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  1. Oops! Looks like I should’ve done more homework before posting. Just took a quick peep of the trophy guide on this website for the game - 7/10 difficulty and 30 hours minimum to platinum. No wonder I forgot this game existed when writing my previous post, these days nobody’s wanting to play indie games unless they’ve got piss-easy trophies or if the devs are known and reputable due to their past efforts (Drinkbox Studios or whatever other indie games studio comes to mind…) at least according to this website, the largest (third party) publicly visible PSN account/game database but the downside is that PSNP is trophy-orientated which explains the bias towards most indie games without a platinum trophy and/or go above a 3/10 difficulty rating.
  2. Giving Mayo III regional stacks was a mistake. Not only was it a stupid idea for Sony to implement such rules from when they first launched the trophy system on July 2, 2008 (they’ve failed to address this with the release of the PS5, seeing as PS5 trophy lists act differently to those from past systems) but considering all of Green Lava Studio’s past games didn’t have regional stacks, it would make sense for consistency’s sake for them to continue using only one trophy list per platform but that’s not what’s gonna happen starting with My Name Is Mayo 3. Of course, I’ve bought both stacks because I’m a total bitch but I do strongly believe the trophy system has been suffering for the past few years the way it has is not only because of games that only cost a dollar and you can unlock the platinum trophy within minutes, but because the very same trophies from the very same game on the very same platform can be unlocked twice or more if you create separate PSN accounts to buy games in countries that aren’t your own. The present state of the trophy system would be so much better if it weren’t for regional stacking but there is no reason for PlayStation to do anything about this issue so long as it means people will buy the same game twice for more trophies, meaning more money is made from games that have chosen to stack their trophies between regions. This, and other actions SIE has been taking (or lack thereof) for years, especially as Jim Ryan as CEO are living proof that they’ve got their eyes on “the green” more than anything else. I’ve said enough.
  3. I just want to point out that I believe it’s possible to make progress towards ‘From Prague To Malmö’ coming 3rd place in a solo match if the situation you’re in ends up like mine, which I’ve detailed below. Yesterday I made progress towards the aforementioned glitched trophy twice (as of posting I’ve made progress across 3 matches total, I’m at 11% or 99/836 progress). The first of yesterday’s two matches (both were solo) saw me at the end being among the Top 3, I was downed by a player, then they were downed the other survivor (from here I’m going to call them the “Third Wheel”) who decided to eliminate me (placing me 3rd) then the other players just a second or two after. I thought that because the Third Wheel eliminated me before the other player, forcing me in 3rd place meant that I couldn’t make progress but it might be the fact I was eliminated just before 2nd place (therefore skipping the spectator interface) which resulted in me making progress.
  4. Are you absolutely sure this game is impossible to complete due to a glitch affecting the aforementioned trophy or is this game just really, really bad and nobody, not even a single person who’s started the game (a.k.a. those who’ve earned at least one trophy) can be bothered to finish it?
  5. I’ve only got two words to describe my thoughts on this lineup: shit month.
  6. For the sake of consistency across this website (eg. easy platinum games available in Asia but don’t get their own stack instead bearing the NA stack) I fully agree with you. Now onto the next few games which for whatever reason have had their NA tag removed that should get it back, STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order anyone?
  7. @RigbySanchez439 I once saw a YouTube video of this trophy being done. While the player was levitating up into the air he threw an Ender Pearl up high onto the tower and the trophy popped for him after that, so I'm guessing these can be used to boost the trophy. Hope this helps. @LegendExeter This is how we got the trophy. It's the best way to do it, get outside the End City temple, let a shulker levitate you, then throw an Ender Pearl up high against the tower wall, then doing about 2 to 3 more times and you will get the trophy. WARNING - you might die on the way back down, yet you will still get the trophy. —————————————————— Even better, it’s also possible to unlock the Great View From Up Here trophy by stacking yourself well over 50 blocks high, press [R3] to sneak/crouch (so you don’t fall), empty a water bucket to off the edge of the block you’re standing on then get back down to the ground by travelling down the water stream. Once you’ve get back down just get hit by a Shulker mob, then quickly travel up the stream of water pressing and holding the [X] button while under the Shulker’s status effect. Trophy popped for me on PS3 at first try (do note that I did this 11 months ago at the time of posting), I highly recommended this to anybody yet to unlock it using the most guaranteed method possible, that is my water bucket method.
  8. Total Time: 5:49:32 Screenshot taken 30/11/2021
  9. Aussie here, don't wanna go off topic here but thanks for the shoutout. It's amazing really how in the international eyes, the general population of my country comes off as laid back, including (but not limited to) bogans punching kangaroos with one hand, the other holding a can of VB and eshays loitering Westfields and train stations wearing their fake Gucci bumbags made in Thailand, but our politicians, bureaucrats and suits working at local, state/territory and federal government levels? Well, they're another story I frankly don't have the energy to rant about right here right now, let alone want to on a gaming/trophy forum leading up to a federal election next month or whatever. Now for my thoughts on the cancellation of E3 for another year: Meh. The year is 2022, why spend money on hosting/managing a video games convention right next door to Disneyland California (or wherever the fuck in L.A. it's hosted, does anybody really care anymore anyway?) of this kind when gaming journalists and stay-at-home reddit users alike will announce/leak all the shit that was suppose to be at said convention at no cost? TL;TLTR: E3 died Because the Internet.
  10. Ehh, I’ll take SpongeBob B.F.B.B. as it’s the only game here that interests me. I won’t even bother claiming the other two.
  11. Adding a new trophy list to replace the original upon rerelease is a sin of its own, but replacing the original with two regional stacks? Oh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me…
  12. Due to the fact PS5 trophy lists act differently to those on legacy platforms (PS4, PS3 & PS Vita) there will definitely be a new stack for this new PS5 version. As for regional stacks between NA/EU we won’t know for sure until the trophy list(s) gets uploaded to Sony’s PSN servers, then onto PSNProfiles. By the way… “Sleepin’ Guy” is a terrible name change. In my opinion it’s not as bad as “The Guy” used previously with the VR game’s release but if I were the publisher, Chubby Pixel, I would’ve chosen to retitle the game to “Dream Guy” because that’s only two syllables and well, what does “The Guy” do? Well, he’s on his couch dreaming. “Couch Guy”, anyone? Seriously speaking though, who’s actually gone to offing themselves as a result of, or encouraged by the existence of these games, most importantly due to the word “suicide” being featured on the titles(s)? on the title? If you don’t like what’s going on here, I must stress that you don’t go to buy and/play these games and go talk to somebody if that’s something you really need. A guy on the hotline, a family member, friends, whoever! Changing the name for Suicide Guy only proves that the World has gone soy. #StayWoke
  13. My profile’s games page as displayed on PS5 has been acting weird for the past few days too. Right now I’m playing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales but it won’t go beyond showing 4 hours of playtime from my first sitting. Now today I wake up to not only find that about 100 or so games have disappeared from my profile entirely, but among the games that haven’t gone missing there’s a few without any PS4 / PS5 console tags! Damn, Sony…
  14. Actually, this is the fourth time a game has gone (or in this case, soon to be) F2P after being offered to PS Plus members through the IGC. The other three games that have done this previously are Rocket League, Destiny 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (now known as “PUBG: Battlegrounds” which in my opinion was a rather unnecessary name change AND a very shit one might I add. PUBG Corp. does realise that PUBG is an acronym, right? Just think about it: “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds”, what the fuck does that even mean? It’s like if Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name to “KFC: Chicken” instead of just using “KFC” as they should because the “C” in KFC already stands for “Chicken”, no need to say it twice! When people say that repetition is beneficial to corporate branding and/or advertising, I don’t think this is what they meant.) EDIT: As of typing this soon there might be five games that have gone F2P post-IGC offering. That fifth game being Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as this is rumoured to be the case upon the retirement of the original PS4 game launcher in favour of a new one due to the game’s publisher being passed on from Devolver Digital to Epic Games (a.k.a. Winnie The P… Oops, I mean Tencent).
  15. I don’t know about anyone else here, but now would be a great time to do a video on how to create an account / buy games from the Russian PlayStation Store. As a reaction to the invasion of Ukraine (God bless them), Russia’s currently, the Ruble, it’s value has reached new all-time depths (and will continue to sink ‘til the day somebody puts a bullet to Putin’s head, unfortunately this is easier said than done). Depths that, as of submitting this post / reply, go beyond whatever event was going on in Turkey to lead their economy into the downward spiral that originally influenced the OP to create this topic. EDIT: Russian PlayStation Store is now closed. Oof…