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    In no particular order:

    #1: Video Games


    #2: Collecting PlayStation Trophies

    Also expected.

    #3: Drawing & Painting

    I find myself enjoying traditional methods of art creation the most. Pencil, pen, paper, paint and brush, you name it all. I've never shown personal interest to create digital artwork, even if I do I'm not in any economical position where I can invest in the appropriate equipment or software on top of everything else I enjoy in my life along with taxes and shit. Unfortunately for those reading, you shouldn't find any of my work posted here or anywhere else online that's public. Maybe one day I'll set an art capture of mine as my forum image or perhaps I've already done that once in the past, who knows?

    #4: Music

    Rap / Hip-Hop, Electronic and Indie / Alternative are the genres I listen to the most. Of course there's an appreciation to have for other genres but rarely do I go out of my way for anything outside of my musical norm.

    #5: Movies

    Like so many living in today's strange times, the majority of my consumption for this media is streamed. It’s a massive shame cinema is being threatened by runny-nose panic and collective authority. Additionally, when will politicians, celebrities, politicians and corporations alike realise that the entertainment industry shouldn't run entirely on virtue signaling social issues that are either irrelevant to film in so many cases or just don't exist at all? I have no issue with people who seek media that achieves inclusion plus whatever else to help all kinds of people so long as this doesn't have an affect on me and everyone else. Unfortunately with how things are being managed it does and frankly it's disgusting. The day every new and upcoming films exist to tell people what to think, say or do is the day I stop supporting the industry.

    #6: TV Shows

    A great deal of what I've said above about movies applies here too. Politics and other related bullshit aside, I don't watch as much programs as I use to because of my prioritisation of what's really important in life while continuing my game time, but when do I get the chance for TV shows, it’s great stuff!

    #7: LEGO

    The only toy from my childhood I still make time for on occasions. During my primary school years I would gather pieces pulled apart from old builds and use what I've got to begin new creations (others who were fond of LEGO growing up can relate very well with this). A great deal of these custom creations were ships and vehicles from Star Wars. I was very jealous looking at past sets tied to this franchise so my biggest activity was building my own versions of what I've seen. Years after I'm given a new collector's set on my Birthday and for Christmas. Since then I've completed many impressive builds I put on display for my friends IRL to see.

    That's all I'd really like to share. Any questions?
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  1. PepsiMaxVanilla: “First One’s Free” (Borderlands 2) Free samples as part of the Pepsi Max Challenge?
  2. I remember being fooled like this with Mass Effect: Andromeda two years ago on my previous account. It looked like a store error at first but then upon starting the download my system notifications displayed "Trial" in brackets next to the game's title. It's now The Last Supper April Fools in Australia and New Zealand so that could explain the supposed bait or perhaps it's just coincidence.
  3. With the recent confirmation of the PlayStation Store closing across all legacy platforms, you will no longer be able to purchase DLC for Battlefield Hardline on PS3. I'm here to point out that this includes purchasing and renewing rental servers. Three months at the most after the PS3 closure set for July 2nd should you purchase 90 days rent just beforehand, I'm afraid boosting the multiplayer trophies especially the 10,000 Agent Kill trophies is going to become either very difficult to manage or non existent. By October the only server to choose from will be EA / Visceral's Official Servers, even the remaining dedicated playerbase on PS3 will no longer experience "24/7 Conquest Downtown" or "Blood Money The Block No Kill" servers either. Time to get serious about boosting those kills if you haven't already... *nervous laughter*
  4. Today is my first day putting up with another bullshit lockdown in my city of residence. I wake up like any other quiet day at home, make myself breakfast then go straight to boot up my laptop. I’m then greeted by an official message confirming the Legacy PlayStation Store closure. Is this some kind of early April Fools joke... No? Well shit. Can’t say I never expected this be announced so soon but a massive fucking loss to us regardless. Hope Sony is very happy with how ol’ Jimbo is running things since the company’s 2016 migration to California. Why must everything I love go to shit around the same time Donald Trump was elected US President? By the way, is there a reason July and August were chosen as the dates/months to close the PS3 and Vita stores respectively? If Sony could give PS Plus heck, even DRIVECLUB a entire years notice before discontinuing a service/product then why not the same for blocking access to thousands of digital goods? Is March 31st 2022 just not good enough for you? How about December 31st 2021, is that still not good enough? Hello... anyone from Sony listening? Uhhh... From here, I picture PS3 and Vita content becoming my number one priority for purchases over the next couple of months. Trophy syncing better not be taken away soon either otherwise I’m done with these consoles entirely. Removing support of old consoles is one thing, but in the age of the internet that’s just not very feasible. Already it’s not very difficult to compare PlayStation to Apple or some other big corporation that makes decisions based purely on making a big fat profit and creating consumer inconvenience which can also lead to more money.
  5. So this all started with Hannah Montana: The Game, Terminator: Salvation and Megamind over a decade ago. Fast forward half a decade later and we’ve got 3-4 hour platinums with video guides, another year’s passed and you just gotta tap the ‘X’ button 10k times, almost another half decade is passed and now we’ve got games that reward you a platinum for catching 15 balls? I believe there are also games that can play themselves with a platinum unlocked at the end, am I correct on this? Anyone remember The Simpsons Game for Xbox 360 which infamously unlocked an achievement upon starting the damn thing? Should the lack of effort we’re currently whitenessing keep up, picture ‘Press Start To Play’ except now you’ll be unlocking an entire trophy list PLUS 2 MORE stacks for the EU and Asian versions! But let’s really think beyond the trophies for once. This game was released for the PlayStation 4 and is playable and boosted through backwards compatibility on PS5. No matter how much money is being asked, this PLAYSTATION 4 GAME is asking for money and it looks like it’s made for an early 80’s home gaming machine or for free on Cool Math Games and perhaps some other Adobe Flash (R.I.P.) game websites. Sony is very committed to censoring Japanese content and in other cases it’s very difficult for studios to license their game for release on one or all regions to the PlayStation Store but then they will allow this?!? Yes, I myself am a sucker for these games but this really is all Sony’s fault for what’s going on here. Before it’s too late can I push to allow Ratalaika Games and Green Lava Studios continue each their businesses but ideally every other publisher/developer/porter should be gone. That includes you, ‘Sometimes You’.
  6. So, rather than fix the problem Sony thought it was better to just shut off the old store entirely! How can they be this incompetent? Heck, not even Activision can correct this product/pricing error? Another thing I’ll never comprehend is why upgrading your games to PS4–>PS5 has to act differently to the original PS4/PS3/Vita/PSP cross-buy system we all know and love. I’m talking about digital copies, of course.
  7. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. Yes, I’m aware it’s not a mainline Sonic The Hedgehog game but I say it’s worth the mention. The hardest part of this game trophy-wise is getting an ‘AAA’ rank on all 64 missions. The majority of these missions are easy but select few may require near perfect attempts due to a time limit, AAA thresholds, skill/physics and strategy. There’s also 4 online trophies that can be completed quickly with another player. You’ll have to boost these though because the multiplayer is very dead, the last time I found players was in 2018 when a bunch of kids / young teens were using the in-game chat function but they never went beyond the lobby. The one and only gold trophy this game offers requires you to grind 500,000 SEGA Miles (“Miles”, huh? Did Sumo Digital intentionally reference Tails’ full name or is this just coincidence?). SEGA Miles is achieved by your distance travelled as displayed at the end of a race and serves as the game’s currency for purchasing characters, locations and music tracks from the Shop. One Grand Prix run can give you somewhere between 8,000-12,000 SM depending on how fast you go and the combined length of the 4 chosen races. There are plenty more game mode and miscellaneous trophies to be unlocked too before you can get your hands on the platinum but nothing very daunting besides what I’ve previously mentioned. Overall it’s an easy platinum and my favourite of the 3 Sonic racing games that exist. From Sumo Digital, that is...
  8. The AU link takes me to the new store. R.I.P. If Sony is planning to make an announcement regarding the future of their Legacy Platforms, can they just get it over with? I'm sick of waiting for official information on all this bullshit.
  9. Trading games and cards via PSN social features using “dis” and “dat” among other grammar/punctuation errors is a common symptom of a scammer. Whether you would really trade the content or not I still wouldn’t ahead what you’re doing, especially on any of PlayStation’s servers. The way I see this is you’ve been using the same account for a long while but then you go make these monetary deals, screwing you with a permanent ban. It’s indisputable that Sony has every legal right to cease access to your activity but does that make the action they’ve taken in this case just? Personally I say no. You deserve a big warning and/or temporary suspension but not an entire ban, at least from what I’m reading even if it’s not all that intelligent. If you were to successfully fuck with another user’s financial status then yes, your account should be taken away regardless of how much you’ve invested into it. As someone who’s decade old account was terminated due to a very minor mishap years after fucking up big enough to be told the next offence will result in a permanent ban, my greatest suggestion for anyone reading this if you can’t be 100% careful when socialising is to drop player interactions all together. The PlayStation Network is one of (if not, the most) authoritarian online platforms in the gaming industry. Other platforms run in a similar manner but I find myself agreeing with @AJ_Radio about Sony’s moderation in conjunction with the evolution of their brand in recent years, with how easy it is to be called out for the slightest comments to protect some weak souls on the internet more people will come to the conclusion that the PSN is not an ideal place for player interaction/forum. PS4 Communities is the best example of this and where I made my last “offence”. Communities is easy to access and so many users have socially benefitted from it (trophy hunting communities especially) but in a group of let’s say 50k members, you can guarantee hundreds of Doomers reading excessive amounts of comments to silence even the least controversial posts meanwhile there are plenty of instances where throwaway accounts that somehow get away with uploading NSFW images. Reminds me so much of YouTube’s continued inconsistency with their Community Guidelines where content creators can’t say shit about one another but if you’re a Celebrity, Major Corporation, American TV Host or Musician it’s ok. Wherever money and politics may go, double standards will follow. Recently Sony announced that PS4 Communities will be discontinued. Those who enjoy the feature will certainly not be thrilled and it just reinforces the idea that a greater (or equal) amount of features are being removed than those being added. All is completely justified but I don’t personally miss PS4 Communities not only because there are better chances of getting reported by one of Sony’s Little Helpers but the only true browsing experience is browsing away from the console. Back before I say no reason to waste time on my console that could’ve been spent playing games when I could just browse everything with my phone on the bus/train going home from school. It’s also a great image transfer outside of PS Messaging too but then Sony decided to drop support for no specified reason, here I completely lost all reason to continue use of the feature. Overall I view myself as a centrist when it comes to the approach these online platforms. I don’t wish for the PSN to follow the steps of NeoGAF, ResetERA or really any big social media/network site but I’m not asking for a “Wild West” environment like 4chan either. Unfortunately it appears Sony is leaning towards one side instead of creating a heathy balance between creating/enforcing an appropriate set of rules and give freedom here and there. Moderators taking action against users for political reasons on a personal level (regardless of the Terms Of Service) also something that needs to be looked at, especially after a certain someone was censored on Twitter months ago but think of that what you will. TL;DR: The OP’s permanent ban is debatable and Sony’s current approach to moderation is a concern both today and for the future of PlayStation as a whole.
  10. This sounds cool and all but in the meantime Sony seriously needs to introduce PlayStation Now to more countries. Right now Microsoft is winning the subscription service battle with the Xbox Game Pass which has more games, is more affordable and it's available in many more territories. From my observations it appears PlayStation Now has been improved a lot on but it's just not enough. One thing they can do is to get approval from any PAL/EU Region currently missing from the list, especially Australia and New Zealand. Right now I get the impression that Scomo and Jacinda much loathe gamers and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if true given both country's approach to the classication board followed by the two Commonwealth Nations (unless Australia gives an MA15+ or above then NZ makes up their own mind) and the R18+ finally being introduced to video games in 2012 but that didn't stop Saints Row 4, South Park: TSOT and (worst of all) Hotline Miami 2 from getting the kick in the groin.
  11. There are two trophy stacks for this Telltale game. Originally one was for PS4 and the other was for PS3 but for whatever reason Telltale decided when releasing physical copies for Tales From The Borderlands, the PS4 disc should use the PS3 stack and the PS3 should do the same leaving the PS4 stack exclusively digital. Since then there's been one PS4 stack and one multi-platform stack until recently with the PS4 re-release which unfortunately followed the route of the physical copies. Now the digital stack is forever unobtainable unless your friend or second account has the game installed on a console. PS Plus May 2017, anyone? Honestly, how difficult was it for Telltale to manage these trophy stacks? They did it correctly with every other game between PS4/PS3/Vita so what was the issue here? Gearbox/2K didn't help either with this re-release but after adding the Claptrap DLC trophies to the PS3/JP Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition and their current inability to fix two unobtainable trophies for Borderlands 3 on PS5, does anyone expect them to correctly pay attention to trophies/achievements for their games from here and beyond?
  12. Judging by the trophy descriptions, this is from Otterrific Games. It's the same studio behind 'Tower of Dragonasia', 'Finger on the Roof: Go! Rooftop Runner!' and 'Snake Boat: Otterrific Arcade'. Say what you want about these titles but I appreciate that it's not most or all gold trophies and a platinum. Normally I don't care what others do with their profiles but I will say this: the amount of gold trophies versus other grades you see with trophy hunters today is ridiculous. I'm not going to mention names but there's a few accounts on the first page of my country's leaderboards who have greater than or equal to the amount of gold trophies than they do with silver or bronze trophies. Typically these are users who will create a new account (or revive an existing account that's previously been dormant for a year or two since unlocking their first trophy which is very silly and some don't even select an avatar as if they really don't care, for fuck sake.), unlock an ultra rare platinum (Super Meat Boy is a common example in this scenario) then once they've been to hell and back they'll unlock at least one platinum trophy a day and they couldn't have done it without their refusal to play any game above a 4 or 5 out of 10 difficulty. Months will pass since their first appearance on the top 50 worldwide leaderboards and then they become very unlucky having incorrectly syncing their trophy timestamps for a PS Vita game, get reported then flagged from the leaderboards, post a dispute thread to the forums even though they clearly messed up and then they get butthurt because they don't want to hide any single game. Despite having over a thousand platinums they create a new account to do it all again until the previous events repeat themselves. I understand that in the end trophy hunting doesn't even matter (absolutely no reference intended) but do people who get themselves in this situation have really nothing to lose? How does one spend thousands of dollars to look good online with all these trophies but they're so far up their ass they make one little slip and it's all for nothing. If you're THIS elitist at something then perhaps you shouldn't continue doing that something. I know if this was me I would seriously consider quitting video games but if I come back I'll be on a platform without a trophy/achievement system. Funny I type this "rant" because I had my first account permanently banned by Sony. I really thought I was going to stop gaming altogether but I figured there's no reason not to go back so soon in my life so then I created this account to start again. Guess that makes me a hypocrite? Nah, not really. I was level 30 (now level 428) when I lost everything with that account and these people are well over level 999. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." Anyway moving on, this game better be guide friendly or have a debug code as I cannot play minesweeper and I'm not spending hours using puzzle solvers like I did with both stacks of Minefield. I think most of us need all these bronze trophies.
  13. Australian (or Oceania) multiplayer servers have never been very populated for many games which can be a problem for Aussies living with low connection speeds. For years Australia is falling behind overall in the internet evolution game played by the rest of the first world and there are plenty of reasons for this ranging from geographical difficulties (being a large desert island where almost two-thirds of the population live in either Sydney or Melbourne) to political/economic bullshit that's not worth my attention. Personally I've got very good average connection speeds for both downloads and uploads so joining North American or European servers is not a problem. I'm most worried about games that have region locked servers unless you're EU friend is playing the game too and you join their EU server. Another big limit that can go on top is skill-based matchmaking. My brother was very high in the Overwatch competitive mode ranks having played the game since launch. Due to the nature of game mode and Blizzard's region locking it was often difficult to find likewise players so like many he would switch to one of his smurf accounts to make it easier to get into the game. He stopped playing Overwatch as soon as the Oceania servers were closed and replaced with the Asian code. As for Destruction All-Stars, I claimed it from PlayStation Plus ready for when I purchase a PS5 but have absolutely no interest for it. It's just another one of those ambitious multiplayer concepts heavily inspired by Rocket League, Fortnite and Fall Guys first released for PS Plus subscribers but severely declines in popularity after a few months. Remember Disc Jam from 2017? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  14. "A small price to pay for salvation." Funny you mention this, next month will be a full decade since it happened. Sony took one week to tell everyone what was going on then another week or so they go back up. No doubt funny times for Sony but I do prefer this era of the company over what's boppin' with Jimbo in California. Perhaps now I'm going off topic... Below are my thoughts on what's happening with the servers. I believe this situation is just all kinds of mishap. LittleBigPlanet was my first big exposure to the internet when I was still at primary school, in my later years of course. On my old account I had a big mix of good and bad moments I continue looking back on positively, anything I'm unsure of I can use to improve my actions for the future. Now with the way things are it appears everything I've ever done on there is well and truly gone. To be honest, I'd feel bad if Sony announced an official server shutdown but to have this game's fate decided from a DDoS attack just upsets me and anyone who's childhood is greatly influenced by game. Additionally, the big name modder being passed around (of course I'm referring to Jon) is a confirmed pedophile who's acts were disclosed by creators tweeting about everything going on here. You read me correct, the servers for a G-Rated game is being targeted by people on the internet who go against the will of young players like the ones from said game. Anyone who contributes to this DDoS attack (especially those with a history of predatory acts against children) deserves to rot. Any legal action taken against these modders going against Sony's strict terms regarding the disruption of first party servers (including the LittleBigPlanet network) is completely justified too. This is about all I've got to say until more information comes to light.