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  1. FuwafuwaNeko's Status Update Diary

    Day 18 — Jul 18, 2019

    Week 3 progress ✦✦✦✦✧


    # The Chatroom Part II

    Welcome back (again), everyone~~


    Today I tackled my financing objective. All paperwork done and ready to be send to the bank. See, I'm being very productive here ;). Now I'm fully dedicated to also complete the other objective but that requires a bit more time… but no worries we must and shall enroll in college. Hurray education!




    > @Fen Sneaky Neko. It works purrrfectly. High time for me to catch some Zzs and best of luck 🍀 to you tomorrow~ 

    Thank you, and wonderful that that actually worked :P. For this week's lesson I'm going to introduce you to a few activity streams. We mostly all here already use the Status Updates stream but there are some other interesting ones that are definitely worth checking out:

    -  Status Updates [Direct Link]: See a full list of recent status updates

    -  Members I Follow [Direct Link]: Shows all content posted by members you're following

    -  All Activity [Direct Link]: Basically PSNP's audit log, see everything that's happening on the forum in real-time :ninja:

    -  You can create a custom activity stream here, or use advanced search if you need to find something here.

    More cat knowledge will be revealed in future lessons (=⌒‿‿⌒=).


    @MidnightDragon Have very exciting news. Watch my status tomorrow. :)

    > Strike that. Jumped the gun. xD Maybe soon.

    Good luck with your job hunting, it's unfortunate that it's going slower than expected, but I'll be cheering for you my friend!!


    > @WhiteDragonAura Hey, whaddaya think I am?  Some kinda multi-tasker?!  Make sure to take more catnaps, yeah?  Can't complete those ambitious objectives if you're running on low-to-no energy. :)

    Oh my, very bold of me to assume you were a multitasker :awesome:. Thanks I will try to live a healthy cat life sir White, but you really need to step up your multitasking game ;). Maybe take a look at Vivaldi


    > @PooPooBlast Didn't get much done yesterday as I was busy for most of the day but I got +3 gold to bring it to a total of 54/70! 


    > This game is taking me so long that that my trophies count per day dropped from 2.60 when I started to 2.55! Though country rank still hovers between 1100 or a little below. It's kind of funny going on a trophy drought yet going up the rankings but that happens because of cheaters being removed from the leaderboards


    > Anyways i found that I'm getting roughly 3-4 gold medals per hour (not all the time time though when I hit a roadblock) so let's just say 3 gold medals on average. Which I means I need 5-7 hours of more gameplay as an approximation!

    Seems like you did the math, maybe you have it by my next status update :P. And I wonder if many people care about their trophies per day :hmm:.


    > @SarDarniTron Welcome to my profile visitor O_O




    I've discovered the existence of a secret mod team by visiting the chat today :ninja:. What their purpose is and who they are won't be revealed here… although most of you probably know those answers already. And that's not all, I've also finally discovered the meaning of MADAO =D.


    @TurboSpock (nice to see more Dutch people in the chat), @Kasper and @pot1414 (both friendly people with a bad naming taste  tongue.png), @Otonio_Bruno (you're actually a ferret o.O). — Just a shout out for being amazing chat buddies :D.


    I've said it before; but if you haven't been visiting the chat give it a go, you're missing out otherwise :).


    Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day^^



    - Enroll in College

    - Get financing in order



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    2. PooPooBlast


      Yea I especially did the math for the lvl 50 grind. Turned out to be almost accurate. I predicted roughly 55-60 hrs. Finished it in 51. Maybe it's because I really powered through it at the end :P


      And tbh I don't care about the trophies per day or trophy streaks or plat number. They just come naturally as I'm playing a game and I'll spend however long it takes to finish a game. Of course I have to enjoy said game otherwise I'll abandon it. Can't afford to not enjoy my time off and force myself to play through a bad game these days you know?  


      And btw how I never asked but what is the meaning behind your username (idk what a neko is). (Or a fuwa lol)

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      Oh wow, I got called "sir" without someone adding "you're making a scene".  A genuine Homer moment. :lol: Oh yeah, I'll be juggling beers, 2 lawnmowers, a buzzsaw, and my phone all at once before you know it.  Just call me the King of Multi-tasking! :D  Hmm, thanks Neko.  I'll have to check into that Vivaldi..need to see if I can get it for mac!


      Great to see all your financials are in order today.  I'm sure you're relieved to be done with all that! ^_^

    4. ChristIllusion12


      I'm enrolling in college on August 27th... yay 😂🎉