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  1. Yes. They're pretty well known on here, too
  2. This is my thoughts. Some are pretty cool ideas and fun. Sometimes easier more laid back things are good to mix in with things. However, in terms of the trophy system, the whole quick/cheap plat business completely taints any kind of leaderboards, in fairness. Comparing a 15 second platinum to a 250 hour platinum is, well, incomparable
  3. You judge ratas by their trophies.
  4. Maybe it was meant to not be perfect regarding the graugs? Seeing as they're an untamed animal?
  5. Anytime i see one of these posts or question, my mind always goes to Raid: ww2. First impression was that it was poor ps3 graphics at best, on a ps4. Had poor animation and AI. But it was also boring lifeless and glitchy
  6. I have it if you want lol
  7. Two questions about the stats on here for games and profiles if anyone knows - what time period is it for 'recent players' on a game; and for 'trophies per day', if that from your first trophy or psn account creation?

    1. visighost


      Recent players = 1 week

      Trophies per day = Since 1st trophy


      They seem to be updated fairly regularly, unlike the completion percentages, which follow murky metrics.

  8. Mad max 100%


    ... Jumbo jollifications! 

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. StewartBros


      Well done!  Got the plat myself about a month ago - it's a great feeling! :)

  9. So silly sometimes
  10. Starting Killzone Mercenaries on the vita soon. I am looking for people who could help me with the multiplayer trophies for it. If anybody knows anyone then it'd be appreciated. 

    1. HusKy


      Probably best to make a session here:

    2. GeorgieBeast


      I'll create a session when i have reactivated my vita to my account from my son's, then installed it, then loaded it up. With no players currently. But yes. In time. 

  11. Hey i am about to start this game on vita i would appreciate any help. I see that some trophies need human team mates, would be great to get people together for it!
  12. Cat Quest done. Well, I have a few tips if anybody is about to start this. I'm not sure why I decide not to check guides 🤣


    "Le platinum" #65 done. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Congrats. Gonna play Cat Quest II?

    2. GeorgieBeast


      @MidnightDragon I highly doubt it ha ha. Started and completed number 1 in the same day, not sure I want more for now

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  13. Finally plat Control after getting a bit frustrated with it. Got there in the end! Anyone need any tips or anything, then all welcome

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    2. xPhrance
    3. Mina


      Well done ol’ chap! :highfive:

    4. GeorgieBeast


      @Emina haha old chap. Who do you think you are, eh? 😜

  14. As far as I've seen, on the "games list" on psn, it shows the last game/s someone has played in order. Different from the "trophy list" tab where you see the games listed in the order trophies were last obtained (or synched at least)