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  1. Hi everyone As this event is gearing up, so have the amount of participants. With 25+ teams and counting on the list, it has become quite the task to make sure everything runs smoothly and is handled well. That's why as Event Managers were are very grateful to announce @Yuna as part of our team and assistance. She volunteered to help out and will assist with all your questions, here, and on the Event Server. Thanks for having her, and happy participating ^^ Neko.O
  2. Added and added to the list. Team has been added, pleas keep me updated on naming / members . Team Gamers for God is now complete, congrats and happy participating!! --- Also added team Plat in the Hat to the list, and moved @Raycut to Team Fartus which makes for another complete team. Neko.O
  3. Congrats on the full team, Respectable Nonchalant Gamers has been added to the list ^^ P.S. If you are looking for a team to join @stift1000 than Team Fartus only needs one more member. All five have been added to PwB Mod Squad, also I saw your comment, so the cowbear part is not fully programmed yet but will be done once the event starts. --- Some other changes as @destro-gamer463 has been added to Team Fartus. And I moved @scemopagliaccioh to The Alabama Trophy Wives. Thank you for participating =D. Neko.O
  4. Glad to see you returning, added. Neko.O
  5. The bar has been raised, added to the teams list . That works for me, you two have been added to your team. Neko.O
  6. I saw this is the last day to join and I'd like to give this a try if possible, please sign me up. Neko.O
  7. Hi Minato, I have moved you to the team rep spot of Team Fartus. With that said I really have only one thing to say which is: --- All jokes aside I'm glad to say we now have a total of #20 teams, please also welcome our latest team Ketchup on feet enjoyers to the event, enjoy your stay ^^ Neko.O
  8. It was pretty fun last time around, added you to the list. Added, thanks for joining. Now we have both an Asuna and a Kirito on the bench, added! Neko.O
  9. New Prize Incoming !! I've just been notified of a generous donation to stir up some competition: - one member of the winning team will receive a £10 PSN card or regional equivalent. Courtesy of @SzzPS I will add this to the OP under the prizes . --- Two more teams that contacted me on discord have also been added to the list, welcome Frozen Froghurts,and Generic Title, happy participating. =D Neko.O
  10. Added you to the list. Warm Bodies, now that's a name for a team… Hi, I added you to the team you submitted to me on discord. Please update me once you find the other members. Neko.O
  11. Sorry for the late reply, you have been added! As for your question: Basically what @VigilantCrow said. Score tracking is going to be automated. The only thing you need to do is update you (and your teams) trophy pages on PSNP so we can take that data. The tracking involves the Cowbear bot and has been proven reliable during several events. At the end the Event Managers will do some manual checks as well to make sure everything has been inputted correctly. But feel free to post your latest trophies in the thread too if you want to be absolutely sure we won't look over it . (Or want to flex on others, the choice is yours ) Neko.O
  12. You have been added to the list. I added that one as your PSN, thanks for pointing that out (I wouldn't have realized otherwise ) Neko.O
  13. Added. Thanks for participating again this year ^^ Done and done. Glad having the THL represent this year as well, added team THL All-stars to the list. All of you have been added, thanks for joining Frostbitten Five. I like the naming you went for there ☃️ I've also added The Alabama Trophy Wives, Reina expects a win, and Puzzle Puppet Masters to the list of teams . Laslty…, I have evidence that proves these claims and @Beyondthegrave07 is actually a Giraffe in disguise 🦒. Neko.O
  14. I've added Team Chaos: Here to Lose to the list as well as Manmeat Destruction Force. There have now been formed more than ten teams already . Neko.O
  15. All of you have been added to the "Looking for Team" list. The team of @SzzPS has found it's fifth member and is now complete, have you decided on a name yet? Neko.O