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  1. The 100 hour trophy should be illegal for games like this and whoever put it in here is Lifeless. Everything else should take a couple of hours at the most. Also is that an World Of Warcraft meme reference I see?
  2. I lack understanding as to why the trophy list would be altered to increase the difficulty and hours (should this be the case). Sure F2P games want people to keep playing but it's not like Sony has put in place a rule so that these titles are (for the most part) never to offer easier / normal effort trophy lists, right?
  3. Borderlands 1 cross-save is one way. It can only go from PS3 to PS4, not the other way around.
  4. I agree that these kinds of people are annoying to come across on many 10,000+ member communities (most I've seen are GTAV attention whores) but to me removing these players from communities isn't worth it because there are just so many of them, they can be easily replaced and technically they're not breaking any rules unless the message of the day (or community description) is against advertising or off-topic posts/discussion and community moderation is enforced. Do people even look at those messages anyway? I sure do, but you can't trust every user to be like me. It might be difficult but I could suggest ignoring these users all together? Ah, who am I to ask. Since Sony decided for no reason to take away support for the PS4 Communities iOS/Android App I lost my preferred way to frequently use this feature, therefore I can't even comment about how PS4 Communities are today. Because of this I decided I'd moved to Reddit completely (my Cake Day is June 28th, in case anyone here cares). Sure Reddit has it's problems, but I'm afraid there aren't any better or more appropriate alternatives should one migrate.
  5. A bit odd for a game that's already damn cheap to be discounted. I guess a sale is still a sale but it's not like anyone was waiting to get the trophies at 1 USD.
  6. Glad I'm not the only one here wondering if the new consoles will support Full HD / 1080p TVs. I cannot see myself buying a new console, a second controller AND a new TV all at once (>$800 + $110 + thousands more AUD spent on jumping to the 9th Gen, It's just not gonna happen based on what I'm observing).
  7. Displaying DLC trophy rarities based off overall game owners would give less meaning to the UR rarity class for sure (DLC trophies being a cheap way of unlocking UR's) but this is my only reasoning for the Geo. Mean to exist.
  8. I have one game that’s as close as it is to getting a platinum trophy and that is Ratchet & Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal (PS3 HD). All I need to do is get the 5 skill points that involve speedrunning the Quark Vidcomics, which I plan to achieve on a later date.
  9. I can confirm this for the PS3 disk (Australia/Region 2/BLES02215) which I recently bought second hand at CEX for $8. Upon visiting the main menu I selected episodes it said on episode 6 “purchased, but not downloaded”, clicked on that and it took me to a menu prompting me to download episode 6 and 45 minutes later installed without any problems.
  10. The majority of PS3 (and Vita games too) haven't been discounted since the big January Sale 8-9 months ago, at least in the European PSN region. I don't know what's going on elsewhere.
  11. Still no info as to which date the F2P move will be made?
  12. I purchased a 48 hour server rental for Battlefield 4 over half a year ago to find this out but I couldn't adjust this setting to anything lower (same outcome applies to Hardline). Even if that was possible (like other gameplay/server adjustments) it would probably make it an unranked server which I think disables trophies, but I don't know because I only ever played ranked/official servers on either BF4 or Hardline.
  13. Children getting into trophy hunting in 2010: Megamind (PS3) Children getting into trophy hunting in 2020: Educational Games For Kids (PS4) I mean, kids gotta start somewhere don’t they? The flag game would’ve been my shit had this game existed 15 or whatever years ago because I was obsessed with looking at world atlas books and country flags at a young age. My knowledge is better now (obviously) but I don’t think I can recognise a lot of the African nations because there are so many if them and most use the same thee colours. Also how can one possibly recognise the flags of Indonesia vs. Monaco and Romania vs. Chad?
  14. For whatever reason this is a thing that happens in the game, therefore it’s not cheating (at least in my eyes) though an exception will have to me made to this title for flagging altogether unless timestamps are modded to appear well before release or on a date that hasn’t happened yet. I do find it funny that because of this you don’t ever have to actually play the game so long as the second controller/account has previously unlocked all the trophies. Does the alt user need to have a save file which it ulocked the platinum for present on the console or do you just need the trophies synced for the game to recognise trophies between accounts? If the syncing is all that’s needed could finding a person IRL to install Cat Quest 2 on my PS4 from their account and doing the auto-pop for me be an option?
  15. For me it popped after completing all 3 beginning worlds with all 3 characters, completing one more stage with the red crab (whatever the name is), then exiting the menu to select a different character’s profile.