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  1. I know it’s not, I’m just saying that even though it’s not I unlocked trophies that say “in Quick Match/Ranked” so it still counted for whatever reason.
  2. I NEED to know, otherwise I’m not gonna sleep tonight.
  3. After a long break I’m back in, need a new game as my last one got removed from the service.
  4. This is first paragraph is exactly what me and my partner did minus the missile, and we got it on our 2nd run.
  5. I was just thinking about buying Skyrim, glad I didn’t lmao.
  6. On PS (according to exophase), I have 700+ hrs on R6 siege, almost 500 on Overwatch, and 450 on Minecraft. I’m sure I have thousands more on Minecraft on PC, and a few hundred on like 3 3DS games that I always used to play.
  7. Can’t wait to play this in 45 years!
  8. A lot of good AAA games are far above that, and some are even common or very close to it like Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima. Calling everything above 20% shovelware is also just ridiculous lmao 😂
  9. It's starting already..
  10. You phrase the title as if there’s a list of animals that you would stroke. I’m just a little concerned.
  11. Finally got it! I joined an ongoing hybrid game, healed enemies away from the objective and got crits all game then it eventually popped without dying once. I did the same thing on a control map and it didn't work, so I'd try it in a payload mode just to be safe. I can also confirm that it is NOT SELF HEALING! I barely healed 500 of my own health when it popped.
  12. I’ve also heard it’s much more reliable to pop on payload maps, and possibly the robot/escort ones.
  13. I've been boosting for a while and have tried legitimately every single method anybody has ever mentioned and more, so I'm just gonna wait for a patch at this point.
  14. I've been trying this exact method and it isn't working for me either, seems it's still selective on who it pops for.
  15. Yeah, happened to me too. My account was already linked to long before the switch so I'm pretty sure that made no difference, unless there was another link I'm unaware of.