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  1. Days gone Wishing to start with it but no time The best, the profile picture 😂
  2. Both unfortunately My European copy was not compatible, so I bought a second-hand American copy
  3. I just got it by buying an American copy and I can play it in my European account thanks!!!
  4. Thank you I bought the American version, I hope it works on my PS3, and I can make the DLC work If not, I can only platinum, not 100%
  5. but it does not appear in the main menu Sera is not compatible with the EU version?
  6. I just downloaded it to my American account but I don't know how to activate it Should we finish the normal game before
  7. Great job!!!
  8. ************************************** Solucionado. Gracias!!!!!
  9. Sure I say nonsense and of course it is the worst of all, but being home and if it is to test how it works and if you like How about LORD OF THE FALLEN? I do not compare them by any means, and as I say it is the worst of all, but perhaps to try it is the least dense
  10. No puedo saltarme el trofeo. Elegiré comprar una copia digital ya que mi juego físico es de segunda mano y quizás haya un problema. ¿Alguien sabe si los trofeos de copias físicas y digitales serían los mismos, o si cada copia generaría sus propios trofeos? Fantastic, it works perfectly today Many thanks Dante_MS
  11. Finally I have the opportunity to thank you for the work done, Without these wonderful guides I would never have been able to get the original MHW platinum, I'm glad you do these too We will continue these in the future of course Thank you very much for your work !!!!!!