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  1. FuwafuwaNeko's Status Update Diary

    Day 16 — Jul 16, 2019

    Week 3 progress ✦✦✧✧✧


    # The Chatroom

    Welcome back, everyone~~


    Today was mostly like yesterday and browsing reddit and such. I also noticed that fewer people have been visiting my profile lately :hmmm:. Maybe it's just for everyone one of those slow days :P.




    @ChristIllusion12 Max Payne 3 is a walk in the park compared to Mortal Kombat, I've given myself a sore throat from excessive shouting  xD

    Good luck with that my friend and I hope you've noticed that in my previous response every single letter was a link to one of your Max Payne updates :P


    > @PooPooBlast Oh don't worry! Given that this is my last trophy before the plat, I'll be posting a mini review/ how my experience was with the game in the soon to be 2 months that I spent playing the game. In the meantime I'm slowly making progress! 

    > And btw do you plan on making your game list not private or do you just not trophy hunt at all? 

    Slowly but steady progress I see :D. I remember having answered that question in a previous status update but I will go into a bit more detail this time: I have sold my consoles so there's no way to unhide my trophies. Reasons being that I've often found games were cheaper on other platforms (pc/mobile), and having a lot more responsibilities then in the past (so less time in general). If you're interested in finding some great mobile games I recommend taking a look at r/iosgaming. With that said I hope one day to get back into trophy hunting!

    —Now to answer your second question; I've also briefly mentioned that in a previous status update (see the spoiler tag). I was looking for ways to reduce notifications and by using the search function I stumbled upon this "Suggestion: Let us unsubscribe from particular status updates" and many other references to that particular status :).


    @Fen A9-A19162-0-A8-E-456-C-8857-3-AE47-C7002

    > Teach me all your secrets, senpai ( ・∇・)乂( ´▽`)🧁

     I hereby proclaim you a membership to the cat fellow team. I will teach you the teachings of the cat young fellow. (=^・ω・^=)


    > @Jelloycat Now if only the trophy cabinet was bigger and I could add even more cat trophies. :awesome: 

    Hhhhh, let's vote on a size increase. With that said your trophy cabinet automatically grants you a membership to the cat fellow team. The more members the merrier :highfive:.


    > @dennish8stennis It’s been a fun journey! And I agree, Sonic Generations is a great game!! I really should get around to playing it but I think I wanna finish Beyond: Two Souls and Dungeon Siege III first. Hope you have a great day!!

    Great to hear that! Have a nice day as well ^^ and let me know something when you've finished Sonic Generations.


    @Arcesus7 Heeey, welcome to my profile. :waves:. I see you have a cover photo from Hyper Light Drifter. What do you think of the game? Asking because it's being ported over to mobile smile.png.


    @Revvie San-kyu for visiting my profile, don't be afraid to say hi wave.png.




    Today I've visited the chat. I was glad to see some familiar faces there since PSNP's discord server is as good as inactive. The people in the chat are in general very friendly so if you haven't been visiting chat I would say give it a go, you're missing out otherwise tongue.png.


    @Otonio_Bruno (I'm calling you Lama from here on), @Scat-A-Go-Go (best of luck writing your guide, hope the links were helpful ;)), @MMX20 (great to see a Mega Man fan also we need more D.Va's), @MidnightDragon (great to see you in the chat my friend), @Dreggit (you as well, and nice to see a yellow name) — Will be looking forward to many fun moments in the chat! =D


    Wishes all of you a nice day ^^



    - Enroll in College

    - Get financing in order



    1. WhiteDragonAura


      I missed your last status update because I too, was busy browsing Reddit. 😏  I'm swooping in now to make up for lost time! hehe Hope you're able to complete those objectives of yours soon enough, Neko.  :highfive:

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