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  1. AC: Origins. That's just a dope title and lots of work to put in to it.
  2. To be fair - this was the last thing I had to do in the game and I was desperate to start my next game. lol. I couldn't even imagine doing it on Hard mode.
  3. Hi all, Like the Topic Title says - I have beat the game, got all of the bottle caps, and beat Separate Ways and in the game all of the trophies for these items popped when they were supposed to. However, my Playstation Profile and PSNProfiles both say I only played about half the game trophy-wise. I contacted SONY and they couldn't help. I have e-mailed Capcom Support, but I doubt they can do anything. Has anyone here had an issue with this game or any other game similar to this? Maybe I will just have to beat the game again??? haha
  4. At Level 8 and facing her on Normal, I tried twice but died with her at like 25% health. I decided I wanted the Platinum and put the game on Easy. After getting close to defeating her on Normal, she wasn't too bad on Easy mode - but I do feel like I cheated myself out of the experience. Still love having the Plat though. haha