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  1. U can play The Corrupted nightfall now which will earn you the trophy
  2. Ty for info bro, appreciated.
  3. So I have just noticed that I have a milestone called "1337 Trophy" for an MGS 5 trophy. It is probably just a bug, but it is interesting. Anyone has the same bug on his/her profile?
  4. Hey, Im looking to do this but I saw that no one has earned an online trophy since September. I know that no one plays this game, but you know, just have to make sure.
  6. A few guys earned a few online trophies in 2021, probably cheaters. Just to make sure, can anyone confirm the servers are offline?
  7. U have the Trackmania Turbo plat wow
  8. Thx, good to know. I watched some gameplay and wont start it because this game is soo bad.
  9. NINJA GAIDEN Σ2, difficulty 10/10, wow
  10. I'm creating a to-play list of ps3 games. Is this game good enough to be added to a list like that? It looks interesting to be honest.
  11. Nice, thx for answers
  12. Shenmue
  13. Fall Guys, i hope that i will get it too soon