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  1. FuwafuwaNeko's Status Update Diary

    Day 10 — Jul 10, 2019

    Week 2 progress ✦✦✦✧✧


    # Double Digits

    Welcome to my profile everyone~~


    Today marks the tenth day that I've joined this amazing site. I know some of you were here from the very beginning but I consider this as a mini-achievement. Up next is 100 days, hopefully we can achieve that as well  biggrin.png..




    @MidnightDragon Sounds like a good plan. I’m currently trying to find a job. Hopefully more soon.

    Good luck on that, keep me updated when you've found something :) .


    > @Condemned09 Good luck with everything :D

    Thank you Wolfy 🐺. .This is all very new to me but yeah I hope it goes well, and that College life will be as great as I've heard it is.


    > @Silently Good luck 👍

    Thank you too my friend!


    @ResoluteRock Good luck with enrolling in college! The whole process can be kinda overwhelming, especially financially, but you’ve got this :) 

    Thank you and I've only noticed now that your avatar is Lee from Naruto, I will enjoy the freshness of youth :awesome: 


    @ChristIllusion12 Thank you very much :) I suppose you could say that ;) and best of luck with college, I'm applying to go to college myself in September to study electrical installation so I can work for myself, fed up of working for dickheads now but I honesty thought I'd be on Max Payne 3 all year but just so glad to have it done  xD 

    Great to hear that, good luck to you as well my friend! Any other gaming plans at the moment?


    > @Jelloycat I still use the Morgana avatar for my Playstation account most of the time. I just can't find it in me to change it for too long. :)  
    > Best of luck with applying to college! The financial part of colleges is a huge pain, but working in the television industry would certainly be an interesting career. Hopefully things work out well for you. 

    I also try to stick with one avatar for an extended period of time. Where I live educations costs aren't that high so that's not too bad and thanks  I' will keep you updated with the progress. smile.png.


    @Dreggit Didn't you do something in the television industry? :ninja: 




    I haven't done much today but I've heard the news that a new Nintendo Switch was released.


    This thing is giving me Vita nostalgia :P


    I don't have a switch but I was surprised by the amount of games the system has. Nice to see games like Steins Gate, Atelier Series, and Nep Nep's on the system. Although it looks like a tempting console, most of the games I play are as of the time of writing only available on playstation.


    Do you have a Switch,  if so then what do you find better/worse about it then say a PS4?


    Happy gaming everyone^^



    - Enroll in College

    - Get financing in order



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    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Yup, seeing the Switch Lite announced actually made me breathe a sigh of relief.  $100 less and it's not a shelf-space waster.  Honestly I'm really glad I held off on buying the regular edition.

    3. Jelloycat


      I really do love the colour of that turquoise switch. 

    4. Silently


      I like the turquoise color.. 

      So now we have 3 categories system to choose from:

      +Nintendo switch lite

      +Xbox Project Scarlett



      Well me ps5 but the switch lite is tempting thou.. 😅


       @Silently Good luck 1f44d.png

      Thank you too my friend!

      --- u are welcome.. ^_^v