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  1. I had this happen to me 2 days ago, both here and on other trophy sites. Never changed my trophy privacy settings or chose to hide any of my one games. All I had to do to fix it was unlock a new trophy, sync it and update it here. Having seen this thread I'm glad it wasn't just a one-time issue with my account. Judging by the first page of the leaderboards I see Hakoom and another account with the same problem.
  2. Here's another example of a topic with the same Chrome unsecure message (an old Motorstorm RC topic). I have a feeling it's got to do with some user's trophy cards / image URLs in their signatures.
  3. I’ve always wanted to see this for games, but what if a user’s first trophy is from a DLC pack before making progress on the base game? Example: You start playing the Battlefield 4 multiplayer, your first trophy is from one of the DLCs and then you start focusing on the base game afterwards, unlocking the platinum having left out the other DLC trophies. Does the platinum completion stopwatch begin at the first DLC trophy or upon earring a trophy from the base game? I’m going to assume it starts at the DLC trophy (I’ve never seen someone in the situation above so I’m not too sure) but I was just wondering how the feature the OP suggested would work.
  4. From what I’ve heard this game the co-op in this game is exclusively local (no option to play with friends or matchmaking) which can be bad for trophy hunters who don’t have extra controllers and others willing to assist, but ultimately now because of people still isolating in their homes with nobody visiting them (I know restrictions are being loosened across different countries but still). As for the trophies it doesn’t look bad at all, just a couple of grindy ones. I haven’t seen much of Dungeons as I’m not satisfied with the current state of Minecraft and how Micro$oft have been managing it. Constant re-releasing and discontinuing different releases of the game, making pointless game adjustments, adding new content (that most of the time isn’t important or makes things worse) and most importantly, monetisation. However this appears to be an entirely seperate product so I hope MS approaches post-launch content/updates differently.
  5. Thank you OP for pointing this out! Having this be my first LEGO game in a while (and on this account) at zero cost is great! I was put off by the Ninjago Movie simply because I wasn’t into this sub-franchise, but I guess I’ll have to watch it now because of this. From what I’ve heard it’s better than the slightly-disappointing LEGO Movie 2 (which I watched on a flight to Los Angeles lol).
  6. I did it because there’s an easy way to unlock the A Guy Called Quest trophy by accessing the first version of the game. Among the many bugs/exploits that existed upon launch was a “God Glitch” where players could edit the Story/Adventure mode levels and by doing this it was possible to use quest tweakers to activate/complete all of the quests. More information can be found in the trophy guide on this site.
  7. The PS3 Store is working here in Australia, mind you it runs like crap and it crashes after excessive use especially when using the search function. Nothing out of the ordinary really, at least from my experiences with the last-gen PlayStation Store...
  8. Go to these coordinates: (X: 35, Y: 68, Z: 24) then dig down from there until your elevation is at Y: 15. Here you will end up inside the stronghold with the end portal. The portal room entrance is at (X: 27, Y: 9, Z: 30).
  9. This method for collecting the prize bubble trophies from the community is highly suggested over any other means.
  10. My first platinum for this account is Burnout Paradise (PS3). Back nine months ago (early July 2019) after creating this user the first thing I did was (re)start Borderlands 2 from the PS4 Handsome Collection and after each sitting I'd end up completing three easy 100% games (I thought about not adding these games to my fresh profile but I couldn't resist). I paid close attention to the upcoming server shoudown for the original release of this title prior to account creation and decided I'd pause focusing on Borderlands 2 to start Burnout Paradise and earn all of the trophies before the online closure (I already owned BP on disc and installed all DLCs before they were delisted). I managed to earn the platinum plus all other offline/online trophies without finding boosting partners (with the exception of Cops & Robbers) unlocking 2 left over trophies from DLCs a week later because I wanted to continue (re)playing Borderlands 2.
  11. Every weekday I look at this part of the PS Store to watch out for any interesting stuff (like when Activision accidentally leaked the Spyro pre-order avatar/theme for a day or two without cost) and I noticed the lack of new content at the end of the year myself. It was about time Sony took action against all the shitty Google image search copy&paste avatars/themes, but because of this I won’t see anything from TurantPixel or developers who care to release quality store items. As much as I want custom avatars like what Xbox Live introduced I never thought Sony would do such a thing for the PSN as they make a % of the revenue theme/avatars earned from sales (unless Sony released it themselves they make it all). Do you think they’d replace something that creates profit with something that doesn’t, even if the move makes little difference to them financially? On a side note, imagine Sony does implement custom avatars those that users have selected which are rare to find/obtain would lose their value. For example when Star Wars The Last Jedi was available for digital pre-order via PlayStation Video customers would receive bonus character avatars. Whenever I’d see someone with one of those I know they just spent money on something they’d never buy otherwise (admit it, people would be happy to tip Mickey Mouse just to have BB-8 or Luke Skywalker as their profile picture). If custom avatars is greenlit then these would mean nothing as I could just search for the same images and use them myself, but this doesn’t concern me at all. I will fully support such a move should it be made.
  12. Is Sony no longer updating the IOS/Android app or have they completely pulled it from app stores so if I should delete it I can’t get it back? I was just using it on my iPhone for 15-20 minutes today and experienced no issues.
  13. It should be noted that this challenge is retroactive. Players should already have completed at least the tier 1 requirements of this challenge without even trying after completing the tier 5 of the point-blank kill challenge. Same applies with the revealed challenge after the tier 5 rocket launcher splash damage challenge.
  14. The ability for developers to hide trophies is trivial. Sony added the feature to unhide them for PS4 and PC/IOS/Android some time ago and there's always the internet (YouTube video guides and trophy websites) to find out what the trophies are. The reason they exist is for story related trophies that may include titles or descriptions revealing plot points, but most trophies on the PSN that are hidden don't need to be so that's another reason I'm not a fan of the idea. I'm with the OP, I believe hiding secret trophies should be default but there should be a setting where you can change this like how you can choose between PSN or PSNP as your preferred trophy rarity (PSNP being default of course).
  15. Interesting to see the Vita on this list. Guess it has something to do with it's browser being unpopular to data collectors and service providers moderating activity from that device?