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  1. Welcome Phil! Love your avatar (I was a huge fan of My name is Earl back in the day) Happy Hunting and see you in the forums!
  2. Thanks Volfy! Lucky you.... 3 days of work left before I start my holidays 😭 I hope you have a great time with your brand new completitionist account! 💪 I haven´t regret the decision and I am sure you won´t either
  3. So, I was finishing my last contracts in order to get "Geralt:The professional" trophy and once I got it I realize that I have one trophy from the contracts missing. Searching a little bit, the one that I did not get is the one from the "In the Heart of the Woods" quest. The ones that have done this quest know that there is a way of finishing it without actually killing the beast, although the quest appears as completed. My question is, due to the fact that I did not actually killed the beast, is it possible that the trophy did not unlock beacuse of the choice I made in the quest, or is it just a bug? 😑 P.S I will have to use one save that I got being in Novigrad to try to get that trophy again.......🙄 Hope this post helps someone else in the future and not having to replay it as I will have to. EDITED: Nevermind, I just saw that If you do it the "peaceful" way, you miss out the trophy....
  4. Welcome to the site from another newcomer
  5. Mine was Fallout 3 Plat last year one week after my birthday. Bittersweet sensation on this one. It was the 1st plat from this account and I loved the game in general. However, I was reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally sick of the bugs... 🙄
  6. Tell me about it... When I was young, I remember saving money for like 5-6 months to buy Kingdom Hearts II 😵 Same with other PS2 games... The PoohBear come from two factors really: First, my mother used to call me that when I was a child. and Second and foremost, I felt more attached to the silly old bear when I read the "Tao of Pooh", about the philosophy hidden in Winnie-the-Pooh and how I can relate with most things that appear in the book. Both ideas combined pretty much creates the PoohBearQuixote that I have as nickname, although I am not quite sure about the name - A little bit long and all that- but I think it fits just right Thank you for asking by the way, and see you in the forums! 😁
  7. Well, the Quixote part comes from the famous Spanish novel called "Don Quijote de la Mancha", written by Miguel de Cervantes, huge recommendation if you are into reading. By using the name Quixote (the name in the English version) I wanted to reflect both my origin as Spaniard and my love for all the medieval world, one of the pilars of many RPG games - one of my favourite game genres-. I hope that I answered your question Oh, bother! 😭 I guess that your welcoming will be enough
  8. I usually go to Spanish websites like 3djuegos or hobbyconsolas, but my English sources are usually IGN or Reddit posts. And yea, I find most of their news and analysis biased and somehow unreliable, but sometimes you can find some gold... or having a good time by reading comment section on those pages.
  9. There has been several stages in my life, as some of you probably. When I was younger, I was more into play as much games as possible, try different games or genres usually "following the hype". That was durig the whole PS2 era and some part of PS3 too. Then, I started to realize how rewarding was to me completing the games, so I started to complete them. After some time, it was time to create a new account that reflected this new "me" - the new Completitionist Pooh.🐻 Nowadays,I like to maximize the games I play. For that reason, I am sort of selective when it comes to choosing the games I play on my profile. I do not care if the trophies are hard or not, if I see a game that I am going to enjoy, I go for it.
  10. Thank you all for your welcoming! 😁 I know, but that was the main point for creating this account, watching all those perfect profiles guys like you have motivated me for being a completitionist Thanks man! I prefer quality over quantity, that is why I am a little bit picky about the games I play and have in my profile
  11. I thank you all for the ideas. I am collecting them on a document... it seems that my gaming time will be occupied for a little while 😅 Taking a look to the trophy list it seems that the worst thing would be grindin all the way to max level in multiplayer... but that is doable.... thanks again! 😁
  12. Last already have it, and the painful time boosting the trophies online is one of the reasons that I do not want more games with online trophies... same as with the Red Dead ones Mass Effect is another that I had in mind. Thanks for the recommendations! I had in mind continuing with the Dishonored saga too, I personally loved the first one. I take note of the rest, and regarding RD2, are the online trophies easier than in the first one? I wouldn´t like to boost them with people and so on. If so, yea, the game is a must have. Thanks for the recommendations too
  13. Hi everyone! I don´t know if someone already asked this, but I woud like to ask you for good RPG/solo Games for PS3 and PS4 that do not require online for platinums that you enjoyed and recommend. I bought my PS4 recently and I am having a great time with "The Witcher", which will have me occupied for a long time, but here are some ideas I have: - Kingdom Come: Royal Edition - Fallout 4 ( Huge fan of fallout series since FO2 ( god, I´m old)) - Horizon Zero Dawn - Bioshock trilogy ( available for 8.99 € right now on PSN) - Dark Souls games More recommendations please? 🙏 Thank you all for the kind responses, you guys are amazing! I have decided to compile them here in case someone sees the post and wants some recommendations as well. Happy gaming!😉 Metro series Last of Us Mass effect series Uncharted series Dishonoured series Prey Marvel's Spider-Man Assassin's Creed Odyssey Sleeping Dogs L.A Noire Detroit Become Human God Of War Shadow Of The Colossus (Remake) The Last Guardian Yakuza series Mad Max Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy Spyro Reignited Trilogy Shenmue I&II Ni No Kuni II LEGO game series Batman: Arkham Knight inFamous series Bloodborne Nioh Yakuza series Monster Hunter World (has online trophies but they’re super easy) Dead Cells Salt and Sanctuary Stardew Valley Final Fantasy X/X-2 XII XIII XV Uncharted Series Mass Effect Series X-Men Origins Wolverine Resident Evil Origins Resident Evil 2 Odin Sphere Leifthrasir South Park The Stick of Truth South Park The Fractured But Whole The Bureau XCOM Declassified Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor (Minor online trophies if I remember correctly) Middle Earth Shadow of War (Minor online trophies) The Last of Us The Tales Of series Kingdom Hearts series Persona 5 Resonance Of Fate Grasshopper/Suda51 games Drakengard 3 Dark Cloud 1 & 2 Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits Okage: Shadow King Rogue Galaxy Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Wild Arms 3
  14. PSN ID: PoohBearQuixote I am looking to add new friends since I bought my PS4 recently. I tend to play solo games, specially RPGs, since I dont´t usually have time to play online in a regular way. Feel free to add saying that you come from this page
  15. Hello to all fellow trophy hunters! I have been around this page for 2-3 years now, and after seeing such perfect trophy profiles I decided to start from scratch and create a new account and become one more You can call me Pooh and I love good RPG stories and that is basically what I am playing in this account, now that I finally bought a PS4. See you in the topics!