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  1. My first trophy achieved on this account was First One’s Free from Borderlands 2 on PS4 as the Handsome Collection was offered through PS Plus back in June 2019. Unlocked on July 4, 2019 at 6:27:11 PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time, that’s my timezone).
  2. Borderlands 3 comes to mind, aesthetically Gearbox won me in making the icons like church windows. Too bad the game’s quality narratively speaking isn’t particularly great and on top of that a select few glitches still casually persist, unlike the rest of the game which comes close to being the best in the franchise (at least in my opinion).
  3. Unfortunately due to the recent announcement about all LBP community servers for both PS3 and Vita, this method is now impossible meaning you must complete this trophy 100% as it was originally intended. Only this time online co-op is not possible to complete the 2x, 3x and 4x player sections so unless you've got a few DualShock 3 controllers lying around and friends IRL with you who are all happy to help, you cannot get this trophy. If I'm not mistaken it's even worse for those wanting 100% goodies and prizes on LBP Vita given there's no way to play Ad-Hoc/LAN with other nearby Vita systems. This topic can be ignored unless plans change (like what we saw earlier in the year when the decision to close the PlayStation Store for PS3/Vita was scrapped) but for now I must say farewell to the LBP servers across any and all retired PlayStation consoles...
  4. "I bet you would've preferred if these were just eleven golds, wouldn't you?" You placed your bets wrong, actually. I prefer 6 bronze for every 1 gold or 3 silvers replacing more gold trophies instead of 1 gold times 11 with a platinum equals a 1275 point trophy set. If I'm gonna be a bitch for PlayStation Trophies I should at least try to avoid having an equal or higher count of gold trophies vs. silvers/bronze trophies, admittedly this act of gold whoring has become a very common sight among top charters on the PSNP leaderboards. For some much needed context, I recommended taking a good look at how many accounts have sinned (Gluttony is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, may I remind readers) on the first page of the Australian and New Zealand country leaderboards. I'm not going to name names but you know who you are, bitches with the goal to be in the Top 50. You can all expose my hypocrisy for saying all this (while being the owner of easy platinums/trophies myself) as you wish but you should know that I'll always be one step ahead of you. Why you ask? Because I haven't fallen for certain publishers of these kinds of games. You know exactly which ones I choose not fuck with the most, as the following studio list follows... Breakthrough Gaming? The studio behind Lizard Lady vs. the Cats, whatever their name is? Fuck 'em both. Smobile Inc.? Just take a Goddamn break already! Random-spin? I'll likely retire after that Funny Truck bullshit you lil' buggers did a month or two ago. Ratalaika? EastAsiaSoft? Sometimes You? "I'll be watching you, Wazowski." Green Lava Studios? I know I'm not Dre, but “Hell Yeah!” You guys definitely get my approval. ...Oh, and Otterific? Do continue your attention to detail with your trophy descriptions, trophy point/grade balancing. At least you're good on those, not so much the games themselves. Perhaps you could review over that again, yes-no?
  5. 100% agree this was just shit advertising. I could never really tell if Sega was referring to this bonus as in-game profile images (profile customisation options, etc.) or if they would be PSN avatars but chose to never be too worded it themselves due to translation error(s) that have somehow made it widespread enough past marketing check. Additionally, what’s the point of adding/changing PFP’s inside the game when this isn’t an online multiplayer and/or co-op focused game so only you can benefit from these as your playing or when friends are watching you too but normally? Just allow your default PSN avatar to be used/synched in, for God sakes! bloody hell…
  6. Same applies to Minecraft PS3 Edition to match the PS4 and Vita Editions, then the PS4 Edition changed upon the release of Bedrock. Sound Shapes PS3 had it’s primary colour changed from light orange to red with the PS4/Vita release too. There are plenty more examples of games that have changed their title cards for reasons other than to match or deviate from other platform stacks, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier and Life Is Strange 2 did this shortly after release and both look better now versus the original images used. Oddly I can recall when the LittleBigPlanet 3 PS4 trophy list fixed it’s titled card after accidentally recycling the image used for LittleBigPlanet 2, the PS3 version’s stack was unaffected by this. On it’s still possible to see the original title cards being used for some of the games mentioned above as they I don’t imagine they do anything to update these besides manually selecting rectangular cards to replace all the squares. was also like this up until the launch of their major site revision to coincide with the release of PS5.
  7. Ah ok, I can see there's no real demand for the stand based the image with your PS5 console/accessory collection visible from your signature (I missed that because I spend the majority of my time browsing PSNP on my iPhone 11 set to portrait/default rotation, the rest is on my home desktop or my laptop). Should I have seen this before I wouldn't have replied to the topic asking but thanks anyway, I guess haha.
  8. AFAIK this version/stack of H1Z1 is still available for purchase and download on the Japanese PlayStation Store. However once it’s been installed and you start the game every attempt logging into the servers will time out and fail. Given how the developer, Daybreak, cares little to none about their own product (yet they refuse to pull the plug despite their obvious failure) I cannot imagine they will bring back support to the game for the JP region of all issues, making the 100% unobtainable if you’ve previously unlocked any one or more trophies from this stack. Now Off-Quote: For the sake of a rant, I cannot express simply how pathetic this game’s continued existence is when you can see how much better every other F2P/BR is preforming (based on active player count, revenue and continued content/maintenance from developers) in the digital market. If Daybreak has zero interest in surviving against the reigns of Fortnite, Apex Legends & Call Of Duty: Warzone then why hasn’t H1Z1 just completely shut down already? Heck, how about Daybreak just go fucking bankrupt? This might be a little bit harsh for me to say but please don’t get me wrong, I know the loss of employment is bad and all but I’m sure the scum fucks “working” on this game will do just fine getting opportunities at EA, Activision/Blizzard or for one of the other big bad wolves just fine. “Ok now your working with Cryte… Aww what’s the matter, don’t like the big crunch? Well boohoo fucker. Bad companies don’t become bad without bad people making the decisions now do they? You were previously working for Daybreak, yes?” TL;DR (I guess?) - Trophies and regional stacks aside, H1Z1: Battle Royal is a disaster that’s well overdue be put down (euthanasia, metaphorically speaking) and I believe too many people underestimate how bad things are. When the game inevitably does shut down nobody will be missing it, instead gamers will move onto another Battle Royale if not already, ideally a title that’s given just a little bit more care compared to Daybreak’s negligence against H1Z1. The longer Daybreak goes without admitting they’re incompetent boobs, the less forgiving my already very unforgiving reaction to this game will be. “Still don’t believe me? I recommend you go browse the developer/game forums and take a look for yourself. If that doesn’t scream “this is a lost cause” then I’ve got no clue what does…”
  9. Nearly 2 full weeks ago as of writing I managed to pre-order a PS5 during Thursday Night Shopping, after lining up at a fairly busy EB Games retailer (that’s GameStop in Australia, BTW) where I was that night. Seeing as my country is the first to see these changes coming to action, between now and when I pick my console up, hopefully my order will be one of these lighter models. Especially with the second major (yet small) change involves replacing some screw that requires an appropriate screwdriver/coin or fingernail for one with just a round tightening grip. I believe this makes rotating your console easier if I’m correct? Right now I’m debating on whether I’d like the console standing up vertically or laying horizontally. I prefer both my D1/Vanilla PS4 and Slim PS3 placed horizontally because inserting/ejecting physical games, DVD’s etc. just looks and feels better this way, however in my eyes I see the PS5’s appearance/design looking to be more be in favour of vertical vs. horizontal display, you know - like a home internet router…
  10. I’m convinced this trophy is buggy because last night I won an episode of Squads scoring 1-0 with Fall Ball as the final round, but Low Baller did not show up (not even a delayed notification without the trophy image showing up which select games do, others on rare occasions). This was on my third time reaching the final round in which saw 2 full squads were qualified (8 players total, 4 on each team) on either Fall Ball or Jinxed being selected. I don’t think the fact these team games appeared last prevented the trophy unlocking as “winning” should equal “qualifying” in terms of how trophy requirements are met versus the trophy description not being too specific. Unfortunately I didn’t save footage of my gameplay so I don’t believe submitting a support ticket is an option. If I knew the trophy wouldn’t unlock I would’ve started recording just in case, I could’ve also saved the last 60 minutes by pressing square on my PS4’s share menu but once I remembered that it was too late, so why ask that I provide proof through means too few people will remember to do the moment? Additionally, you might be asked to provide a video to get the trophies fixed but a week or so later someone will ask about the same issue, like you they’ve not recorded video files for submitting the ticket but they weren’t asked to submit a video and just got it fixed first reply. Why the inconsistency? I’ve contacted them (MediaTonic) before about glitches trophies which they fixed without being asked to provide a video but how certain can I be this will be the case again? I believe that first time I was just lucky. Ah well, guess I must learn the hard way. My only option now is to spend Lord knows how much longer with this game and hope to come across Fall Ball or Jinxed again, qualify with just 1 point and hopefully the trophy pops as it should. If not I can press square after holding the share button to save a video should it glitch again (to assist with future support tickets) or I can start recording every time I come across said mini-games and stop after meeting the requirements. ATM it would be great if someone can please confirm from their experience that reaching the final round of Squads with 4v4 increases the chances of Fall Ball and/or Jinxed showing up? If so, I will focus on Squads from now. Trophy bug and glitches aside, my issue isn’t so much the likelihood of qualifying with 1-0 on either mini-game, rather the chances these mini-games will show up at all. If these rounds (or team mini-games altogether) appeared a bit more commonly I wouldn’t be here. Why this trophy has 40-50% rarity here on PSNP despite the how much RNG is at play and the possibility of it glitching and not unlocking just when you do what it says is beyond me.
  11. Try playing at x0.25 video playback, then pause the video and then rapidly play/pause again continuously to better read each body of text/dialogue?
  12. The ability to customise your membership title is given upon submitting 50 total forum posts. It appears you’ve posted with your profile 48 times now, just post another 2 here or on any other topic and you’ll get it. With that being said, I do think it’s weird it doesn’t say so when editing your profile prior to posting 50 times so you haven’t got to search for answers or create new topics like you’ve done so here. Surely because you’re also a premium member (a.k.a. you’ve paid money to fund PSNP and receive a number of benefits) another membership benefit could be for you (and other current/future premium members) to edit all available profile information regardless of the activity premium member profiles have made? That would be nice.
  13. My number one reason to subscribe to PS Now would be to access the PS3 titles, without these games I won’t subscribe. Not like I can anyway as it’s been years since the service was first introduced and I’ve yet to see it come to my country/region. Is Australia just not good enough for Sony vs. various EU countries (eg. Belgium) with the service despite lower populations? It can’t possibly be because of having to deal with each country’s legal systems so don’t tell me that’s the reason because it’s not. It’s Sony’s, and they’re back at it again with that couch potato flex! (I’m sorry.)
  14. I’ve seen this game selling for less than $5 at just about every retailer in Australia since the 2019 Christmas Holidays. If you’re gonna buy this game for such a low price you might as well buy it physically, that’s what I did. I’ve not started it since because there’s too many games in my backlog I want to begin before I force myself going through a game I might not enjoy so for nearly 2 years it’s just been sitting on my shelf, poor thing. Thought I’d bring up Rocket Arena too as @LunchCannon54 did, about a month ago I saw brand new copies being sold at JB HI-FI for $1 each. At this point they may as well give them away to everyone walking in and out of stores because (judging by the title and box-art) this screams of a game that should’ve been F2P but wasn’t and ultimately failed as a result. Sure, it was offered free to PS Plus members some time this year or last on top of being included with EA Play/Access but that didn’t do too much now, did it? To a certain extent I pity the developers from the studio behind this game for devoting hundreds of hours of their lives to creating their own product, then releasing it only to be sold for a price equal to a Frozen Coke at Maccas. But hey, that’s what can happen if you choose EA’s Originals program over other publishers or by simply self-publishing and managing your game… …And just because Blizzard released Overwatch for full price doesn’t mean you’re game is guarantee to see similar success. How many more Battleborns and Lawbreakers must the industry witness before they wake up and then we wouldn’t be complaining about these games like we did with Destruction All Stars? Just a personal observation.
  15. Come join the Australian servers! Right now everybody’s jumping around like House Of Pain, matchmaking is just as (if not more) frequent than US East and if you’re lucky enough you can unlock Infallible along with the other crown-related trophies. Hurry, there’s just over 24 hours is left as of this post’s submission time/date!