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  1. So silly sometimes
  2. Starting Killzone Mercenaries on the vita soon. I am looking for people who could help me with the multiplayer trophies for it. If anybody knows anyone then it'd be appreciated. 

    1. HusKy


      Probably best to make a session here:

    2. GeorgieBeast


      I'll create a session when i have reactivated my vita to my account from my son's, then installed it, then loaded it up. With no players currently. But yes. In time. 

  3. Hey i am about to start this game on vita i would appreciate any help. I see that some trophies need human team mates, would be great to get people together for it!
  4. Cat Quest done. Well, I have a few tips if anybody is about to start this. I'm not sure why I decide not to check guides 🤣


    "Le platinum" #65 done. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Congrats. Gonna play Cat Quest II?

    2. GeorgieBeast


      @MidnightDragon I highly doubt it ha ha. Started and completed number 1 in the same day, not sure I want more for now

    3. ihadalifeb4this
  5. Finally plat Control after getting a bit frustrated with it. Got there in the end! Anyone need any tips or anything, then all welcome

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    2. xPhrance



    3. Emina


      Well done ol’ chap! :highfive:

    4. GeorgieBeast


      @Emina haha old chap. Who do you think you are, eh? 😜

  6. As far as I've seen, on the "games list" on psn, it shows the last game/s someone has played in order. Different from the "trophy list" tab where you see the games listed in the order trophies were last obtained (or synched at least)