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  1. If you are comitted to be a that type of player that plats every game you play, then I suggest to go for a fresh new account that reflects your new style. However, as Rock said, you have some really good and long games completed here.... and your backlog is not really that hard to complete.
  2. It depends on the type of game I suppose. In RPGs, I usually make multiple saves and every 30 minutes or so, no matter the location. You never know when you will encounter a key conversation or a missable trophy. You know, better safe than sorry!
  3. I care more about the games I play than the rarity of their plat. What I don't understand is the people that play those 5 min games just for the Platinum. But again, as someone said, if it's important for you , great , everyone is free
  4. Uf, It sucks that you are having that bad experience... A small update for those interested, I started playing it and I can say that the Game goes better than expected . I followed the advices and switched off the autosaves, improving the loadtimes. The story feels exactly as I remembered, so zero problems there. As for the Gameplay, here is where I find the bigger problem compared to PC. I have one mage and it sucks to be with the whole R2 roulette all the time. Also, it is really difficult to give directions to your party and put them in strategic positions compared to PC, something essential when playing on Nightmare difficulty. However, I am enjoying the game, taking my time with the lore and its atmosphere. Damn, I wish BioWare would return to do masterpieces like this.
  5. Bought this last week. I loved it on my old PC years ago and now Iยดm looking forward to plat this wonderful game!
  6. Jak and Daxter โค๏ธ
  7. I used to like the Blades in Oblivion. After Skyrim, there just a bunch of ***holes with a cool armor. And about that.... Skyrim belongs to the Nords!!!! ! hahaha
  8. First game and platinum of 2020 was Horizon Zero Dawn. Already have the plat in another account, but I did not mind to repeat it. Awesome game and story, now for the 100%! P. S Happy New Year fellow trophy hunters!! Pooh
  9. My thoughts exactly. For me, It's more about playing the games you want more than playing them to have more platinums. If you are committed to those games,and you enjoy them, you wont mind spending months to platinum them, and you will look at your profile proudly, even though you may not have hundreds of plats
  10. A story following Vesemir's path including the creation on Kaer Morhen would be amazing too. The good thing is that the lore is so vast that they can give us many good stories
  11. I've got the plat in another account. It's is a bit long, but it did not feel tedious at all. My suggestion is go for it
  12. I saw yesterday that both the Polish studio and the author of the Witcher saga have reached a new cooperation agreement, after several months of dispute due to the money compensation issues. This obviously lead us think that we will have more Witcher in the future ๐Ÿคฉ What would you like to see there? I would personally love a Ciri spinoff series.
  13. One of the best games of the generation IMO, and a trophy list that does not feel like a pain too, in case you change your plan and decide to go for the plat. Glad that you enjoy it and maybe the Netflix series will attract even more people into this gem.
  14. Thank you guys for your responses. I just had the "official" mod of having the dog as extra companion, which I assume it won't be in ps3 version. Anyway, I may give it a try and add this wonderful game to my list before starting Inquisition.
  15. The first thing I want to say is that I love this game, I play it for years on PC, getting all achievements just for fun. The second part was kind of..... Well... OK, and I want it to get the third game for the ps4, now that GOTY version is on sale. However, I was thinking about platting this game on my PS3, but I am afraid that experience cannot be that good (change of controls from keyboard to the ps3 controller). For those who have played it on consoles: how does the game feel? I mean, are controls ok or the change can ruin the experience? Thanks!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š