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  1. It must be something to do with the developer because although this game never glitched for me road bustle did and it was pretty annoying.
  2. I know I probably sound really stupid but I want to know. If I buy a game on the eu store can I get it for free on other stores or will I have to buy the game again?
  3. Go into chapter select and choose the mission you need to do (it should say on the guide) I didn’t get the trophy until I finished the game either.
  4. I wouldn’t take any amount of money for it. It’s just too hard
  5. Yep. The servers are up again and every trophy is available, well at least the ones I went for have worked. The only one you might have trouble with is sellout but it is still possible if you import a friends skater.
  6. Are you still doing this offer or not??
  7. Should I do this with both characters that I have?
  8. Do I have to do it with another person?
  9. I’ve done everything to get this trophy and it won’t pop. I don’t know if me having 2 characters makes a difference but please help.