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  1. 100% ~ The Walking Dead (PS4)

  2. Platinum #336 ~ The Walking Dead (PS4)



  3. What are you guys thoughts on the story? I personally thought that it was a bit better than the 2018 spider-man, even though this one was much shorter.
  4. Hmm... I might.
  5. Oh, okay. I guess this was just the case for RR; I'm gonna look at the completion dates & profiles for the sub 1 min achievers to see if they actually hack or if they just used cross-save. Edit: Yeah, they're all legit. I guess cross-save autopops the trophies once you've met all the requirements.
  6. While the posts above are correct about those other games, I don't really know if that's the case with this game. This may be the case for PC/PS4 cross-compatibility, but I think it might be that Hi-Rez games in general (this, Realm Royale, etc.) are released in a beta version first without trophies, and people who played those may have already fulfilled all of the trophy requirements which causes them to autopop after the trophies are added.
  7. Not many replies, but the forum says 16~20 hours:
  8. I doubt I'll ever be using this for region stacking, but it is helpful because I have some crossbuy PS3/Vita games that I had on my old account and I can now play them on vita. Pretty useful but you gotta be really careful.
  9. Platinum #335 ~ Word Search by POWGI • NA (Vita)


    omg finally, probably the most boring plat ive ever gotten. so glad to finally have it done.

  10. Oh my god same, I thought this was completely normal until I saw this comment.
  11. Platinum #334 ~ Without Escape • NA (Vita)


    after a quick intermission, back to tomb raider :D 

  12. Platinum #333 ~ Without Escape • NA (PS4)

  13. Since this game is on PS+ I'm planning to go for the 100%, but from what I heard the PS+ is just the main game. So to have access to all of the DLCs needed for 100% percent, can I just buy the Definitive Edition Extra Content: or do I have to buy the Definitive Edition to get access to this? Basically what I'm asking is can I just buy the DLC that I linked or do I need to buy the actual Definitive Edition on the store to get the 100%?
  14. Yes. That will let you get the 100% if you buy that pack.
  15. Platinum #332 ~ Reverie • NA (Vita)


    tomb raider next :P

  16. Platinum #331 ~ Reverie • NA (PS4)


    damn that arcade machine was annoying

  17. Platinum #330 ~ Star Wars Episode I: Racer (PS4)

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      Haha, I remember enjoying this one as a kid on my N64. xD I don't remember much of it other than grabbing the ship that had the big turbine engines only because it looked cool to me as a child. :P


      Eh, I might try to get this one from the current sale before it is over.

      Also, congrats on the Platinum! 👍

  18. Okay, so what I'm seeing is the pack I linked has all Definitive Edition DLC and the Definitive Edition contains all the packs with trophies, so I'm gonna buy the pass I linked above and hope it'll work.
  19. You have an absurd amount of easy, quick, unfinished games 😂 but putting those aside you should go for Kakarot. Pretty easy and enjoyable platinum.
  20. I saw this too, but in the description of the product it states "...all 7 DLC challenge tombs..." so I assume they're all included.
  21. So I can just buy the DLC pass I linked and I'll be good to go?
  22. Bugsnax (PS5) Might just do the PS4 stack too, that's how much I enjoyed this game. Nothing was ever boring, even collecting every single one of the snax because catching them just had something to it 😂
  23. Platinum #328 ~ Burnout Paradise Remastered • NA (PS4)

  24. Platinum #327 ~ Bugsnax (PS5)


    First platinum of 2021! I really love this game, might actually do the PS4 stack too...