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  1. The online in this game is against the leaderboard, no messages are needed.
  2. That's why I start my post with "I think he meant (...)", not "He meant (...)", because the same thing happened to me and I erased my profile, so my guess is not a statement. "I think" is what makes the difference.
  3. I think he meant the bounty was put on his character at the same time his ranks started going up, not that the bounty was put 8 years ago.
  4. Try erasing that character from the profile and create a new one, starting from scratch. If after the introductory missions, you're at level 3-4, then you "should" be fine. Just keep playing the game and earning xp until you reach level 25, hoping for the trophy to pop.
  5. The issue is that once the battery is dead, replacing the CMOS is not enough. If the internal clock isn't synchronized (the synchronization relies on the internal bettery), the downloaded game licenses don't work. It requires a proper time sync with sony's servers. If sony stops letting the consoles sync by shutting off all access from older consoles, then no licenses will work on an unmodded console.
  6. I see from your profile that you're from Italy. As far as I know, you can't use the ps3 psn store to buy stuff via credit card. You have to use the old pc browser webpage store to buy stuff or buy a psn money card and redeem the code. It's the only way. Check this:
  7. For this champion trophy I recommend having a zen attitude and do not stress about it. Accept things as they are and hope for either an "easy" glitched murfy challenge, or what I wrote below. There is another way, but it's even more luck based than the glitched murfy challenge, and that's what happened to me. I got the champion trophy the day PSN wasn't working properly (february 27th-28th depending on your timezone). I managed to connect to the online servers for the game around one hour before the timers for both daily challenges expired. The normal daily was distance-based, had like 10 players registered and the first had a registered distance of more than 3000 m. I couldn't risk it and checked the extreme daily. This challenge had only 4 times registered, it was about getting a number of lums in the least possible time and the fastest time registered was doable. In around 10 minutes I achieved the first place and stayed connected, checking the leaderboards in case anything changed. In the end, the timer ran out and a couple of minutes after the new daily challenges were online, the diamond was officially awarded and thus, the trophy popped. An australian friend of mine who's also trying to get the diamond wasn't able to connect to the servers that day, and the day after that I was the one who couldn't connect. So, moral of the story, if PSN is acting weird, try and see if you can connect to the servers and check the daily challenges. It might be a one in a million chance, but it's still better than zero. And it happened to me.
  8. I don't have the game but I had several problems with activision published games. I had to do all the wolfenstein grinding in one session because my stats didn't register properly. Same thing for both transformers war and fall of cybertron. If I quit the game or lost connectivity, all my stats were wiped out. My account was created in 2008, I've never changed my PSN ID, and I never played the games I mention until 2019/2020. So it seems to be the same issue as me and what westerburg is saying. And by the way, I also had connectivity issues with DJHero 1 and 2. Guess what? also by activision. I couldn't search online games but others could. And it wasn't a NAT issue because I even got NAT 1 by letting my PS3 get a public IP, so all ports were open, NAT1 shown on screen, and nothing, I could host, but not join, and matchmaking in DJHero 2 was non-working either.
  9. I can connect too to the trials main menu, see the leaderboards, menus and stuff, but when I try to download a trial, it stays in the "downloading trial" screen.
  10. Hi guys, I don't know why, but I've never had an issue with the servers. I can always connect online without any issue, remain connected, play UGC missions, do searches, create missions. Everything. For both infamous 2 and Festival of Blood. Just so you know, my setup is as follows: I live in Spain, using a US PSN account, and both infamous 2 and FoB are digital. I never played the games until the date that shows with the first trophy unlocked for infamous 2 (I think it's june 21st). Right now (23:01 GMT+2) I'm connected.
  11. Hi guys. I got the UGC trophy less than 2 days ago. I went through infamous 2 and festival of blood without any issues. The online EULA appeared on the screen, I scrolled down until I could select the "agree" option, and then both games allowed me to play UGC missions without any issue. The first UGC related trophy that I got was "Trail Blazer" (infamous 2), on June 21st, and the last one was "Play. Create. Scare." (infamous FoB) on June 28th. Both games worked well for me. Just to share more information with you, I'm using a US PSN account although I live in Spain, and both my copies of infamous 2 and FoB are digital.
  12. The trophy guide on playstationtrophies shows the game as having 16 "online" games, that's counting the platinum. So it's 15 without it: Escalation related (5 trophies): - Robotopossum - Maccadams Old Oil House - Space Pirates! - Rust Marks - Ultra Power Master PvP related (9 trophies): - Reconfiguration Matrix - Headmaster! - King of the Scrap Heap - What Prime Directives? - Full Throttle Scramble Power! - Ultimate Menasor - Moonbase One - Ballistic Energon Goodie - Heavy Metal War So 9 + 5 = 14. The last online trophy is indeed "Teletraan 1 Regular" and they marked it as unobtainable. The trophy comment in the guide doesn't mention anything, but there's a comment from a guy in 2013 that says: Comment #1 by Prelude2disastr Thursday, August 08, 2013 @ 06:48:04 AM Side note: Must be connected to PSN for the rating to be available. Don't get me wrong, this game is also unobtainable for me, but there are two morals in this story. First, we have to double check trophy requirements with other trophy sites in case there's a mistake in a list, and second, the game released almost 8 years ago. Activision sucks big time in terms of not announcong publicly the shutdown in advance (p.e. 3-6 months in), just saying "the following list are our legacy games and they are unsupported with limited or no online functionalities blah blah", but 8 years isn't a bad lifespan for a game without online "popularity".
  13. OK, so I just want to tell that I was also affected by this issue, my online stats not being stored. I've been trying to guess what could trigger this issue, because a friend of mine who started the game the same day as me isn't affected. I have never changed my ID either. Anyway, it's been a excruciating task but I managed to get all levels and prime directive. I had to do this by leaving the console on for 3-4 days straight. If one closes the game, or the PSN disconnects, or the PS3 freezes, all is lost and you have to start all over again from 0. This is the worst shit ever, having your online stats stored in a server rather than locally. I won't touch the competitive mode of this game ever again.
  14. @donner_blitz You've been my savior man. I can't thank you enough for the advice and the clue you gave me (I wasn't choosing friendly fire). I just got both lvl 25 and 50 trophies. My method was as follows: I self boosted with 3 PS3s, using my main account and 2 alts. My main hosted the match and I played Objective, map Tesla. My main was resistance (soldier), my alts were axis (soldier). As soon as the match starts, I moved both my alts to the left of the spawning point over a ramp made with a wooden pallet, delimiting the "safe house" area, and I faced both alts to a wall dropping their satchels there. My main crossed the map to the point where my alts are, and there I dropped my satchel, then flamed them, and killed them with the satchel. That operation game me around 1400 gold on average. From here, as the axis spawn point was very close, the time needed to move both alts to the rendezvous point was short. Once the end of the match was close (under one minute) my main account switched sides to axis, so the warmup would start again anfter 25 seconds, and then when in warmup, my main would move back to resistance, starting the match again, keepin the gold. For a 30 minute match, I got around 62000$ every time, so it took me around 5 hours or a bit more to reach lvl 50. And yes, it's quite dangerous because one mistake and everything goes back to lvl 1...
  15. Hi guys, I'm having the same issue with the stats, but my account was made long ago, shortly after the ps3 release, so it's from 2007 or 2008. No matter how many times I try the lvl 50 glitch, the stats flash for an instant and then they go back to 0. I have played a regular level, eraning some money, and once the match ends, I'm back at 0$. I have tried the satchel grind and I'm not getting that much money. The videos show around 500-600$ per kill. I'm getting around 200 or so, even less sometimes. This makes the grind almost impossible to achieve. How can you get that amount of money?
  16. DLCs have no online trophies. All DLCs have the same trophy structure: win one star, unlock more races, unlock the tournament, win the tournament and win all stars. Rinse and repeat. For the online required trophies, just check the guide, it's well documented there. The lifer trophy is the most dangerous one in terms of "countdown to server shutdown" because it rquires to race 1000 miles/1610 km WHILE being a club member, and the club stats are synced online, so note that if you had let's say 300 km in your stats before belonging to a club, you have to reach 1610+300 km on these stats while being online.
  17. Hi, Memesby and me have been trying to get the "supporting act" as stated and neither of us can connect with each other. I tried playing with other players and they could connect to me like a month ago, when I got the 10 online matches. Currently I have a NAT 2 connection, as 99% of the people behind a router. I tried placing the PS3's IP in the DMZ, then opening ports, then using the uPnP option on the router's menu and nothing worked. When I try searching an online game, the search just lasts like half a second and it returns the "no sessions found" message, and I don't receive any game invites from friends. As the last option, I went to my workplace and used the internet connection we have there. I can get a NAT 1 connection because I make the PS3 do the PPPoE authentication, thus getting a public IP directly, no router inbetween. That didn't work. The only thing in common between my home and work connection is the ISP (Telefonica/Movistar, from Spain). The only thing I haven't tried yet is using an internet connection from another ISP. I will move to a new home very soon and get a different ISP. Apart from this, I can't fathom what can be happening, because some people have been getting the supporting trophy act lately... Other games, like Uncharted 2 & 3 back then in summer before the server closure, driveclub, assassin's creed black flag and many more I've been playing these days work well in MP. It's just this game, and I fear DJ Hero 2 will be more of the same...
  18. Hi, I've been having an issue with psn messages for the last couple of days or so. I can receive notifications from the chat groups I'm in, but when I try to access them in PS4, there are no groups, all gone. If I press the PS button when the notification is showing, it switches to the message menu but immediately quits to the main menu. I can see the groups in the phone app, but it doesn't update the messages. I've written some messages but no one can read them. When I turn on the PS3 and I sign in to my account, then I can se all the received messages from all the groups as individual messages to me from each user. I've been doing some searching and this has happened to other people too. One guy said this happens when you leave a group and someone you had a converstation with changes their ID. The messaging system then just doesn't work. One of many threads in the ps community forums: https://community.playstation.com/content/pdc/us/en_US/pdc-communities/support/PlayStation-Network-Support.topic.325.25.html/messages_glitch_no-rTmJ And there are several on reddit too. Considering that one needs good communication for boosting many games, this situation is quite troublesome, to say the least... Has this happened to anyone else here, and if so, did it get fixed or had to do anything to get it fixed? Thanks in advance...