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    In no particular order:

    #1: Video Games


    #2: Collecting PlayStation Trophies

    Also expected.

    #3: Drawing & Painting

    I enjoy practicing traditional methods of art creation. Pencil, pen, paper, paint and brush, you name it all. Unfortunately you won't find any of my work here or anywhere else that's public to the internet.

    #4: Music

    Rap / Hip-Hop, Electronic and Indie / Alternative are the genres I listen to the most. Of course there's an appreciation to have for other genres but rarely do I go out of my way for anything outside of my musical norm.

    #5: Movies

    Like so many living in today's strange times, the majority of my consumption for this media is streamed. It’s a massive shame cinema is being threatened by runny-nose panic and collective authority. Additionally, when will politicians, celebrities, politicians and corporations alike realise that the entertainment industry shouldn't run entirely on virtue signaling social issues that are either irrelevant to film in so many cases or just don't exist at all? I have no issue with people who seek media that achieves inclusion plus whatever else to help all kinds of people so long as this doesn't have an affect on me and everyone else. Unfortunately with how things are being managed it does and frankly it's disgusting. The day every new and upcoming films exist to tell people what to think, say or do is the day I stop supporting the industry.

    #6: TV Shows

    A great deal of what I've said above about movies applies here too. Bullshit aside, I don't watch as much programs as I use to because of my prioritisation of what's really important in life while continuing my game time, but when do I get the chance for TV shows, it’s great stuff!

    #7: LEGO

    The only toy from my childhood I still make time for on occasions. During my primary school years I would gather pieces pulled apart from old builds and use what I've got to begin new creations (others who were fond of LEGO growing up can relate very well with this). A great deal of these custom creations were ships and vehicles from Star Wars. I was very jealous looking at past sets tied to this franchise so my biggest activity was building my own versions of what I've seen. Years after I'm given a new collector's set on my Birthday and for Christmas. Since then I've completed many impressive builds I put on display for my friends IRL to see.

    That's all I want to share. Any questions?
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  1. Back in January 2015 I was still a dumb teenager. I wasn’t mature enough to understand why the way things are on game networks so when trolls were running wild on LittleBigPlanet 3 I thought it would be a great idea to report one of these accounts myself. Through the use of the in-game “Good Grief!” system I submitted a report about a NSFW photo upload but instead got suspended for 30 days. My parents weren’t very impressed with me at the time but were quite mad at Sony’s customer support too. They claimed I was the creator of the images which I directly sent to them (turns out the LBP grief reporting is fundamentally broken) and they can’t send back the said images for my parents to know what I’ve sent. Sony also stated that any future offence would result in a permanent ban, which I completely forgot about until realising once I made a second offence that caused my permanent ban. As for the support workers themselves, not a single person in my family has come across telephone assistance as repugnant as this before and worse has yet to be seen from help with another big company. With my second offence (June 2019) I recall sharing a random ID as I was explaining trophy privacy in a discussion on the public board of a trophy community and was too stupid not to cover up any usernames. I wish I kept the email sent to me with the reason for my ban but it highlighted a sentence in the Terms Of Service that was written in a monetary/fraudulent manner, which I see is BS. Since then I believe the entire PSN Terms Of Service was rewritten as the “Community Code Of Conduct”. So much of these updated guidelines were updated to be simplified and as a result I haven’t since been able to find anything resembling what rule was focused on the email. Since creating this account I’ve long graduated from school, matured well enough to avoid reporting bad users (because if I don’t, somebody else will) and choose not to interact with public comment/message boards on PSN altogether. Any dumb behaviour from me now is reserved for other networks/services that are big and have less consequences if there’s any misuse by me. I just can’t lose anything more from my PlayStation console, a reason for me to dislike an all-digital media world.
  2. About damn time! I don’t imagine purchasing individual movies and TV episodes/seasons is very popular for other digital services either, but if I wanted to do this PlayStation Video certainly wouldn’t be one of my first options to consider. For about 3-4 years movies and TV shows weren’t even listed on the online PlayStation Store (which is now the old store, of course). The Vita’s Storefront promotes only three films (Everest, Maze Runner: Scorch Trials & The Martian, all are released in 2015) and I can guaranteed no media from beyond 2016 is listed and just recently all listings have a missing image placeholder. Keep in mind this is from my experience with the Australian/EU region so this may very well be different for everyone else. Somewhat unrelated criticism below: Big Buck Corps: “STREAMING IS THE FUTURE. WAKE UP EVERYBODY!” The only issue with the above is competition. I believe this can be great for the consumer but there needs to be a line drawn somewhere. Even for me, there’s too many options for streaming services. With distribution contracts changing all the time (stuff being added or taken away and content that’s absent for no reason, situations where Netflix will only include the third film in a popular trilogy eg. Indiana Jones) and being able to afford what you want with a middle-class income. I know this situation is much worse in other countries (US just introduced HBO Max and Paramount+ for heaven’s sake) but living in a country where prices go up but my pay goes nowhere gives me little or no reason to be lucky.
  3. Great idea, IF social platforms like PS4 communities were to continue existing. I recall those “From The Hub” accounts being a big nuisance from back before. The fact some of these offenders get away with worse than what I’ve done messes with me quite a bit. Ah well, doesn’t matter now because my ban was well over a year ago and these abusers are about to have one less option to break Sony’s terms. As for Discord, I don’t ever use my profile unless necessary for trophy boosting. From what I’ve seen the PSNP channel looks great. Currently you can link an Xbox Gamertag with your Discord Tag. Hopefully the same can be done with PSN unless Microsoft agree to an exclusive contract for console profiles.
  4. I know there’s a good amount of trivial games on my profile already but I’m gonna have to skip this one along with it’s sister title. Trophy list(s) aside, pretty much everything about both titles looks garbage. I don’t care if it’s less money than a large Frozen Coke, this should not have passed Sony’s QA testing. Should’ve stayed free on a post-Flash internet games site, even on there I wouldn’t touch these because there are better things I can do for no cost.
  5. In the past I’ve made silly mistakes with my first account but communities is what ultimately got it permanently banned, very soon after I started using Reddit and then created this PSN account to carefully start over. Months later Sony discontinued the communities app which killed any and all interest for this feature because (in my opinion) browsing communities on the console is not only inferior UI-wise but a complete waste of gaming time versus viewing my communities on the go using my phone on public transport and stuff. Say what you want about Reddit, but it’s superior to PS4 communities in so many ways. My biggest reason for me given the first sentence, is the Terms Of Service. I believe Reddit will never be perfect but there’s a lot more freedom allowed there then there is on PlayStation, a lot of the rules put in place are made for individual communities (Subreddits) in addition to the platform-wide guidelines which aren’t always important. Unless you royally fuck up or you’re committed to dangerous content/groups, getting an entire reddit user banned is difficult and if that does happen, it’s just Reddit. Getting removed from PSN however is a bigger issue, you’ve lost your social ability along with your online access and if you’re bad enough you’re entire console will be blocked. “An All-Digital Media World sounds great, wouldn’t you agree?” To me Reddit can be a great community/forum network. My one piece of advice for both new and existing users is to avoid political subreddits, such places can be incredibly toxic and the anxiety (especially for the past 12 months now) is not worth it. Cringe/Normie Meme pages are also terrible, keep back from these too. Farewell PS4 communities, you were the source of much trouble for me and personally will not be missed.
  6. I correct myself here. Didn’t know this was an option anyone can take to disputing, thought it was purely for high ranking / big name accounts to avoid being seen negatively for being flagged from the leaderboards.
  7. Incorrect. Hakoom has hidden 51 trophies from his account, therefore his true 100,000th trophy is the Street Fighter V platinum. He's cleverly chosen this milestone to wield the title "The Never-Ending Path" along with a fitting description. The hidden game in question is Dead To Rights: Retribution. Story cut short, several years ago he was using his own save file across different PS3s but forgot to sync his trophies before switching back to his main console, causing a handful of trophies to unlock at once. Not long after famously getting back onto PSNP Hakoom was reported for these illegitimate trophy timestamps, was placed in a flag approval queue for 1.5 years before eventually being removed from the PSNP leaderboards. Hakoom was allowed back on there again but has since hidden Dead To Rights. This is quite evident because this PS3 title offers 51 trophies, the same number previously mentioned and searching for it on his games list search bar finds no results. It's all just another example of correct leaderboard rule enforcement but what I find strange is that there's no flag desput thread from Hakoom visible on the forums. What difference does it make to communicate privately with the Cheater Removal Team on a matter that everyone else posts publically? I can't say I'm 100% sure about this move. In situations like this where we congratulate other trophy hunters on achieving big milestones, I feel much of the celebration is lost due to cheating a game and then hiding it to be back in the ranks. Of course Hakoom didn't "cheat" on purpose but regardless he's given no exceptions from the PSNP leaderboard rules. I don't see any other issues at play here and I wish Hakoom best for his account with trophies plus the future ahead.
  8. There’s a very similar glitch that’s explained on the trophy guide but the one you’ve linked appears to be much more accessible and promising. The previous exploit a.k.a. “The LBP3 God Glitch” required you to play the game without any patches/updates installed which can be done on all versions (I don’t know about PS4 —> PS5 backwards compatibility) but is much easier with the physical version. Progressing through the story enough to do the glitch should be fine on PS4 (was for me here first) but on PS3 I recently spent 6-7 hours trying to get it to work, it wouldn’t stop crashing my system. A little later I discovered this thread, updated my PS3 disc, loaded and attempted with no crashing. “A Guy Called Quest” unlocked going through all the necessary quests, followed by my what is my 125th platinum. Because of this thread my previous efforts are now a complete waste of time, but thank you so much anyway for sharing this way-to-go method! I couldn’t imagine going through with this trophy legitimately or getting success with the previous bug. I support any action to get this video method to replace the old video embedded on the PSNP Guide. With that, not only are bugs/crashes much less of a concern but LittleBigPlanet 3 hasn’t received an update since mid-2017 and I expect this to keep going, as sad as that might sound one way or another.
  9. I can’t say I’m surprised there’s no new list, but why Gearbox? WHY did you associate this re-release with the PS3/PS4 retail trophy stack? I get Telltale was first to fuck with these stacks unlike their other titles released across different Sony consoles but come on! Having all available copies for a single title on PS share the same trophies was not the original plan. It appears now I’ll be saving 30 AUD for this version. Back in late 2019 I bought the disc version pre-owned at a soon-to-close EB Games store for much less than how much is listed here. With no new trophies to achieve, why play this again?! “I’ve already had my fun, haven’t I?” What’s also a real shame is Borderlands 3 ruins the plot for this excellent narrative. I’ve yet to play the newest title which is currently sitting on my shelf ($10 brand new, again from EB Games) but I already know what happens with the plot, don’t care too much because it sounds kinda shit.
  10. Great news! Despite Gearbox showing interest in doing this I had big doubts this would really happen, until now of course. Time to stack yet another favourite Telltale game when I get the chance. I don't imagine this relisting will include the PS3 digital version considering how late things are, right? Guess it doesn't matter too much on there because the PS4 Retail Version shares the PS3 Physical/Digital trophy list.
  11. Couldn't help but notice that "Music To Be Murdered By" photo on your profile and "Slim" in Slim Vanilla. Are you a stan? 

    1. Miles Vanilla

      Miles Vanilla

      Yes, but not to that extent.


      For months I’ve been on a massive Eminem binge, I’m listening to his music more than ever before. I’m someone who focuses a lot on the things I enjoy but I’m not insane, if that’s what you’re asking. I go through fazes like so many, I’m never sure when the current ones will end and be overtaken by another interest.


      It’s works similar to when I was growing up I’d go from enjoying sports cars to liking graffiti / street art, fast forward over a decade later and this is still the case but my overall management of not letting these things take over too much of my life feels different to me. Great awareness of how others may think of the way I express my interests is something that can get to me with questions like the one you’ve asked me, but I don’t believe you’re doing anything wrong.


      Soon I will be changing my forum name and image for a little while (which I had planned anyway) but the stuff I show will still be kind of the same, at least during that time.

    2. MaximumOverdrive


      I hope you didn't get the wrong impression of what I asked. Maybe if I were to reword it then I would've used "fan" instead of "stan". 


      I asked because I myself am a huge Eminem fan and I've been on a massive binge as well. My fav album is The Eminem Show (2002) and second place is Recovery (2010). I love his lyrical work including wordplay and a bunch of entendre in his verses.

      I just enjoy seeing people with similar interests. 


      I don't see anything wrong with expressing interests at all. If anything, I see it as a way of an ego boost and self-confidence. In that particular fashion, the public will acknowledge what you like and what you deem as an apple of your eyes, which again, I see no problem of. 

    3. Miles Vanilla

      Miles Vanilla

      @MaximumOverdrive I’ll admit, I did read your question as somewhat of an attack on my pride. Apologies for this. Seeing you’re into Sonic The Hedgehog I imagined you would be understanding of interests. Regardless, I believe I got the wrong idea.


      Responding to your paragraph about your favourite album(s), mine is The Marshall Mathers LP, then The Slim Shady LP comes second but only just. I feel The Eminem Show has a few holes here and there structurally however that could just be me nitpicking at very minor flaws. All the rest I won’t continue talking about from here, I’d rather write about my full thoughts some place else.

  12. Your profile now displays 99.99% completion, please come back to be 100% again!

  13. The Instant Games Collection (do people still call it that?) titles are not free by any means. In my eyes you spend money on a PlayStation Plus subscription, part of that revenue goes to the developers/publishers of the game(s) that are offered to make up for what could be proper sales. When exclusives are being offered along with Sony running the service, I imagine only third party publishers are the ones in need of compensation. Again, nothing is truely free when running a PlayStation console, however I don't see a good enough reason not to keep referring to these games as "free". Imagine how annoying it would be to go from calling these "free games" after years of habit to then elaborate on how the IGC isn't free at all whenever I discuss the perks of being a PS Plus Member. That's all I'm going to say about this.
  14. That’s why I said either/or. I can tell my trophy data is collected from all platforms but the other stats I’m unsure about.
  15. “Ahhh! It’s Rewind time.” 11 PS4 games played Top 3 games are Battlefield 4 (45 hours), Need For Speed 2015 (36 hours) & inFAMOUS: Second Son (27 hours). First Person Shooter is my top genre 357 hours played. 800 total gameplay hours 740 locally (93%), 60 online (8%). 36 days played Most popular day/time of the week is Saturday afternoon. 3038 total trophies earned 74 platinum, 518 gold, 976 silver & 1470 bronze. 19 games claimed from PlayStation Plus. For whatever reason some games are added to my library but aren't counted with the other titles. Uncharted 4, Just Cause 4, Modern Warfare 2 Remastered and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider are examples for me personally. 42 hours played online Battlefield Hardline is my most played game online. That’s my 2020 stats. Just like past years, so much appears to be missing either because I’m playing on PS3/Vita and these platforms don’t count or Sony’s data collection is all over the place. I don’t expect 2021 to be any more accurate.