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  1. “It’s such a great [thing] that we have given the option that you can decide which certain lighting aspects to improve frame rates in the console versions. I don’t know if any other game that does that. So if you want to choose [better] frame rate over visuals, you can if you want.” - The Division developer or Ubisoft again dont care about optimization in this awful looking game

  2. Got Digimon Story for Vita. I think I really excited. Looks friendly)))

  3. m1dy - m1dy is Sexy. Dont touch it if you not like Tokyo Style Speedcore
  4. Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster and Old Hunter DLC for Bloodborne
  5. Gamefaqs says crazy day is February 5 in Europe))) Awakening DLC and NARUTO UNS4 (I dont want to buy it, I just say it)
  6. No its still recommended price for games. But most of that games which costs 3999 is AAA games. Console gaming is pretty expensive in our country right now and most of our console gamers waiting any sales and week deals in PS Store. As example in my region average salary is about 15000~30000 rubles. Its good Im not married right now...
  7. That means 3999 rubles for Russia... sick
  8. How much it costs on PS4? $60 I guess?
  9. Playing RE0 HD. Feels good

  10. Looks like your advice is helpful. I just go on normal difficulty. Killing all monsters which I can found, wear the perfume (still not understand how it works), forgive the person in church... and receieve 25 punches from last boss. XDDDDD RESULT: GOT PLATINUMED..... after 3 years
  11. Looks like this ending is pretty glitchy. Its says receive 4000 damage points or more. Kill all monsters, receive damage, forgive person in the church, etc. But only I can get is 2000 DP or less. The guide says you can receive a 500 DP from perfectly healthy to almost killed. If this true then I can get HUGE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE from last boss... but NO. I receive lot of damage until red flashing in status/inventory screen, eating meds like hell, but result is absolutely random Maybe someone can gives me a REALLY WORKING strategy to get that ending?
  13. End of working week almost coming!

  14. Its just another 200 megabytes of nothing...
  15. Its 0:13 and -31°C right now.... I guess that should be cold weather in morning....

    1. Sigma999


      Damn ! I never experienced temperature much below 0ºC like never below -10ºC where i live . Right now it's 15ºC at 16:30