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  2. Mortal Kombat (Komplete)
  3. 7/10 I love gif images. I think yours would be better if you could upload a resized version that was a bit bigger. The dimensions of the picture seem stretched.
  4. Jamaican Airlines that
  5. Honestly it's a scummy tactic. First of all we already invest the standard $60+ just to buy their game. So that's already a big investment up front. If it's a F2P game then they're ALWAYS trying to entice you to spend money to get the latest skin, perk or weapon. No matter what they try to call these gambling mechanics that they shoved into our video games recently they are TERRIBLE and they should be removed. People are becoming addicted to it and it has become a big problem. Corporate greed is all this is, the unquenchable thirst for more money from companies that already have billions of dollars. They don't care about the well-being for their consumers. Take action and don't support this kind of behavior.
  6. Honestly it depends on the game. If it seems like the type of series that I really enjoy then I'd like to have it still wrapped. I'd play the digital ver. Limited copies mean they will only go up in value and they look super nice as collector's items. If I REALLY care about having both pleasures then at times I invest in two copies (one for playing and the other for showcase)