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  1. I did both FFX and X-2 a few months back and I agree that they aren't hard, just long and grindy, especially X. X was one of the more long, boring grinds I've done and that only applies to maxing out your team. By comparison, the Celestial Weapons sidequests like lightning dodging and chocobo racing are among the fastest things to do in the game, except for Wakka's blitzball item because fuck 40+ games of blitzball. The X-2 completion actually requires a step-by-step walkthrough guide. It's doable the first time but not very fun playing that way. If Trema is the last trophy, he isn't even that hard since you would have the necessary costumes and accessories to get through him.
  2. Good job on your progress. One thing to note, most of the info I've seen seem to place the final opponent appearing at 25+ rounds.
  3. They are available for purchase at all the casinos and Ebisu Pawn at any time.
  4. The Puyo Puyo challenge was the biggest wall for me, never played it before and it took me many hours over the course of 2-3 days. I've also used the 3 column method and like you, my wins were incredibly inconsistent. I only had 2 14 opponent wins, a 24 win, and the rest were early defeats. When I finally beat it, I was at 54 wins so luck is definitely a factor. Just keep at it. Also move quick. If you give your opponent too much time, they are going to hit you first and you will completely lose momentum. Keep building your 3 columns to increase your chance of combos while working the left most column and clearing out the left side when you can. For VF5, I used Jean and spammed punch. In fact, I spammed punch while not looking at the screen and was able to clear the first 7 opponents with little effort. I made 2 attempts with Dural with this method with the first ending as a 1-2 loss but it was close. Second attempt, it was 1-1 with the final round going similarly to the first attempt. Dural got smart and started spamming low attacks and I did the same after withering her health with punch spam and got lucky. It was incredibly close.
  5. You can check this page:ジャッジアイズタイムアタック/ There's basically 2 builds he uses, the high-speed build for courses 1, 2, 6, 7, and a durability build for the rest. The high speed build is the same as Surgical mentioned but for durability, you replace the frame with S-One Adamant and the turbo with Standard Turbo. I completed all the time attack challenges with these 2 builds, though there were around 4 courses where the times were incredibly tight. You really have to master racing indoors and know how to slow down properly.
  6. The last money completion objective is 30 million. Paradise VR Long Challenge is the best for it. Assuming you have Precision Press, you can start by rolling 5-6-2 in succession. Doing so will get you instant bonus mode for 3 turns. Otherwise just farm nodes and make your way to the King Koronyan for the bonus mode. Farm as much as possible and then run into the black Kuronyan so it steals your items. Then go hunt it down and win your items back double the amount you had. You should net 2 million if you barely farm though I usually average around 4 million.
  7. No, I don't think so. The only difference to me is how the new rule set affects scoring. Aside from that, it plays pretty much the same way to me.