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  1. Not gonna lie, I’d have a good laugh if this were proven true. Finally! A proper end game and with that a reason to retire trophy whoring for those at the top of the leaderboards fighting over who’s jumping the most food items.
  2. …So fantasy counts too now? I guess so haha, sounds great. Thanks for confirming.
  3. Count me in. I’ve got plenty of (non-EZPZ) games I can start/finish from my backlog throughout July into early August from my backlog with, of course, animals in them. May I ask OP, in the rules you speak against playing and stacking easy plats but haven’t said anything against stacking as a whole, so is it ok to stack any games so long as they’re not auto-popped and take longer than 90 minutes to finish like you’ve said above or does stacking trophies (in any manner, platform or regional) not count at all? Just confirming because I’m interested in completing Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl (So long as there are playable characters are based on animals that exist and not fantasy eg. unicorns, this game counts right?) being apart of this event, which has 3 trophy stacks (1x PS4, 2x PS5) and I’d like to know if I can get multiple entries out of this game from stacking so long as I choose not to auto-pop any of the trophies… Or if entries are 1 per unique game I complete. Hope I worded that all right, if not then I apologise.
  4. Umm… Two seperate patches in one night? Downloading patch 1.004.000 right now, will come back to edit this post to update y’all. EDIT: Still no trophies.
  5. Can confirm too that the trophies are still broken after patch 1.002.000 and until Epic/MediaTonic fixes them I don’t see any reason for me to continue playing/supporting their game.
  6. I spotted this game on the PS Store days before these trophies went live (being listed as “just announced”, might I add), it didn’t take long at all for me to question the cover dog being treated with a chocolate chip cookie. Guess you beat to creating a topic like this haha. So… “The Jumping Cookie” when? Ok, I’ll shut up now.
  7. IMO it’s a good thing there’s only one stack for PS5. I can’t stand looking at larger titles being released with regional stacks, intentional or not, because it fucks up game stats. As someone who spends hours per week looking at the statistics on this website (however it would be so much better if profiles automatically updated, exactly why did Sly think it was a good idea to stop that from happening anyway? Because of this my home internet’s IP Address has been “temporarily” blocked from manually updating any profiles for weeks now) it’s rather disappointing to see even games like Fortnite having two regional stacks on PS4, with both exceeding well over 400k owners on this website knowing very well it would be among the games with the most owners if only it had just one united, WW stack but thankfully (like Fall Guys just now) this is the case with the native PS5 version. Epic/MediaTonic made a big mistake relaunching Fall Guys on PS4 with two regional stacks to replace the original trophy list, but overall I would’ve preferred if they just kept that original list. I believe I speak for many when I say the trophy system would be so much better without games stacking between regions and games having their trophies replaced with new stack(s) that are completely identical to the previous list all because of a change in game publishers, something that has happened many times before without needing to add new lists (the most recent example being Knockout City).
  8. No trophies auto-popping for any of you guys? Bloody hell… Look’s like the NA PS4 “Epic Games” release version is going to be my 250th platinum. Well that’s just bittersweet.
  9. This reply helped me unlock the Zombie Doctor trophy on the Vita (tutorial world / latest patch).
  10. There are 4 creeper heads and 4 wither skeletons skulls inside one of the two large chests at the banners tutorial area alongside the blocks of wool featuring all 16 colours, 64 sticks and a few other materials/resources but you already know this. Wet sponge can only be found inside the ocean monument (which you must visit anyway to unlock the silver trophy for killing an elder guardian), then of course you must dry it in a furnace to unlock the “Dry Spell” trophy.
  11. Don’t mind me, I’m just waiting to be among the first 50 accounts to appear on the PS5 version’s leaderboards after auto-popping the platinum trophy. Back November 2021 I wanted the OG PS4 “Devolver Digital” release version’s platinum to be my 200th but I didn’t find partners to help with the last trophy I needed (Squad Goals) soon enough so I decided on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart instead. Fortunately fast-forward to today, I’m at a platinum count of 249 so I can finally add “Ultimate Fall Guy” to my profile/trophy milestones as my 250th platinum instead of having the original displayed on my trophy cabinet.
  12. This and “The Spidy P” are just two release dates apart, the studio/publisher behind both these “games” is Webnetic S.R.O. of Slovakia so it only makes sense they’ve got a thing for arachnids.
  13. A can of Pepsi Max with original salted Doritos or some shit like that.
  14. Smobile should seriously consider taking a break.
  15. Truant Pixel produced the best PS4 themes, period.