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  1. Let's now start with a few of my suggestions/site feedback:

    1.  Reputation. I understand that the owner of this site wants to set a limit to the numbers of upvotes a member can give to another member, but 10 a day feels like a criminally low amount :dunno:. Or maybe there is some way to send more and is the limit only in place for new members?


    2.  Rank editing. I can't seem to edit my rank? Does anyone know what to do in order to unlock rank editing?? Slightly annoying that I am able to edit nearly everything of my profile except my rank. Guess I'm just doomed to stay a Newbie for all eternity  tongue.png.


    3. Locking of statuses. Well I know that this is possible since I encountered a few locked status updates myself, I just seem not be able to find the option? There seems only to be a "delete" option ;/ (or maybe it is because I'm just too new around here to have the function unlocked)


    An overdue welcome to you!


    1. Premium Members get 25 reputation points to spend every 24 hours. Consider it motivation to become a premium member. 

    2. The ability to edit rank comes with a combination of time and a certain number of posts. I think it’s 50 posts, but don’t quote me on that. 

    3. I thought all people could lock their own statuses, but that might also come after you have a certain number of posts. If you’d like a status locked and find you are unable, message a moderator and we can lock it for you. 

  2. A come back cat fellow or new? Nevermind will take your nice befriendship meow and welcome!

    1. Fuwafuwa-no-Neko


      You will always be my number one cat fellow, Shirokane84 ^^



    2. Fuwafuwa-no-Neko


      Bildergebnis für cute anime kitsune

      Wish you a nice Monday cat fellow!



    3. Chirithy



  3. Neko.O