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  1. Yo, I know it’s 2021 and everybody in this post has moved on, but I just got it after more than 24h being trapped in SW Boston’s “Adam Tavern”. I thought I was never going to get it. Anyways, I tried this man’s technique, and extensively. Not quite sure it was just this method but added a little something I wanted to share. I added the line as suggested but on the fence in front of the building across the street making sure the pivot was highlighted all the while. But then added four all the way around the building; kinda boxing it in on top of tents and awnings. Forced synced it, ie, xmb; sign out with triangle; back to pivot info menu; highlighted pivot; triangle to reconnect. And voila it spawned in the Frontier. Thank god. Now it’s in some poor souls game now as it was mine. Kinda sucks. But somebody ruined it for the rest of us. So if this is a community trophy, the last person to play this game will never plat, if I’m interpreting it correctly. If it just so happens to spawn in Boston’s SW “Adams Tavern”.
  2. I’ve just rented a server over the weekend 3 days in a row. Check my trophies!! I have a NA acct, and yes, I’ve had problems renting. The game has taken my wallet $$ and not given me a server. I’ve spent nearly $10 in unreceived server utility. However, I had $5 or so in my wallet just this weekend and randomly checked to see if I could rent one. Fortunately, I didn’t get an error. And I was able to rent one for one day at $1.49. I got greedy and tried for a 7-day-er. I got an error and lost that $7, so far. I haven’t called Sony about it yet but I will do that Monday. I tried to get it back from EA but they told me that’s on Sony’s end bc of the “store”. What I think the prob is, is the games connection to battelog or BF4 PS3 servers or more specifically the “online services”. I’m not quite sure tho. If you’re logged in and played a few games, try to rent one. Every time I’ve owned a server, and tried after being connected to the online services I’ve been able to rent one. Conversely, if I’ve tried to rent one off the hop, I’ve gotten the error. I don’t know the true reason, but I’ve had success with using caution. Spend wallet $$ at your own risk when dealing with BF4 PS3 in-game store front. Hope this helps!
  3. @Sergen @Stardroid @Vergil @Asuna Yuuki @CrimsonMercury @westersburg Thank you guys for the feedback! I bought the game after I read your responses. It was $20 for the Deluxe and I said why not. As for Mein Leben, def a good idea to try it out on the alt. I didn’t think of that at first but I gotta put him to work sometimes. This was def a confidence booster of the sorts and hopefully I can stick in the next couple months. I know it’s going to be hard but then again it’s a vg after all and meant to be played. Thanks again!
  4. Hey, so I was wondering if a cloud save is possible for a Mein Leben run?? I’m really really reluctant to purchase/play Wolf2 bc of this trophy, but I’d like to play all the Wolf games. And the plat would be super nice in my cabinet. Let me know please if it’s possible or not. Thanks!!