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  1. FuwafuwaNeko's Status Update Diary

    Day 8 — Jul 8, 2019

    Week 2 progress ✦✧✧✧✧


    # A new day, a new profile picture!

    Meow meow everyone~~


    How's everyone doing? I originally planned to use the weekend to refill on upvotes but it seems like I'm still a day behind so sorry if I couldn't upvote you (but no worries here is a cute cat picture instead).




    @Yuna4353 Thanks for the follow, you seem to be a relaxed trophy hunter. Trophies come when they come, but no need to rush them ;).


    @ahmedelebiary I am really enjoying those updates, I like your style sir. Welcome to the site :) 

    Thank you for the welcome, and enjoying my status updates. Also congrats on your #121 :platinum: 


    @ruffedgz giphy.gif




    > @WhiteDragonAura Nah, if your About Me is anything like your status updates, I'm sure you'll be able to put together a great page.  Also great to hear you've already made yourself a ton of new friends.  Thanks for the Sonic tune!  Chemical Plant Zone is one of my favorites. 

    I know right, Sonic is just amazing ! With that said you should give Sonic Mania some more love. Maybe pick it up again and earn more of it trophies along the way xD.


    @jemmie Congratulations you've earned a trophy: :gold: Visit FuwafuwaNeko's forum profile for 7 consequent days in a row. I didn't knew you were such a stalker :stalker:.


    @LucianaRosethorn I was looking at your profile and I actually quite like the idea of using the "About Me" section as a place to keep track of stuff. I will be totally doing the same as well :D.


     @Honor_Hand Have fun with your new figures. And yeah, spoiler tags have been glitchy for me as well. They seem to work fine most of the time but other times they just refuse to open :dunno:NOTE: I've noticed that spoilers in Status Updates only works when viewing the direct status update link, so not when viewing that status update trough a person's profile page.


    @MidnightDragon Hey, I've heard that you are going to do a PSNP interview ?? Prepare, because I'm going to ask you a lot of questions tongue.png.


    Also @BlindMango don't let that @Dragon-Archon threaten you with those untasty videos. Just keep UKtV8oW.png'ing him when reviewing guides, that will learn that Dragon to keep the blender away :P


    @Soneto Congrats on your #250 :platinum: , that's a nice milestone. And I hope you didn't mind me using you for my quote of the week :ninja:.


    @Sergen Hi and welcome to my profile wave.png


    @PooPooBlast Enjoy the weekend! And you still need to get an avatar 

    The avatar has been taken care of, enjoy your Yakuza 6 essence of art edition :).


    Yakuza has great artwork, just look at how beautiful @Asvinia's profile picture is  wink.png


    @Dreggit You seem to be quite hyped for Shantae 5. Unfortunately I haven't yet played a Shantae game but with the news that it is coming to Apple Arcade that might change. Also controller support on iOS 13 will hopefully make it amazing to play =D


    @ChristIllusion12 another day, another (failed) attempt, the famous number #69 attempt  tongue.png... In better news, congrats on your :platinum: #190:yay::yay: !


    @Jelloycat seeing your status update reminds me that I need to play Stardew Valley someday. The app has been gathering dust on my phone… I've heard the gameplay is inspired by the Harvest Moon games.


    @Tondt Thanks for wishing me a good weekend as well. smile.png


    @Lucas Look who's visiting my profile, it's the one and only Lucas :awesome: . Also, nice new Profile Picture. I have the feeling you don't change those often so this is a rare occurrence. Thanks for dropping by and don't be afraid to say hi  wave.png.


    @Chocolate GiddyUp Nice new avatar to you as well ! Although to be honest that is quite the punchable face  giggle.png.




    You might have noticed already…, yes finally updated my profile picture! The cat is Morgana from Persona 5. I've also added some calming skies as cover photo. Hope you like it, and with that we can scrap the remaining objectives :dance:.. A note on my profile picture: I first wanted to use a gif image, but the file was too big :sad:, the upload limit of 50kb is ridiculously small :jaymon:. .


    Since I've completed all my objectives I must look for some new ones. For now this cat is going to sleep. Good night everyone ^^



    - set a Profile Photo

    - set a Cover Photo



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    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Yeah, I know I should, right?  Well you know how it goes...so many games, so little time.  Great choice for your profile pic btw.

    3. PooPooBlast






      But it does make me wonder what's gonna happen once they

      start reaching a higher number of individuals :hmm:

    4. Bodyodorthegrave69


      @PooPooBlast He's kind of right tho. I appreciate the cat dude being friendly and all, but holy shit I regret responding to this status update. My notification box is blowing up and it doesn't tell you exactly what status update people are replying too.

      replying to*


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