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  1. I don't care exactly what's going on, this and every other trophy related cause is fucking lost. Just move on and play another game but if you want said trophies this badly then maybe you should stop trophy hunting.
  2. Thank you for pointing this out. With this I can see my wishlist, game pages for watched items and recommendations, view my cart, add/remove products to it and complete purchases (pretty sure the downloads list can be viewed from the purchase complete screen but I forgot to check after making a small transaction, sorry). BTW don't forget you can take advantage of your friends' wishlists too and check for any games/add-ons/themes/avatars etc. on theirs you want to add to yours.
  3. Another year, another meh BF sale full of 20-30% discounts for recent releases that people should save for later. I don’t imagine December will be any better despite Sony ditching the infamous “12 Deals Of Christmas” offer 2 or 3 years back. The January Sale is my favourite of all sales and every year it seems to start earlier than the last, too bad after the previous one there would be no more discounts for PS3/Vita titles.
  4. The Australian URL/hyperlink gives me a message saying the page I’m looking for no longer exists and either I go back here or get sent to the new web store. What a fucking shame.
  5. Just tested the game on a guest user, the game has 1 platinum (obviously), 3 gold, 5 silver and 42 bronze trophies. That’s 51 trophies total at 1350 trophy points (1230 pre-PS5), most of which are unlocked by completing the “mayo stories” and achieving 10,000 clicks, but you can get to much faster than before by mashing X + DS4/DS5 Touchpad simultaneously.
  6. Anyone know what the trophy list looks like? I’m talking about the grade layout, as in how many gold, silver and/or bronze trophies are with the platinum?
  7. November 16/17 2020, debug mode can still be accessed (Jak II version 1.03). Using this I collected all trophies within a minute.
  8. Right now nothing more has been revealed and no age-rating board reports have been sighted regarding any future NFS remasters, though I will say that because this seems to be happening with games by Criterion be prepared for a Most Wanted 2012 remaster for 2021 or 2022.
  9. For anyone using a Sony/PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset 2.0 (or any other first-party audio accessory like this) do not insert a paperclip or sewing needle into the small hole on the left side of the headset in between the sound/chat buttons and the power slider. Just recently I was playing around with this headset I’ve been using for 2-3 years so I could reset my audio modes from the PS4 companion app. I did not look at instructions, read text / watch videos from the internet before doing this. Due to taking the hands-on approach I put my pin into the incorrect hole, turns out that hole was the internal microphone and the real reset hole was on the Wireless adaptor. Testing/adjusting the microphone level now receives no audio and the yellow/blue/red bar jumps all over the place. This has since made me mildly infuriated as I’ve rarely used chat with these on many devices except now if I want to I can’t. I was likely going to get a new headset in a couple of months anyway but now this can be on my to-do list, Maybe I can get that new PS5 Pulse 3D headset? I couldn’t find existing forum/discussion here and on other forums where someone has previously learnt this the hard way so I’m going to post it here to prevent any future mishaps. Mods can change the topic category if I posted this in the wrong place, note there isn’t a forum page for console accessories (PSVR is an exception).
  10. Can almost confirm this is a server issue. It started happening a couple of times to me after the 1-100 > 1-999 trophy level change.
  11. Well shit, another feature/ability stripped away by Sony for absoluely no reason. How does Sony even create an excuse for this and the other moves they've made like this? Now I'm guessing there won't be ANY USB/External Storage media player for the PS5 either along with this tom-fuckery?
  12. Got the platinum yesterday. It’s just as difficult, if not a tiny bit more difficult than Need For Speed Heat, a game I thought was pretty decent but now I’ve decided to praise it more based on my experience with Payback. I lacked comprehension throughout the story, the ending made me question the whole point of Tyler, Mac and Jess wanting taking down The House in the first place. Based off the game’s title it’s got to do with revenge or something? Fuck do I know. After this and a number of misc. trophies I had to focus on all the activities, collectables and roaming racers before getting the platinum. The activities here aren’t difficult, but there were a few Speed Runs and Drift Zones made difficult because of traffic. Speed Traps and Jumps aren’t that challenging at all with the right vehicle. As for the collectables, I found it weird how fewer billboards there are in Fortune Valley compared to Palm City (Heat), Fairhaven (Most Wanted 2012) and even Paradise City from Burnout Paradise. None are hard but then there’s the Gambler’s Chips. Why do you have to actually touch them to collect? This made it incredibly frustrating for those that in the air and require the right speed before jumping and to face right at it. These are by far the worst NFS collectables of this generation. Then there’s the roaming racers, there really isn’t much to say about these. I’ve mentioned previously in a different topic how disappointing the soundtrack is for this game and that I’ve had to turn down the music settings in favour of my USD drive with MP3 files that I care about. To me this and anything story related are the two biggest failures with this game, everything else about the game is ok.
  13. In my opinion I think that playing PS4 games on PS5 through backwards compatibility should continue using the existing PS4 trophy lists, but if it’s like Cyberpunk 2077 or Spider-Man Miles Morales where the PS4 and PS5 versions are seperate releases then they should be seperate lists (even if there’s a PS4>PS5 upgrade available). Any remasters should also be forced to have a new trophy stack.
  14. Like others who’ve posted in this topic, I believe that PS3 game graphics differs for every game, though I will say that I feel lot of the games which haven’t aged well are from 2006-2009. Some 2010 games look poor but from 2011 and beyond the majority of releases do appear better.
  15. Ignoring the easy 30-45 minute platinum trophy, I wouldn't know why there would be limited run copies of this game. Physical copies of Ratalaika ports make more sense because (for the most part) their games do feel like games, but a great deal of Sometimes You's catalogue consists of shovelware, this game included. If it's not a LR release then it's likely a Japanese stack, if so then why did they get it so late (like other games that recieve a JP trophy list months after WW release)? If so, how is there still a demand for release games for the Vita after Sony replaced the old web store and refuses to fix the Vita store to display many recent release missing on there? I don't know how the PS Store experience on the Vita is in Japan, but I'd imagine there would be less reason for Ratalaika, Sometimes You and Lightwood to continue publishing Vita versions after these changes Sony's made to slowly kill off the legacy platforms. One of these publishers has highlighted how releasing Vita games has become a struggle because of the costs involved in publishing products that charge less money and sell to fewer consumers, and the events of 2020 have certainly contributed to this difficulty. I want to make it clear that I'm happy there are people who continue to care for the Vita, I just don't see how Vita Island can keep going with all of these decisions being made against it for the sake of inconvenience. All good thing come to and for sure, but the appoach Sony and that scum Jim Ryan are taking with this (and the PlayStation brand as a whole since the Xbox One failed effectively switching the roles played during the 7th Generation) is incredibly appauling. Shame on them for running their buisness completely for profit rather than to make and deliver quality products and services, then make a lot of money because of it.