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  1. I can’t read any of this without seriously exercising my eyeballs.
  2. Has the option to purchase this expansion on it’s own been removed or is it just difficult to find the DLC on the PlayStation store? With the Shadowkeep expansion on discounted because of the Black Friday sales I was convinced to get Forsaken but couldn’t find it. I went to the in-game store to buy the DLC from there but it would instead take me to a downloads page. After that I decided to search for it on psprices.com but the results weren’t up to date. Then I searched for it on the US store and it’s still there but I’d prefer not to delete and reinstall 91 GB again so I can access the DLC. Unfortunately other countries in the EU PlayStation region don’t have the DLC either. So, what now? I’m very aware there are other ways of obtaining this DLC but I don’t care about any of the content released after because there’s no trophies involved. EDIT: Nevermind. Bungie was aware of the issue and then sorted it out shortly after, but I ended up missing out on the 40% discount for Black Friday and I’m uncertain as to if/when Forsaken on it’s own will be on sale.
  3. This is the one reason I don’t like the ranking system. No other trophy website has a thing like this so why does PSNP need it? I hate looking at my profile with all my games at an S or A rank except for one or two because that’s what the ranks do. The system makes me obsess too much over my trophies/games than I really need to. Telltale’s The Walking Dead S1 and Borderlands GOTY (both the PS4 releases) are exceptions because all of the DLCs are included with the game, although I’ll admit getting a C rank upon earning the platinum for TWD before starting the 400 Days DLC seems ridiculous.
  4. Borderlands 3 comes to mind.
  5. It has to be from the same country, even in the situation where the two countries use the same currency. For example I could purchase an Italian PSN code for my Belgian account (I don’t actually have a European PSN account). Both countries have the EU currency (€) yet despite this the Belgian PSN account won’t recognise my Italian code because it has to be in the same country. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Japan a seperate PlayStation region from the rest of Asia?
  6. Damn! I got both seasons of Batman from the EU store from the Halloween sale and now I regret buying them when I did. I’m in the United States right now, bought a PSN code just days ago for my NA account so I guess I’m gonna get The Wolf Among Us. Everyone says good things about it but I’ve been hesitant to try it for a while, (until now hehe)...
  7. I choose Ender Pearls from Minecraft. Just throw them at anywhere and I’ll teleport to when it lands. The downsides are that it will harm me every time I use one and I need to make sure it lands on a surface. If an Ender Pearl lands on a wall or ceiling I will fall to the ground at heights humans can’t physically land successfully without breaking legs or falling to their death.
  8. *Screenshot from the Australian PS Store* This exact product was released for the EU PlayStation Store region a month ago but was taken down a day or two later.
  9. Platinum Trophy #23: Batman: The Telltale Series I'm Batman Complete Batman Enjoyment: People say this is among Telltale's weakest licenses but I enjoyed this one. A number of choices mattered in this and there are a number of choices I'd feel bad about if I picked one option over the other, proving that I cared about what's going on in the plot. This gets an 8.3 out of 10 from me. Difficulty: This is not needed for (most) Telltale trophy lists.
  10. Platinum Trophy #22: Battlefield Hardline (PS3) Platinum Trophy (duh!) Collect all other Battlefield Hardline trophies PSN rarity: 0.4% PSNP rarity - 4.99% (ultra rare by 0.02%)
  11. The reason there hasn't been any DLC trophies for this title is because EA/DICE ditched season passes for free game updates that only offer cosmetic items (most of the time they recycle existing content then call it "new") and a new map every six months.
  12. I'm going with LBP3 on this one. I won't go for it because I can't be bothered acing all the adventure levels (the hardest part of this platinum) but other than that it really isn't that difficult for a platinum with less than 2% rarity on PSNP (PS4 trophy list). If your playing digital version of LBP3 on the PS4 release I'd suggest obtaining the disc version for the 'A Guy Called Quest' trophy. The reason I'm saying this is because obtaining this trophy legit is not worth your time when there's a "God Glitch" on 1.00 where you can edit story/adventure levels and by doing this you can obtain this trophy easy (but not how it was supposed to be unlocked but this is in no way is flaggable). Look up the trophy guide on this site for text/video on how to do this. As for why obtaining the said trophy normally is ridiculous is because two of the quests required for this trophy require 2 players and there another that needs 4 players. You'll either need 4 controllers and people you know who will want to play with you locally or heavily rely on boosting for this trophy. Also some quests are harder than they need to be (El Jeff's quest, anyone?) but maybe that's just me. Do be aware that there are bugs that can corrupt adventure saves upon the game crashing or freezing as the game is saving data (when the animated icon is visible on the corner of the screen) so back up your saves to a USB or to the PS Plus cloud storage.
  13. I never use the PlayStation Store using the PS App for a number of reasons. The layout of the mobile version is one and another is I can't complete transactions using PayPal.
  14. *cough* Leafy *cough* Just checked my Vita reading this and I got the same error code. For me I’m getting the message “The connection to the server or device has been terminated.” For some reason everything else is fine except for the PlayStation Store.
  15. I still don’t understand what the deal is with PSNP and how it’s collecting trophy/profile data from Sony’s servers. This has been an issue since the beta for the PSN name change was introduced. Months after auto-updating for profiles was fixed for (almost) all players but then weeks later the feature was made public, which reinforced this to happen again. Unless he’s said he couldn’t do anything about the situation and I’ve miss it, the only action I’m aware Sly has taken was to fix this for premium members. Everyone else has to update their profiles to get it working again and that’s not going to happen considering there’s only 297,000+ accounts registered with a forum profile (most inactive since 2014-2016) out of over 4.1 million tracked players (a lot of profiles haven’t earned trophies in years anyway). This isn’t about the auto-updating issue but I really can’t understand why some unfortunate souls haven’t got that the site is mostly made up of trophy hunters (casual or serious). You’re sure going to expect player numbers to be far from the number of people who’ve played the game altogether. For example, the PS3 release of GTA V is second on the most game owners list at 1,120,000+ players which means that 1 out of 4 tracked players on the site have this game on their profile. However this is the best selling game for the PS3 (funny for a game released 2 months Sony released the PS4) so it’s sold way more than what this site says and this is because of what I’ve said at the beginning of this paragraph. What I find funny is that games like Black Ops 2, Uncharted 3 and LittleBigPlanet that are on in the Top 10 of the game owners list are gaining player numbers at an equal rate to games released half a year ago. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has many more recent players than the 3 games I’ve previously mentioned, but I’m willing to believe they are all increasing player counts at the same number because most users who are added to the site daily will own either one of, 2 or all 3 games (even if they haven’t played them in years) and those who are playing The Division 2 are updating their profile with the game new to their collection. TL;DR - PSNP game stats are (mostly) in favour of games released over half a decade ago.