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  1. Hmm, I don't know how to feel about this change. I always felt the old Peter looked somewhat awkward. This new one looks closer to what I had in mind but still not quite there. Guess I need to see more scenes with him first.
  2. When I first saw the trailer, I thought the game was following RE4's approach based on the setting, which is great since I always believed RE4 had a great balance between survival and action gameplay. In fact, based on the new info, it almost as if it'll be mimicking RE4's opening segment.
  3. Lol, yeah, I imagine a lot of people will be doing that next-gen. These days I always find myself waiting for sales, unless I'm really hyped for something on release. 😅
  4. Well, that's what sales are for.
  5. The only relevant news I see from Gamestop these days is always about their financial issues and how they keep closing up stores. And they think they can compete with Amazon? Even if it isn't a joke, it's pretty funny.
  6. No, there's still a lot of people who enjoy traditional turn-based games. But FF has always had a mainstream approach over the recent years. It's still possible they may make another turn-based game someday, or create some new franchise with a turn-base system like Octopath Traveler. Also I would say that FF7R is an evolution of Crisis Core's gameplay. As for the combat system in 16, it is leaning more towards DMC. They even have the combat designer from DMC5 working on it.
  7. Yeah I'm not that surprised really. The reveal trailer showed that the game was actually really far along. I can't remember a FF reveal that actually had gameplay and voice acting (and English at that!).
  8. Once again, I'm cool with them using Kiryu in spinoffs like Ishin or Kenzan, even prequels. His popularity is definitely good enough to warrant those if they want to keep his character going. I'm just saying he needs a break from the main series otherwise the main series will start feeling stagnant. The Yakuza series is pretty niche in the West, though I think with recent titles like Judgment and Yakuza 7, it's definitely getting more exposure and getting more well-known over time. Lol, can you imagine if Kiryu is like Mario and he's in everything and everywhere? Like, the Yakuza games have such huge gameplay variety and Kiryu has got enough history, been in enough situations, and has enough experience in different vocations to be like Mario and have sport, party, fighting, rhythm, etc games that he can essentially be like Mario. And it's amazing how they treat game franchises in Japan, like a lot of businesses uses brand power of games to sell anything. Shame there's no new announcement, was looking forward to it.
  9. Mario is bad example because he's ageless. He's more of a timeless icon, like Mickey Mouse. On the other hand, the main Yakuza series follows a real timeline, the characters aren't ageless or immortal. It's one thing to have him in prequels or spinoffs like Ishin which I'm fine with, but he's only going to get older from Yakuza 7 onwards which was what I was referring to. The best comparison would be Snake from MGS. By the end of MGS4, he was old, broken, and tired, like that guy deserved a damn retirement where he can lounge on a beach somewhere. Same deal with Kiryu at the end of 6. Yeah that doesn't really tell me much about Ichiban's character if you're using that a reason to hate him. That's not really too far off from what I said earlier, because he's not Kiryu since you haven't really given him a chance yet.
  10. Because he's not Kiryu. From what I can tell, Ichiban and the new cast was well-received in Japan. It seems like those who don't like Ichiban are the ones that haven't given the game a chance yet. Kiryu is 50 and his character is already fleshed out but it's like people aren't satisfied until he's in his 60s and saving the Tojo for the 20th time from samurai robots with lightsabers or something.
  11. But is this what the original announcement was referring to? Sega's showcase isn't until tomorrow so I assume there's going to be more announcements.
  12. Honestly, encouraging buyouts is just silly. It only hurts consumers in the end if franchises are made exclusive and it's only going to perpetuate all the console wars bullshit.
  13. Yeah, I don't see any of those happening, like maaaybe Dino Crisis but not the other ones. Konami has made more profit with pachinko using those IPs than they ever did with games so I don't see them letting go. As for Resident Evil, that is Capcom's best selling franchise. They'd be crazy to sell that.
  14. Yeah, if there's no free upgrade, I think I'm just going to wait until the Ultimate Edition goes on sale.
  15. Yeah, I agree. People are running rampant with theories and jumping to conclusions over the tiniest speculation. It's just ridiculous. Here's Microsoft shutting down the rumors.