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  1. I only just noticed you’re now at number one position, big congratulations! :awesome: You well deserve this new #1 Worldwide position so now you can do what you can to keep it.


    Good luck for your gaming future and all...

    1. ikemenzi


      Thanks. I will keep it ^^

  2. This happened to me yesterday going for the 'Great View From Up Here' trophy. I died of fall damage due to knockback destroying an Ender Crystal being occupied by the Ender Dragon's heal beam and like you I saved my Tutorial World before jumping into the End Portal but any attempts to reload the world after exiting without saving upon my death will just create a new world with the existing save file. Can't tell you why or how this bug occurs but I don't imaging it will be fixed given Mojang / 4J Studios discontinued supporting the PS3 and PS Vita Editions back in late 2018. I can only recommend anyone reading this who's planning to do anything in The End to save the game before entering this dimension, quit the game and back up your save file(s) to your USB Storage Device or PS Plus Online Storage. Then should you fail again you can delete your save in-game and redownload it to your PS3's HDD to avoid losing your world and having to start all over again.
  3. I recall small chunks of this program from my single-digit years of childhood, playing with my LEGOs while ABC Kids was playing in the background television for my younger siblings. In my opinion this game should’ve received a platinum. Yes, I know it doesn’t look good, even for a children’s game however Mayo offers a platinum for a dollar while this is being listed for 50 or so times more but no platinum. Why?...
  4. Don’t get anticipated just yet everyone, all this PR redemption stuff going on at EA with the Battlefield franchise might sound quite promising but looking back I certainly have my doubts because EA isn’t a company exactly known for quality over quantity. Because of this, don’t just take their word for it now but make your mind up once you get a good enough idea of the overall opinions about the game upon the first week of release, maybe even months later. “Show, don’t tell.” You get what I’m saying. About the possibility of New Generation exclusivity (regardless of the PS5 stock situation that’s been going on for about six months now) I encourage such a decision. Battlefield 4 was a poster child of rushed, buggy games upon and after release (Oct/Nov 2013) with a PS3 and Xbox 360 version launching two weeks before the PS4 and Xbox One versions which coincided with the release of the new platforms. While Battlefield 4 (ignoring the PC version) certainly runs better on the 8th Generation consoles versus the previous Generation, I believe some part of this game’s piss poor quality was due to the lack of any performance boosting with the new 8th Gen technology at the time (again, let’s ignore 1080p Full HD etc.) as a result of accomodating PS3/360 releases mostly (if not, all) for profit. LittleBigPlanet 3 suffered similar consequences because players weren’t getting good enough benefits jumping from PS3 to PS4, however in this case the idea is much more present despite Sony’s overall intentions to pressure Sumo Digital to put the game on sale for the Black Friday and Christmas Markets. Dear DICE: if you’re gonna fuck this franchise up again like with BF4 and BFV a.k.a. “Everyone’s Battlefield” the least you can do is not make it available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Also please don’t think about adding a Battle Royale mode this time but if you do include one, please make it a standalone F2P release, like COD Warzone but with trophy support INCLUDING A PLATINUM TROPHY. Don’t make it too hard but not too doable either.
  5. Unless I’m mistaken, any and all games published by EA, Ubisoft, Activision and 2K/Rockstar do not support cross-buy. This doesn’t include any PS1/PS2 classics and PSP ports but you’re specifically asks for titles that aren’t cross-buy with the PS4 versions so you can just ignore this last sentence.
  6. Is it also possible to browse your friends' wishlists just like on the OG Browser Store or was this forgotten like every other small feature Sony has taken way from us for the sake of inconvenience?
  7. I'm certain I've said this twice before but I strongly believe that the PlayStation Network is the most unsuitable online gaming platform for social networking. Sony’s Terms Of Service favours authority over liberty much more than it’s competition which I have growing concern for going into the future. Already, many find that the current political landscape shared by many first-world countries allows little shits to feel oppressed by just about any aspect of society and/or pop culture (whatever things people enjoy), no matter the context they demand change “for the good” then if successful, their toxic ego grows larger whilst fucking things up for everyone else. Trust me, bullshit like this can never end until politicians and journalists both tell you so. Speaking of great power comes zero responsibility, very delicate beings (like the ones previously mentioned) gain satisfaction by screwing over others on the internet for commiting even the slightest violation against their chosen platform’s conditions of use. Unfortunately, PS4 Communities (which as I'm writing is gone for good) is no exception to this. At every corner, some fat bastard from behind the monitor will be ready to catch you, leaving you to wake up in the morning to discover your PSN account has been suspended. Personally, I was victum to this very situation and I got it the hard way upon receiving a permanent ban due to a big mistake I've made years prior. Back then I was told any future offences will result in account termination which I became very aware of. Years later without one warning, one little slip was enough to decide my fate and I have just one among 25,000+ members from one specific trophy hunting community for thank for that. Since creating this account I've chosen to significantly reduce my social activity within Sony's close reach, this includes abandoning PS4 Communities completely. This feature I will never miss...
  8. By any chance can someone please embed the tweet you’re referencing to a post in this topic? I would do it myself but I simply cannot stand Twatter (yes, I said “Twatter”). Importantly, I can never be too sure about the legitimacy around this situation because the message reads identical to any other big fix message from game studio/developer status updates.
  9. I’m unfamiliar with the Final Fantasy franchise, let alone MMO RPGs so I can’t really speak for this title but is this the first time any game is given a full platinum trophy list with not a single gold trophy in sight? I’ve always convinced myself that there’s a rule for developers who choose to include a platinum trophy with their game(s) to offer at least 1 gold, which could explain why you don’t see any games with all bronze (1 plat, 70 bronze) or all silver (1 plat, 35 silver) or mixed, despite meeting the 1260-1350 points range (was 1140-1230 until October 2020). I have no information to confirm such a rule exists for the trophy system (which has been around since July 2nd, 2008) and I’ve never come across anyone who shares this idea but if it was a rule, Sony must’ve abandoned it upon the PS5’s release. Already we’ve seen that trophy collections with tons of DLC can exceed 128 trophies (hello, DriveClub?) since Dead By Daylight PS5’s list went live and Tesla vs. Lovecraft’s PS5 base game list having well over 315 trophy points but no platinum. Now as of this list, we know it’s possible for games to have a platinum with no golds, just silvers and bronze. Not even the DLC lists have a gold trophy and I’m somewhat glad of this because too many easy games include about 8 or 11 golds, most above 90% PSNP rarity.
  10. Off the top of my head, here’s all the games I’ve got my sights on (as of post submission / last edit) because the physical version is very rare, the physical version is incomplete therefore DLC purchase is necessary or was never released outside of the digital market: PS3: Batman: A Telltale Series - Season Pass The Wolf Among Us: A Telltale Series - Season Pass The Walking Dead Michonne: A Telltale Miniseries Ratchet & Clank HD (Vita version included. Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal I’ve played already as purchased on my since banned account, I don’t care for these on Vita. Ratchet: Deadlocked / Gladiator was also purchased but I’ve yet to start it along with the rest of my massive backlog.) The Sly Cooper Trilogy HD (includes Vita versions, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves is my biggest focus as it’s no longer possible to obtain this game through physical purchase. Damn voucher codes.) The Jak & Daxter Trilogy (vita versions included) Far Cry Classic Far Cry 3 - U-Play Passport / Network Pass (if any) Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Far Cry 4 - Valley Of The Yetis DLC (Also Network Pass, if any) Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Vietnam DLC CounterStrike: Global Offensive (Digital Exclusive - North American region) PS Vita: The Walking Dead: A Telltale Series - The Complete First Season The Walking Dead Season Two: A Telltale Series - Season Pass The Wolf Among Us: A Telltale Series - Season Pass Minecraft PlayStation Vita Edition
  11. PepsiMaxVanilla: “First One’s Free” (Borderlands 2) Free samples as part of the Pepsi Max Challenge?
  12. I remember being fooled like this with Mass Effect: Andromeda two years ago on my previous account. It looked like a store error at first but then upon starting the download my system notifications displayed "Trial" in brackets next to the game's title. It's now The Last Supper April Fools in Australia and New Zealand so that could explain the supposed bait or perhaps it's just coincidence.
  13. With the recent confirmation of the PlayStation Store closing across all legacy platforms, you will no longer be able to purchase DLC for Battlefield Hardline on PS3. I'm here to point out that this includes purchasing and renewing rental servers. Three months at the most after the PS3 closure set for July 2nd should you purchase 90 days rent just beforehand, I'm afraid boosting the multiplayer trophies especially the 10,000 Agent Kill trophies is going to become either very difficult to manage or non existent. By October the only server to choose from will be EA / Visceral's Official Servers, even the remaining dedicated playerbase on PS3 will no longer experience "24/7 Conquest Downtown" or "Blood Money The Block No Kill" servers either. Time to get serious about boosting those kills if you haven't already... *nervous laughter*
  14. Today is my first day putting up with another bullshit lockdown in my city of residence. I wake up like any other quiet day at home, make myself breakfast then go straight to boot up my laptop. I’m then greeted by an official message confirming the Legacy PlayStation Store closure. Is this some kind of early April Fools joke... No? Well shit. Can’t say I never expected this be announced so soon but a massive fucking loss to us regardless. Hope Sony is very happy with how ol’ Jimbo is running things since the company’s 2016 migration to California. Why must everything I love go to shit around the same time Donald Trump was elected US President? By the way, is there a reason July and August were chosen as the dates/months to close the PS3 and Vita stores respectively? If Sony could give PS Plus heck, even DRIVECLUB a entire years notice before discontinuing a service/product then why not the same for blocking access to thousands of digital goods? Is March 31st 2022 just not good enough for you? How about December 31st 2021, is that still not good enough? Hello... anyone from Sony listening? Uhhh... From here, I picture PS3 and Vita content becoming my number one priority for purchases over the next couple of months. Trophy syncing better not be taken away soon either otherwise I’m done with these consoles entirely. Removing support of old consoles is one thing, but in the age of the internet that’s just not very feasible. Already it’s not very difficult to compare PlayStation to Apple or some other big corporation that makes decisions based purely on making a big fat profit and creating consumer inconvenience which can also lead to more money.