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  1. Strange, for me it just says "Error: This user was merged due to a name change." I'll just keep waiting. Thanks for the help.
  2. My new username is rosegoldpetals and my old one, which it is still showing and is the only one that will "update" is roseskiies
  3. That was after. Previously, I'd had no issues with psn name changes and never had to earn a new trophy before searching names. Now when I search names it only says my old one has a psn account and states that my new one was merged and shows nothing
  4. I made a post about this previously. Essentially, any username change I've made in the past hasn't had this issue but after this most recent one I'm unable to login. Attempting the merging thing, where you type your old and new usernames into the update box, resulted in only my old username sticking around and any new username change displaying the "user was merged" message. I cannot make a new account with, login with, or view my account with my new PSN ID. It has been way over 24 hours since this has happened.
  5. Sorry, I should have mentioned, but it has been over a day. Keeps saying it was merged due to name change even though it is the new name
  6. Hello all! I've changed my PSN name a few times now and have never had an issue, so I know how this is supposed to work. This last time I've changed my username, however, nothing will work. Logging into my old name doesn't link it, just shows my old name and no trophies. I'm also unable to recreate my account with the new name. It will detect that I've put the code in my about me, but actually creating an account results in a "404 error." I've also tried again after earning a couple trophies and it still isn't working. Any known fixes for this? If needed, my old PSN was roseskiies and my new one is rosegoldskies
  7. Hi all! My boyfriend and I are trying to plat Portal Knights and we're struggling to get the Fluffy's Armor to drop. That and the event quest are the only trophies we have left. If anyone has the armor and would be willing to let us pop into your world, put it on, and eat a carrot, I'd really appreciate it!(: Or if you have recipes for the parts we can gather the mats and have you craft it for us. My PSN is roseskiies