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  1. Same thing happened to me yesterday. My friend (ShadowGandalf) and I spent over 2 hours on this and the trophy didn't pop. I wish there was an option to save your progress so you didn't have to start over. Is very annoying when you fail on level 29 and you lose all progress.
  2. #8 - Lego Batman 2 - PS Vita

  3. Hello all I am going for my last trophy and this (and therefore the platinum) but am in need of some help / advice. The trophy in question is for getting gold on all Justice League arenas. I have managed it on arenas 1, 2 and 4 but 3 and 5 are proving to be a stumbling block. The bit that always causes me problems is the flying LexBots. Wonderwoman is just so damn slow at aiming and throwing and they are so incessant at shooting, I just can't get throw away. Is there a way of throwing quicker?
  4. Yes or no peoeple (you have until 19:00 GMT Wed 17th Feb 2016) to vote). Should I keep playing FF13 til the end of the weekend (def no longer), knowing I won't get any more trophies?

    1. soniq


      If you like the game yes? If you don't then don't?

    2. Dragon-Archon
  5. Lord of the Rings: Tactics 'nuff said
  6. GTA IV. The amount of time I spent online both helping and being helped by ShadowGandalf (who I've known for around 15 years as a personal friend) was unreal. Also intending to complete Family Guy with his help. Need couch co-op stuff
  7. OK, so I am a big FF7 fan and was super hyped when they announced a remake. But the stuff we've been hearing has dampened my anticipation. But then I saw this. Am I right in assuming it isn't the much taled about remake? Is it just the PS1 version but with trophies?
  8. Hello I have decided to ask this after a lot of thought as it is something I have not been entirely comfortable with. I am looking for game recommendations (PS4). Now this seems like a simple question BUT...... I have recently (since playing GT5) started getting a problem where my head starts shaking violently during games. Sometimes it does it straight away, sometimes it will be after several minutes. It gets to the point where I feel fairly ill and have to stop. It only seems to be a problem (or more of one) when in a tense situation (race, fight, quick reactions etc). To this end, I have been playing FF13 a lot recently and haven't had any issues (or nothing major). It seems to be certain games that are more relaxed where you can take you time over them seem to be OK. By contrast, games like GTA5 are really bad for me. Even driving on that caused me issues. So, I am looking for recommendations for games that would be OK for me to play. I like the idea of playing Fifa again but just don't know how I'd find it. I am reluctant to but games like that because it is around £40 which is an awful lot of money if I then find I can't play it. I am almost scared of a lot of games because, while they are good and I really want to play them, I am worried about buying them then not being able to play them. Curiously, I seem to be OK with handheld consoles like Vita and 3DS...... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also feel free to PM me if you would prefer. Steve
  9. It's not too bad. As numerous people have said, the original was sort of episodic. They had 3 discs and you had to switch. Maybe they will be the episode?
  10. #7 - Knack - PS4

  11. I need 'Obsessed' and 'Mort will now lend you credit' on my route to the plat. To get 'Obsessed' I only need to do the 2 objectives on the last level and have a question: As this level is a b***h to complete, can I quit out after doing the objectives? If I do that (don't complete the level), will the 'Obsessed' trophy pop? Will the stuff for completing the objectives be unlocked in the store?
  12. Finally. That was tough

  13. I apologise if this has already been put in a thread. I did have a search around but couldn't find anything. It has recently occurred to me that, on a gaming session, itt would be a REALLY good idea to have something tha t says what console the game is on. For example, Dead Nation is available on all 3 console (PS3, PS4, PSV) but when someone creates a gaming session, no-one knows what console it is for unless they ask
  14. Well, I did it. I beat him. Thanks for all the tips guys. Barthandulus was sent for an early Barth (yes I know it's bad but someone had to say it)
  15. Great work dude. I love photography as well and am trying to improve. I have a Canon 700D (which I believe is something like a T5i Rebel in America).