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  1. We're almost at 3,000,000,000 trophies! Everyone who has earned a trophy whether intentionally or just playing through a game has contributed to this huge achievement! I say as a community and everyone in PSN should be proud as of how far we've come, the second billionth in the time compared to the first was incredible! (I don't actually know the date of the first billionth, if that is even a word at this point, however, the second billionth was earned on the 6th May 2017!) The time it's taken from that to this is crazy, less than 3 years for us to get 1,000,000,000 trophies! This something everyone can and is a part of and without you this would've taken longer to accomplish, so well done to the you that is reading this, roll on to the 3,000,000,000! Fun Fact: It would take 95.06 Years to count to 3,000,000,000! That's a lot of trophies, we be dead to count every trophy
  2. I've just finished the quests for Dead Island: Riptide but before doing so I encountered an unusual problem, the "Achiever" Trophy for completing all quests popped before "Do No Harm" (finish all quests given by Cecil), now the Achiever trophy popped when I completed 77/80 quests. I was at the Makeshift Hospital where you can pick up 4 quests (also the location where Cecil gives you his quests), upon picking up the last quest "Reunited" the trophy suddenly popped even though I hadn't finished the quests I just picked up, and I hadn't finished the quests given by Cecil at that point. Now my question is, is this a flaggable offense? Despite the trophy and in game counter being bugged, and earning both trophies legitimately? Any help will be appreciated!