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  1. Flase. W.W.A. forever trumps those "games".
  2. Well, I suppose it's no matter now I can see if the mods really wanted to lock this, they would've already done so. Take my upvote OP.
  3. Play the game, or don't play the game. There is no try. Any questions? Actually no, I change my mind. I don't to answer to those of you who've decided (not me, you) my simple advice is a threat to your personal agenda, which you destructively enforce upon us in this topic then proceed to antagonise/cancel us for doubting even the absolute slightest part of it. "If you are not with me, then you are my enemy!" ...Dealing in absolutes, much? J.K.'s thoughts and actions against transgender people does not give the right to spew shit on anybody else, believing otherwise (for any reason) can be very unheatlthy. I intend this to be my one and only post because some of y'all here are just too dense for myself + others to reason with. In no way do I condone the Harry Potter author's hate nor the negativity plaguing this topic. We should all be better than her, not alike.
  4. Less than 24 hours ago this website exceeded 20,000 tracked games.


    The # of games (a.k.a. trophy lists) would be half, if not less than that if it weren't for:

    1. Platform stacking
      1. These don't concern me, personally.
    2. Regional stacking
      1. A mistake in the trophy system since day one. Xbox achievements don't duplicate between countries/regions, do they?
    3. Shovelware "games"
      1. The platinum trophy eqivalent of fast food. They're cheaper than actual games (like McDonald's pricing vs. proper dine-in restraunt pricing), demand little time and effort and playing too many of them? Well, that's gluttony.
      2. So why hasn't this puke gone away again? Oh, I got it... SIE announcing their PS Store policy changes.
        1. Either that was fake news or Sony (like politicians, no matter their position on the compass, to avoid division I want to be very clear on that) made themselves look like they're doing something about it praying we're too stupid to call them out months later for making a promise but not sticking to it. Typical Jim Ryan era Sony PlayStation, ain't it?
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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Yeah that's understandable. I am salty i somehow deleted my ps4 save for Jedi, and thus cant autopop ps5. But really it isnt a hard platinum, I'm just lazy on it waiting for sequel. I know that kind of goes against my somewhat play for fun stance. 


      Even though i have series x, there's very few games for it that make me think the console is worth it. Yes game pass has saved me a few bucks, but the PS5 is my console of choice and I hate when a series is split between consoles. I think Octopath 2 isn't on xbox, but its on ps4/ps5/switch(?), whereas Octopath 1 isnt on ps4/ps5 but is on switch and xbox. So dumb. 


      As for gaming without achievements/trophies, while I don't ever aim for a crazy high completion %, i will say part of why i rarely use my switch is lack of reward system or achievement system (among other things). But on to topic, xbox doesnt have regional stacks that i know of, and nintendo doesn't obviously. It seems to be a trophy/sony system design flaw and it can clearly be abused by some "devs" like these jump guys. 

    3. KenjiCBZ


      Ssssssh, don't you dare complain about that, or folks will call you tRoPhY eLiTisT

    4. Dry


      If it weren't for reading-up on JFA's platinum demanding an end-game collectibles grab which consists of backtracking + finding your way around the world maps for hours before playing myself, I would have chosen not to auto-pop the PS5's trophies. Instead my first time playing would be on PS5, playing it again on the PS4 version a year or two later and then maybe play it a third time on the PS4 NA version after another 1-2 years have passed.


      Also here's a fun fact: I first noticed the difference between 30 and 60 fps shortly after auto-popping the PS5 version's trophies whilst playing around with the photo mode for a bit (I find using it to zoom into character models and expose map/game design to be quite entertaining).


      @KenjiCBZ If I've triggered anybody just know I'm not the one who should rethink how I'm enganing in my own hobby.


  5. If this were the case I'd upvote the OP. The only downside is they'd gain less attention from sharing their achievement this way due to the insanity that is Morning, Night and junk platinum spam from *insert name of Thomas the Tank Engine character here*.
  6. Absolutely. All Sound Shapes trophies (base game + DLCs) can be achieved through offline play. The "cloud save" function however forces us to sign into the in-game servers but due to SIE closing said servers a couple of years ago, the ability to autopop trophies between platforms and regional stacks is no longer with us.
  7. These replies have aged like milk LMFAO. I’m 10 hours into the game as of typing this, I can’t wait to cut my disc once as soon as I get my hands on the plat for both PS4 and PS5 versions of the game… …Oh and if I’m not mistaken, Babylon’s Fall is both my first Platinum Games title AND my first time playing a game published by Square Enix. Depressing, isn’t it?
  8. All you have to do is start the application from your console menu to meet the PlayStation Stars rewards requirement(s). Proceeding beyond the game’s start screen isn’t needed (doing so takes you to the menu(s) which is when and where all the trophies should auto-pop on PS5 if only the devs would get around to fixing it!).
  9. Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 platinum is now at 50% PSNP trophy rarity and is therefore uncommon. Finally!


    As a frequent (and somewhat obsessive) watcher of specific common trophies dropping their percentage I couldn’t be more satisfied about this, especially since I chose to buy this title physically for PS5 over playing the objectively inferior PS4 version on my PS5 to take advantage of the game’s PS4 --> PS5 save transfer feature to auto-pop trophies. Might choose to play the full game again but on the PS4 version for its trophies (via PS Plus Extra tier subscription) before Spider-Man 2 comes out.


    ‘Nough said.

  10. Top Left = Trophy screenshot from PS4 Game played on PS5. Bottom Banner = Trophy screenshot from PS5 game. Top Right = Manual screenshot capture of trophy notification on PS5 (taken either upon unlocking or towards the end of a saved trophy video clip).
  11. I see he was last online on these forums only yesterday, now dead? Damn... R.I.P. Ruan + everybody else who lost their lives in the crash.
  12. Sly replied to a post of mine months ago reaffirming his reason for why he disabled this, which still makes zero sense to me. I'd be very happy if even once a month PSNP goes down for an entire hour to update all 5.6+ million tracked profiles (as of this post), both registered and unregistered but given the site owner's activity (or lack thereof) over the past 4-5 years aside from him making way for PS5 platform trophies and introducting a much needed "shovelware filter", such a beneficial event may never occur... ...Though I'd like to be proven wrong.
  13. Good Lord I’m such a dummy. For years I’ve been thinking the Yokozuna glitch had to be done on the “Outrun Bay (Mirror)” DLC track on time attack but for some reason the trophy would never unlock for me due to a unique bug on my account and it was only recently did I realise I was beating an expert difficulty ghost on the wrong track. Reading “Sunshine Tour” had me confused thinking it was a name for a “World Tour” chapter instead of being the name for one of the three tracks returning from the previous game (Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, better than Transformed in my opinion).
  14. Worse than Battlefield 2042? Really?