It finally popped for me after I did that, so if anyone else is having trouble with that trophy then try that.
  9. Wow, this is actually a really good month. Will definitely be playing Judgment and Moving Out.
  10. Add me for Squishy Vanquisher:
  11. Yeah, I think Disney Universe is another one.
  12. 😏 its gettin hot in here
  13. After reading through I’m still a bit unclear on what you need to 100%. I’m assuming you need to buy all the DLC story packs which would cost quite a bit. If there is a less expensive way which would involve just getting one character from each pack or something of that nature, please let me know.