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  1. Platinum Trophy #18 and 1000th trophy: Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012) None More Wanted PSN Rarity: 0.7% PSNProfiles Rarity: 6.73% Difficulty: between 3 and 5 out of 10 (this depends on how skilled you are at driving/racing games) Enjoyment: 7.8/10 (IMO the last good NFS title but only because it's developed by Criterion Games)
  2. Plat #17: Rocket League Virtuoso PSN rarity = 4.5% PSNProfiles rarity = 21.15%
  3. Mass hysteria! I never noticed this until now. I always enjoyed mocking shovel ware on PSN for incorrectly spelling words on trophy names and/or descriptions but having this happen to a proper release on the trophy list's game title is next level. Grammar Nazis incoming!
  4. For me whenever I use it for more than 2 and a half minutes it creates massive performance issues for my console. If it's laggy enough it will crash my console and half a minute later it will appear with a system error message and give me the option to report it to Sony. Unfortunately the same thing happens after browsing the PlayStation Store for a few minutes too. I've been using the same PS4 since day one so maybe my console is the problem. Who really knows?
  5. Someone post this on Reddit ASAP!
  6. Well, looks like I'm gonna have to spend an extra 549 AUD when I get my hands on this game! The things I do for trophies...
  7. Other than being a reference to the early internet (when memes were used as a means of communication), I’ve never understood the reason for this milestone to exist. I’m still waiting for my 69th, 420th and 666th trophy milestones.
  8. I know right. First Pantsu Hunter: Back To The 90’s, now this? Except this one’s published by Ratalaika games (queue the hate comments!)
  9. You know, there’s a reason Danger Close became DICE LA. Even if Medal Of Honor Warfighter was as good as the game before that it wouldn’t have standed a chance against Black Ops 2 releasing the next week. The only games I’ve ever played were the 2 I just mentioned and I gotta say Warfighter wasn’t very exciting. The multiplayer was incredibly boring, but maybe that’s just because DICE was responsible for the online for the 2010 reboot for Danger Close to focus on the campaign. Now about the video itself, judging by it I don’t believe the game is going to end up that bad if I’m completely honest. The only thing that could possibly stuff this up is either a poor narrative/story or repetitive/uninventive gameplay (or both). Funny how Respawn decided to make the game as it is because I honestly thought EA never cared about VR (besides the free DLC released for Battlefront 2015). You’d think from a moneylusting video game publisher’s perspective they wouldn’t make this decision because your limiting the game to a specific demographic of consumers. Less than 10% of gamers who own a PS4 have the PlayStation VR (should the game require the use of the Aim/Move Controllers is another limitation) which is why not many VR games sold on the platform are commercial hits (besides Beat Saber I guess).
  10. Have you tried ? It’s a third party site I discovered over half a year ago that I choose over Battlelog. There’s also sites for other games including Battlefield 3, Hardline, Medal Of Honor 2010 & MOH Warfighter.
  11. There's no trophy called "Nut up or shut up", such a wasted opportunity. Other than that I agree the trophy collection looks good. I wouldn't mind having the platinum as a milestone. I enjoyed Zombieland quite a bit when I decided to watch it for the first time a few months back, but I do hope the run time for the sequel is longer this time. The first movie felt too short for me.
  12. I used this method with a guest user assigned to my second controller (PS4 Handsome Collection). It took me 43 moonstone grinds to get the 20 luneshine needed for the challenge. Often I’d grind the weapons I’d receive from the item grinds as those didn’t require moonstones to grind either (in other words, they didn’t have level requirements).
  13. This was the first thing I took notice of when I was browsing this list. I’m sure glad the platinum trophy icon isn’t the box art or game logo this time!
  14. Does Dead Island: Game Of The Year Edition on PS3 count? I’m aware there’s a Japanese trophy stack for that game so I don’t really know what the situation was between the Japanese and WW VanillalGOTY releases.
  15. I really, really like this trophy set. I kind of expected the platinum trophy to be titled “Borderland Defender Round Three” but I prefer Ultimate Vault Hunter more. The trophy images are the best of all games IMO. I’ll be looking forward to this game alot but I’m gonna wait until there’s a GOTY/Complete Edition after all the DLCs have come out because I refuse to pay $150 AU for the Super Deluxe Edition because I’ve got too much going on with other games ATM. I’m currently playing The Pre-Sequel and I have yet to get around to the first game. My interest for the franchise started after Sony gave away The Handsome Collection for PS Plus members and wouldn’t have touched the game otherwise. I played Tales From The Borderlands when that was offered back in May 2017 and remember enjoying that, but wasn’t convinced to play any of the proper titles afterwards.