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  1. Event will start in 5 minute as of this post, wonder how many trophies we will get in the first hour . Event has now started All trophies earned during now and 9 Januari (23:59:59 UTC) will count towards your score. Have fun and… may the best win. Neko.O
  2. Bench Teams All remaining members from the "Looking for Team" list have been randomly assigned teams between each other, the current bench teams are: Bench Team 1 - @fenris-lima - @bloodjoy1 - @Drizzora- - @Martz4040 - @OrdinaryLegoDude Representative: @fenris-lima Bench Team 2 - @CookiestMonsterr - @Walt the Dog - @Together_Comic - @Riiszk - @suistar7 Representative: @CookiestMonsterr Bench Team 3 - @Panasbananas - @Glorious Fury - @xEl_Cidx - @Xensid02 - @TrophiesAreCool Representative: @Panasbananas Proof of super randomness: Everyone on this list has 6h left to change team names / swap places, etc. Once the event start teams are locked and can't be changed, check the OP for a countdown and time-zone converter link if you're not sure when the start date is. Event starts in 6h30min as of this post. Neko.O
  3. Added you to the list. Team Crash & Burn has been added to the teams list, good to see you pokewixx . @MexicanZenith we have an an automated tracking system that will update every ~6 hours, you can use Event Server (invite link) to get live updates and I will also periodically post the scores in this thread. Rarity values are calculated on time of scan. Once they are scanned for a particular user they won't change. If there are any more questions, please ask. Neko.O
  4. New Prize Incoming !! Since this event is starting soon, the people over at SNG decided to give $50 in psn cards (5 x $10) to the winning team, meaning that everyone in the winning team will now get a $10 psn code. Special thanks to Sleepless Nights Gaming (server link), for the prizes~ . If you haven't heard of them, they are a a gaming and trophy hunting community. So, like, you should, to-ta-lly check them out or something. Neko.O
  5. Added you to the list! Both added, team We tried (i swear we tried) is now complete. Your team Ephemera's 5s has been added as well. There are currently no more blank spots in any teams . --- 24h left to sign up Let me quickly explain the process of how we will fill in the remaining people: 1. People from the "looking for team" list will be assigned to the blank spots (???) of remaining teams. 2. After that they will be randomly assigned teams between each other. 3. This will work on a first come, first serve base meaning it's not guaranteed you will have a team if you are on the lower spot of the list (eg. let's say we have 18 people, the last 3 is on their own to find 2 people If you have any remaining questions just ask =D. Neko.O
  6. Put you on the list, fenris. Team The Loot Bros has found its fifth member and is now complete . Lastly gunner's team (contacted trough discord) Anorak's Almanac has been added to the teams list. For those looking for a team, there are at the moment two teams who are still looking for members. Or you can always reach out to other people on the "Looking for Team" list. Neko.O
  7. The Loot Bros have been added, I shall be awaiting your fifth member =D. Neko.O
  8. Moved them to We tried (i swear we tried). P.S. Can I take it you are the team rep then? Thank you, it is, quite, indeed. Added you to the list . Are you new to the forums? Added you to the "Looking for Team" list. --- Hi, I just had to take some time to check up on you team name. Baker clarified to me it is a South Park reference so all is fine. Team Heroin Heroes has been added. --- Apologies, that was indeed a mistake . You've been restored to your respected spot on the list. Neko.O
  9. I've placed you the the "Looking for Team list", if kindajustin added you to their team update me and I'll change it accordingly. You are in Sexual Chocolates now, is that right? Added you to their team. New to the forums or new to the events? Either way you've came to the right place, added to the list. You've been added. King Boost represents?!!!! Added to the teams list. --- Other teams that have been added are Team Weeb, Plats before hoes, Sleepless Knights (SNG team 1), and Sexual Chocolates (SNG team 2). Neko.O
  10. Hi everyone As this event is gearing up, so have the amount of participants. With 25+ teams and counting on the list, it has become quite the task to make sure everything runs smoothly and is handled well. That's why as Event Managers were are very grateful to announce @Yuna as part of our team and assistance. She volunteered to help out and will assist with all your questions, here, and on the Event Server. Thanks for having her, and happy participating ^^ Neko.O
  11. Added and added to the list. Team has been added, pleas keep me updated on naming / members . Team Gamers for God is now complete, congrats and happy participating!! --- Also added team Plat in the Hat to the list, and moved @Raycut to Team Fartus which makes for another complete team. Neko.O
  12. Congrats on the full team, Respectable Nonchalant Gamers has been added to the list ^^ P.S. If you are looking for a team to join @stift1000 than Team Fartus only needs one more member. All five have been added to PwB Mod Squad, also I saw your comment, so the cowbear part is not fully programmed yet but will be done once the event starts. --- Some other changes as @destro-gamer463 has been added to Team Fartus. And I moved @scemopagliaccioh to The Alabama Trophy Wives. Thank you for participating =D. Neko.O
  13. Glad to see you returning, added. Neko.O
  14. The bar has been raised, added to the teams list . That works for me, you two have been added to your team. Neko.O
  15. I saw this is the last day to join and I'd like to give this a try if possible, please sign me up. Neko.O