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  1. There is no way around. You need to start a new game and delete all of the old saves. My advice is, don't start a single quest from DLC and don't take the dog. After skipping the DLC the game should work as intended. You can pretty easily speedrun the game in 8-10h if you care only about the "The end" "Merciful" "Virgin" trophy and do everything else on the broken save file before starting a fresh run. Edit: The "Freud" trophy is pain in the ass because you need some high stats like 12-14 speech 18 charisma and 14-16 strenght so when you start a new game put every point into speech and go to skalitz for some high lvl gear from bandits or just steal some fancy clothes from vendors.
  2. Same result as usual - infinite loading.
  3. Nope. Not a single debuff only Nice Doggy and Flower Power buffs but I tried the cutscene without the dog and nothing changes. Maybe the Flower bonus... I might try it. Edit. Same result - infinite loading screen. I had only the Resistance buff but I dont know how to get rid of it.
  4. PS4 Pro I thought the same about playing it on PS5 but a the time I don't own one so maybe in future.
  5. Loading save before Siege ends with the same result. I tried for +10h and same shit happens every time. Cool F... game. 70h goes right to the gutter.
  6. Such a nice feature of the game. Just a step before ending my first playthrough and gettin the Merciful and Virgin trophy .
  7. Nothing changes. I spend like 10h trying to do different things and everything ends with the same result. I looked online and the only help I found was some mod for PC version... cool.
  8. After watching the 3 cutscenes and the end of "Siege" quest the game just load forever. The music starts playing but you cant do shit. I waited like 30min so its a 100% games fault. Things I tried: -Loading older save (infinite loading) -Doing the "Rocketeer" quest in different way (infinite loading) -Starting the game Offline (infinite loading) -Going to dashboard while the last cutscene plays (same bs) -Gettin rid of dog (same bs) Any way to finish the game without starting it from the scratch ? I just feel like the game gave me a middle finger after playing 70+h. Edit1. -Loading a save before monastery quest "A needle in a heystack" and gettin back to the point of bug (surprise, surprise again infinite loading) -Deleting the game and instaling it without the internet connection ( THX WarHorse for the best future ever, the saves are not compatible with the older patch) So yeah the best option for people who are stuck in the same place as me. Take the disk, put it right back to the box, throw this shit to the trash and go buy a better game. Edit2. I'm crazy and I'm currently playing the game again from the scratch, yes it works this time, so my best advise for people who want's to finish the game DON'T PLAY THE DLC BEFORE FINISHING THE STORY. I'm not 100% sure but I think the "A Woman's Lot" DLC it's broken in the Royal Edition and make the "Siege" quest softlock you forever in the infinite loading screen after the cutscene. If you get the bug like me the only way to finish the story and trophies is to delete your old save data and start the new game. Pray to God you dont have to suffer like me because speedrunning this game is no fun at all
  9. Maybe Im just unlucky but not to long ago I had problems with Talmberger trophy because for some odd reason Captain Bernard was in coma and I could not talk with him so I shoot his ass with arrow, pay 200 groshen and gave him the potions for the last side objective in siege. Yes I play the game on Ps4 Pro and loading times are long but not as bad as in Metro Exodus for example. People have really good point about the realistic aspects and settings of the game because beside Kingdom Come Deliverance I think I never played a RPG without any magic or fantasy creatures and we dont have to many strategies on consoles like Stronghold on PC. Edit. Cool game really cool. I cant complete it because of infinite loading screen after siege quest. F you game. I take everything I say about recommending this piece of buggy trash.
  10. The story, characters, world and even side/main quests are really good with plenty of ways to finish them but combat for me is just lvl-up to defeat enemy fast or spend 5min watching slow mo over and over because enemies with higher stats tend to dodge/counter 60-90% of your attacks making combos pointless. If you are playing the game while doing the merciful trophy its okay because you can just forget about the sloppy combat what is in my opinion one of the worst side of the game. But my God the glitches, bugs and just odd things that happen in this game make me go crazy. Once I got killed while in fast travel without any prompt on screen. My character just lay on the ground like sack of patatoes with 1 hp and bleeding for no reason at all. Second time I lost like 30min of gameplay because Henry killed someone when I was using the clock to wait 2h in monastery. I wake up on a ground again with 1hp and everybody freak out because someone murder a person so I look at my stats and I had 2 persons killed ???? (1 was ofc Runt) wtf. Jakey was talking tree, Bernard was lost in woods, guards knowing which stuff is stolen every time, taking bandits loot is sometimes stealing, broken quest rewards (House of God) and more stupid things that makes the game unlayable. And tell my why the clock is so slooooooow when you want to speed up the time on Ps4 Pro. But for me the cherry on top was the monastery main quest.... damn that was painful. Firstly I lost like 30min of gameplay duo the frame rate drop inside the monaster. Answer was the dog outside the monastery so I need to reload earlier save and get rid of him. Secondly the guards or how the hell they are called are terminatros they knew everything you do. I was walking at the midnight looking for stuff not a single soul around but the next day they knew everything I was doing so I need to reload earlier save... again. Ofc they were drinking in the cellar so how they knew ?? Thirdly the daily routine... pls kill me. Speed up time, loading screen, speed up time, loading screen + the funny glitch I was talking before = reload earlier save Why they give you so many side quest inside the monastery when you want to murder everyone around you ? Why every quest is about lock picking and stealing making them impossible for non thief builds like my? Good luck playing this part without guide. Best part about this quest, its pointless. You can gave them afterwards 3k groshen or just kill them and go talk to random people and they will tell you everything you need,,, EPIC GAME DESIGN. After so many harsh words I would still recommend the game for everyone who wants a good story and realistic settings but remeber you need to be really patient. Ps. I just need to share my pure hatred to the monastery quest so dont take this as a full hate assault at the game because Im still enjoying the main quest
  11. Ironclad with strenght build. 2 heavy blades + 2 Spot weakness/Limit break. At the start I played my 2 big blocks (Impervious) to stack strength and Offering to be sure to get the cards I want. After round 3 I hit like a truck for 200-300 thanks to Necronomicon and Brimstone. Second Boss went down in round 3 with Double tap from potion + Necro. For people who struggles with Ascension +15 with Ironclad I would suggest always checking the shop for Brimstone and Medical Kit. Those relics gives you a big boost for strenght build (Brimstone) or a free +15/20 block with Power Through and easy way to start exhaust build (Medical Kit). I seen them really often so they are not as rare as Dead branch and much cheaper.
  12. After you beat the mini-game at the saloon for the first time (see the ending of "Journey of the prairie king") you will receive your own arcade cabin. So dont worry about the Fector Challenge and just try to beat it once. Next day you should get a letter at your mailbox with the cabin.
  13. Without those two trophies (heart/head choices) this game would be much better to plat. The worst thing in replaying The Man of Medan is the time-based chapters where you need to wait for something to happen for example boat section or the glamour girl (the one with piano where you wait for other character to fell out). Those chapters drag for ages if you play the game like fifth or sixth time. I had no problem with Detroit or Until Dawn but Medan is such a pain like is made especially to make people who cares about 100% mad. Im looking forward to the new one but pls for the God sake don't made me replay the game like 10 times.
  14. Im playing currently a PS2 version of "Sands of Time" and I had no problem with music or sound effects (85% completion, right after the elevator fight). The only issue with Sound/Mixing I had is voice acting. Sometimes its too quiet and I cant hear what they are talking about so its not only the port version problem. Combat, music, level design is excellent, the camera is sometimes broken and gives you a close-up to a wall . The graphics are good but comparing this game to a "Haunting Ground" you can clealry see its not the best looking game on the system but still I would highly recommend this game for everyone who never tries it (Dont matterr which version PS3 or PS2 both are good).
  15. You stand behind a cover (wall) but your crosshair is next to a cover. Dont use cover just stand really close to them without using the button or it will not work. For some strange reasons you can fire through solid wall but your enemies can't. This work really well in Uncharted 1 and 2, but in 3 I had some problems via camera angles so you need to find a big solid cover, not like in previous ones where you can stand behind a column or a rock. Without this magic trick I think Brutal is impossible. I beat it without tweaks but some arenas like the Uncharted 2 Helicopter escape is 100% luck based because of stupid checkpoint giving you a split second to kill 2 enemies and hide behind a cover.