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  1. FuwafuwaNeko's Status Update Diary

    Day 4 — Jul 4, 2019

    Week 1 progress ✦✦✦✦✧


    # Happy Fourth of July


    This is for all the Americans out there :P 🇺🇸

    And also for you @ee28max since it seems that you joined PSNP on the same date :).


    Welcome once again everyone~~


    Today I made new friends and was visited by many new and amazing people. PSNP truly is an amazing community…


    Although that doesn't mean it's perfect! tongue.png Now that I'm becoming more familiar with the site I've encountered a few things that have been mildlyinfuriating me — but more about that later.




    @Silently Thanks for the friend request and the welcome.


    @MidnightDragon Thanks for the follow, I see you only need five more plats to reach 50 :platinum: . Do you already have a game in mind you want to use for the milestone?


    @Jelloycat Thanks for the follow as well, and yes cats are the best!!


    @Honor_Hand Hey thanks for the follow, I don't think I have seen you around yet. Though you joined the site a long time ago, it's nice to see you start being active in the community. Looking forward to meeting you :) .




    @PooPooBlast Daaang. You're full of personality and energy it'll be hard for me to keep up.

    > Anyways thanks for the shoutout and reading my thread 


    > I posted quite a few there but here's one for Yakuza 0!


    Hhhhh, no worries. I'll take it slowly, one status update at a time ;) 

    That gif reminds me, I need to play the Yakuza games someday. The cover art of those games is amazing and it looks like a great franchise!


    @Condemned09 Thanks for the upvote Wolfy 🐺 and hope you have a wonderful Thursday as well  :) 2764.png.


    @ChristIllusion12 @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko I didn't know so many people were invested in my progress on Max Payne 3 but thanks for the praise, I'll make sure you're the first person to know about it when I eventually beat it  lots of love ^_^, Anti social bastard ;)

    Keep it up you're almost there (or do you? :awesome: )


    @LucianaRosethorn Welcome to PSNP! What type of games do you enjoy? ^_^

    Thanks for the welcome! I like racing games like WipEout and NFS, franchises Ratchet & Clank and Sonic the Hedgehog, but my favourite game was hands-down Welcome Park for the vita =D


    > @Chocolate GiddyUp What games do you like to play? I think your trophy profile is set to private.

    Unfortunately I sold my consoles so there's no way to unhide my trophies  sad.png. But hey, you never know! Maybe I win a PS4 from @SnipeBear_'s giveaway :awesome: :awesome: 


    @ShonenCat As will I! Oniichan won't let you down ^o^

    I'm sure you'd make an excellent sibling, thanks Brandon. (and sometimes you just need someone to hug) giphy.gif


    @Triicky913@ntommy123, @Asvinia Hey there welcome to my profile, don't be afraid to say hi wave.png.


    @AlcoholicDinosaw Thanks for the upvote. I'm glad that I found someone who, just as me, finds Welcome Park a masterpiece of a game*. ^^


    @WhiteDragonAura Oh, there's no one cuter than you, little Neko.  I consider myself a gentleman so should you ever need help with anything don't be afraid to reach out a paw. :)

    Thank you for those kind and heart-warming words my friend. And with your new avy, you now also look like a true gentleman biggrin.png. And I see that you've also updated your "About Me"? When I have some more time, maybe I can start writing an about me as well.




    Let's now start with a few of my suggestions/site feedback:

    1.  Reputation. I understand that the owner of this site wants to set a limit to the numbers of upvotes a member can give to another member, but 10 a day feels like a criminally low amount :dunno:. Or maybe there is some way to send more and is the limit only in place for new members?


    2.  Rank editing. I can't seem to edit my rank? Does anyone know what to do in order to unlock rank editing?? Slightly annoying that I am able to edit nearly everything of my profile except my rank. Guess I'm just doomed to stay a Newbie for all eternity  tongue.png.


    3. Locking of statuses. Well I know that this is possible since I encountered a few locked status updates myself, I just seem not be able to find the option? There seems only to be a "delete" option ;/ (or maybe it is because I'm just too new around here to have the function unlocked)


    Welp, if I find more annoyances I will definitely state them in another status update. After all, feedback is alway welcome amiright :P.


    In the meantime, this lazy cat still hasn't gotten around in updating a profile picture/cover photo. But I'm planning to do that in the weekend =D



    - set a Profile Photo

    - set a Cover Photo

    - make lots of friends ^^



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    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Glad to see you're getting accommodated here and have already made lots of new friends. :)  Heh oh yeah, usually I don't even bother filling out profile pages, but the community here on PSNP is so awesome, I figured why not?  I look forward to seeing what you do with yours!  I'm sure it'll be 100x better than my just-the-facts profile page. 😁  


      (PS - I see you're a cat of culture.  Ratchet & Clank AND Sonic the Hedgehog as favorites?  I tip my hat to you!)

    3. ee28max


      Aw, thank you so much. You have earned another follower. :) 

    4. Silently


      Hey I don't mind addin u.. u sounds cool and friendly person sure why not my friend.. ^_^v