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  1. Yes we certainly have some new record numbers thanks to all the participants . Also can't wait to do some Event!Research on the data @Froopy the Pogfish. But there was still a timeframe of 2h30min you could have used for trophies and games . Your decision was probably the more responsible though… I'm feeling dead tired. I must say I had a similar plan but felt asleep in the first 4 hours. Oh well at least I can play my vita while eating, moving around the house, and things like that. Because if you don't then all those small breaks add up to a big time-you-aren't-earning-trophies gap. Whew, that was quite the day. Time for sleep now, nighties everyone (so sleepy) . Neko.O
  2. Current event Score & Standings (part 3) Top: Stats: I apologize that I posted these a bit later, somehow thought the event ended earlier. Time zones can be confusing . Either way, absolutely astonishing amounts of trophies. It's likely we'll break a new record, 5000 total trophies is in reach!! Neko.O
  3. Current event Score & Standings (part 2) Top: Stats: Halfway trough the event… Here are the latest score and standings, next update will take place in ~5hours. You are all doing an amazing job so far . Neko.O
  4. Current event Score & Standings Top: Stats: As this event progresses, I will be posting the current standings here from time to time, next update will occur in ~5 hours. Nice to see so many participants already . Neko.O
  5. I added the post with badges to the OP, so you don't have to have a hard time searching for them in the thread (thanks for pointing that out @Boomer-kun ). There will also be a special surprise to be announced, you'll hear more about that very Soon™️. Neko.O
  6. I… why is this a thing? Have to agree with @ladynadiad though, need more cat pictures in this thread. So CUUUUUUUUUUTE (=^・ω・^=) nyaaa~ Neko.O
  7. --- How to add Badges to Signature in 5 Simple Steps: a guide for boomers and the digitally challenged. (with pictures) Step 1: click the menu at the upper right corner and select =>> Account Settings. Step 2: in your account settings select the tab =>> Signature. Step 3: go to the event thread, right click your badge and select =>> copy image address. Step 4: paste the link you just copied in your signature field. Step 5: the link will automatically embed as an image =>> press Save. And that's it, enjoy your fancy new badge in your signature . @GonzoArmstrong go check this out Boomer-kun. Neko.O
  8. Thankyousomuch @nyanchovy, now there's no reason for the ill-intended people to… burn down my house . Neko.O
  9. Score Highlights Top 5 Total Points: these members have the highest amount of points (TP + RP). 1: IzTriicky__ ➜ 163,666 2: BigImty ➜ 147,360 3: midgetstrawdog ➜ 114,194 4: JimboUrbanian ➜ 86,724 5: Nurse_Feel_Good ➜ 84,099 Some of them have scores being higher than the average team . Top 5 Rarity Points: these members have the highest amount of RP. 1: zajac9999 ➜ 64,133 2: DamagingRob ➜ 51,200 3: jermthejerm ➜ 46,947 4: Stand_User3 ➜ 45,120 5: Hisuiryu666 ➜ 42,336 You can be very proud of those scores!! Now go dab on all the ratas. Top 5 Games: these members have played the most games. 1: midgetstrawdog ➜ 128 1: IzTriicky__ ➜ 128 3: BigImty ➜ 110 4: BUYTHUMPER ➜ 82 5: AffectatiousDonk ➜ 79 There's a shared first place here, coincidence?! Top 5 Trophies: these members have earned the most trophies. 1: IzTriicky__ ➜ 2,475 1: BigImty ➜ 2,390 3: midgetstrawdog ➜ 1,997 4: shadowhood1111 ➜ 1,288 5: MMDE ➜ 1,282 Absolutely totally insane amounts, drowning, DROWNING in trophies. The most Popular Game was Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout with 42 players. The First Trophy was earned by jem12345 exactly 40 seconds after the start. The Rarest Trophy was earned by VigilantCrow with a rarity of only 0.06%. A big shoutout to those people for the impressive results , but eh none of that really matters amiright. Time to move on to our main subject which is BADGES!!!!!!!!!!! Badges Info Types of Badges There will be a total of FIVE different badges. - Participation Badge: everyone who signed up for the event, and didn’t break the rules gets this one. - Top 3 Placement Badges: 1st Gold Badge / 2nd Silver Badge / 3rd Bronze Badge. for each member whose team scored in the top 3. - Rarity Badge: a very special, one-of-a-kind badge. for the member who had the highest score after subtracting their trophy points from their rarity points (RP - TP)*. Some members may even get multiple badges . "OK that's all nice and all but WHERE ARE THE BADGES?!?" Before anyone comes marching my house with torches and pitchforks, the next post will be the long awaited badges post you all eagerly are looking forward to. The super awesome, super talented Kristy couldn't make the badges but an equally awesome, equal super talented person made them in their place. (and oh gosh, they look stunning ). That person is however asleep at the moment, and frankly I should be too, but she will make the post as soon as she wakes up. With that said goodnight, see y'all tomorrow~~ it will be raining badges Soon™️ *I just want to quickly explain why the Rarity Badge is chosen this way. The formula RP - TP ensures that the person has played mostly rare games, while also not succumbing to easier trophies alongside the road. Think of it like a combination of score + ratio. You want to maintain a high RP up while also keeping your TP as low as possible. The Rarity Badge is also brought into existence because for those who, and rightfully, complained that easy games have an unfair advantage in these types of events and rarer trophies aren’t awarded accordingly. With this special award I hope to satisfy these complains, or at least some of them. Neko.O
  10. I should get more sleep, fixed it. Neko.O
  11. Part three – Team Cards I've made some fancy cards for each team, these includes: 2D Donut trophies by type, 2D Donut points by type (TP + RP), 2D Donut trophies by rarity, 2D Stacked Bar score by member. - Trophy Tea Time has the highest amount of games, a whopping 233 played . Also the only team to break the 200 games barrier. - The highest points / day ratio goes to Trophy Tea Time as well with 11,070 points for each day. - The team with the highest RP Ratio is Oil and Water Nuclear Personalities with a ratio of 3.45. That means for for each TP they earned, they earned 3 and a half times the RP in return. - Boostmasters has the most balanced RP ratio with 0.91. For each TP they earned roughly the same amount of RP. - As for average rarity, team Cuties and Stardroid has a crazy low average of only 26.64%. There is a ton of more interesting data available in the spreadsheet if you want to take a look . [Direct Link] The images posted might look small on the forums but they are from very high quality. Right click the image and select --> open in new tab to see the full res ✨✨. More info about final standings etc will be posted soon™️ (or you can take an early a peek in the spreadsheet ). Exciting things ahead~ Neko.O
  12. Part two – Team Statistics Includes: 2D Stacked Column team score by TP + RP. Neko.O
  13. Two weeks have passed which means all age flags are now expired, which means… Time for an UPDATE!!!! - The _fancy spreadsheet_ along with all other files from the event can be found here. (Original format is in .numbers but .cvs files are includes as well for compatibility with other apps) (If you open the "Summer Tag Team 2020 — spreadsheet.numbers" file for the first time it can up to a whole day for it to process and index all entries, this is normal.) - Fancy Graphs time . With the trophy data complete (all age flags expired) we can take a look at some interesting statistics. I'll be posting 3 parts in the coming hour. Part one – Event Statistics Includes: 2D Donut trophies by type, 2D Donut points by trophy type, 2D Donut trophies by rarity, 2D Line daily activity, 2D Column trophies by time, 2D column trophies by day. Neko.O
  14. Event Bot will be performing a full scan in ~3h from now, so you still have time to unhide it and sync . (and re-hide it again afterwards ) Also that's the spirit! Someone *ahem @Luka *ahem will be hosting a Rarity Event around June so I'm curious to what that will bring. There's always community stuff happens here during the December months ( @jemmie ), and I like to see the different types of score tracking for events. Thanks for the kind words, there are so many people who have helped realize it and I definitely couldn’t have done it without them After the full scan the fancy graphs will be posted (Soon™️) Neko.O