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  1. FuwafuwaNeko's Status Update Diary

    Day 12 — Jul 12, 2019

    Week 2 progress ✦✦✦✦✦


    # Lazy Fridays

    Welcome, dozens of people across PSNP, welcome to my profile~~

    Went shopping today. I don't often buy clothes but it was sale season so why not. Gotta grab those discounts ;).

    Haven't really done much besides that… I'm such a lazy cat.




    @MidnightDragon Hope you have a good weekend. After helping out a bunch last weekend, making this weekend all about me and my enjoyment.

    Enjoy your copy of Dragon Quest Builders 2, looks like you've been looking forward to it. Aaaaand, I've finally prepared the questions for your interview! They are in the spoiler tag below, but be warned there are a lot of them tongue.png.


    Questions related to PSNP:

    -  How did you first found PSNP?

    -  What motivated you to engage in the forums?

    -  Your three best friends on PSNP and why?

    -  How did you come up with your profile picture (follow up questions: where did you found it + how long have you been using it + do you use this avatar also outside of PSNP)?

    -  If you had to guess, how many hours as day do you spend on PSNP?

    -  What motivated you to become a Premium Member?

    -  You seem to have switched a couple of times between the forum name "MidnightDragon" and "Spyro", why have you at one point chosen to set your forum name to "Fat Chocobo"?

    -  Why don't you have an "About Me" section on your profile?

    -  What motivated you to do an interview about yourself?

    -  You asked a long time ago to be on the interview list, how can further interviews be improved?

    -  If you could be Sly Ripper for one day, what would you change/improve about PSNP?

    -  Do you know Sly personally :eyebrow:?

    -  Do you prefer Posts/Status Updates/or PM's and why?

    -  Would you ever write a Trophy Guide?


    Questions related to your personal life:

    -  How is the search for a job, have you found one?

    -  If you went to college/uni what did you study and do you still apply that knowledge today?

    -  How do you deal with trophy hunting burnout?

    -  Are you a cat or a dog person?

    -  Do you play a musical instrument?

    -  What is your favourite food?


    @Dragon-Archon Have we met before?

    Heeey it seems like you're in charge of the PSNP interviews now, I've spend a fair amount of time in inline linking and formatting the questions so please try to keep it that way :) . And to answer your question… why would you think that sir? :awesome: 


    @BlindMango Haha thanks for the cake - It'll help with trying to organize the mess on the new games page  :P 

    You're welcome kind Mango, good luck cleaning up those games =D 


    @Elvick_ Yeah, I need to get back into Sonic Team Racing... and Crash Team Racing... and a lot of things really. But I'm back into Bloodstained! And I've wrapped up some other things that were on my backlog, two of which for over 4 years lol. And wrapped up some easy things. Doing better this month than a few months ago.


    > I should at least get the other online trophy I need for Sonic Team Racing out of the way... just don't like the idea of needing to actually win :P lol

    I only noticed this now but you do have a lot of games o.O Trophies come when they come, no need to rush them =D


    @Condemned09 Congrats on your 207 :platinum: Wolfy 🐺 !!


    @Silently I like the turquoise color.. 

    > So now we have 3 categories system to choose from:

    > +Nintendo switch lite

    > +Xbox Project Scarlett

    > +PS5


    > Well me ps5 but the switch lite is tempting thou.. 1f605.png

    Actually there's also a rumored Switch Pro to choose from. I look forward to what we can expect from Microsoft and Sony. I've always been a Playstation person but lately Xbox has been killing it design/feature wise.


    @Dreggit My career in live entertainment started on accident. I was forced into a theater summer program. I refused to perform with children far younger than me and when I did lament my woes, I was given the ability to forgo performing and learn to use a soundboard and lightboard.

    > One thing led to another, and whenever an opportunity came up I took it. Exactly what I currently do in live entertainment? That's a tale for a time more appropiate of the information :ninja:

    This reads like a story where bits and pieces are revealed over time… I like it! :P


    @Fen Cake? Sugar ruuuuush~~~!

    > (o゜▽゜)ノ゛☆

    You are such a cute hungry kitty 🐈 <3


    @ruffedgz giphy.gif


    Are you implying that the cake is a lie :O. I can assure you that it was a real and very delicious cake :DBut now I wish I had a portal gun…




    @ChristIllusion12 I've been working on my backlog over the past couple of years, finally nearing the end xD 

    Another day, another Max Payne NYMHC… seems to me like you're just getting started :awesome: 


    @PooPooBlast Go gooo only one more trophy before platting RDR2, just earn those 70 medals already! :P


    @WhiteDragonAura You make a very persuasive argument, Neko. 😂  Congratulations on surpassing 100 rep points.  Honestly I always thought you were pretty cool even without a status symbol. ^_^

    Awww, thank you White you're too kind <3


    @ee28max Thank you for the cake. :) 

    > I'll be trying out some ways on how to get the HDMI signal working and showing up on my PS3. 

    Glad you enjoyed it, and good luck with that. Hope you can get it fixed ^^


    @LucianaRosethorn Congrats on your :platinum: 12th :yay::yay: and just curious but why did you make a second profile? :ninja: 


    @Honor_Hand Best of luck  with your tv, hope you can start gaming again soon :) 


    @JelloycatI also like the special Pokemon Switch Lite that they showed, but I have a feeling it won't be worth the price. xD 

    We need a Switch lite lite :awesome: 




    I'm sorry for the belated status update, I intended to post this much earlier but unfortunately not everything turns out the way you want it to in life rolleyes.png.


    Oh well I'm glad I could still get around it and now I can also look forward to MidnightDragon's interview =D

    Have a nice day everyone^^ and quit of the week coming soon…



    - Enroll in College

    - Get financing in order



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    2. WhiteDragonAura


      Funnily enough, I just got back from clothing errands too.  Used up all my coupons.  High-five to my favorite thrifty Neko. :D

    3. Fenrirfeather
    4. PooPooBlast


      Hey @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko are you a returning member?!


      How did you know about tigress and Milan's shenanigans from a while back lol? :hmm: (I saw your reply post to another status update).