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  1. Well is the same trophy list for like 3 games now and the trophies are pretty easy if you can earn 5 stars in every song.
  2. The whole world went away Dead Island Finally this game is over. I really liked everything about banoi and all that but playing the same part 4 times is just... too much. My experience was good but I'm not touching this game ever again.😅
  3. Looks like a hard game...😖
  4. A Symphony of Horror Trophies Until Dawn
  5. I bought Tales From The Borderlands!

    1. starcrunch061


      I enjoyed that game immensely. Probably my favorite Telltales game, honestly.

    2. insaneeeRob


      Oh yeah? I've seen people talking so good about tftbl and I can't wait to see why!

  6. I just watched for the first time this video of dead island zombie outbreak... that was sad😢

  7. Still thinking about the LBP2 plat... rip 😢

  8. Already finished Sleeping Dogs! Such a good game and  I'm really proud of this plat!😃

  9. Hong Kong Legend Sleeping dogs: Definitive Edition I think this is the first time I'm writing like a full text of my thoughts about this game. Holy fuck it was a little bit hard. I know it's not much of a challenge but I'm not really good at these type of games were you have to do a lot of things like races, missions with timer, keeping the objective alive. By far the most annoying thing was the races, omg I hated those so much but somehow I did it! The game is really fun, the story is good and I didn't touched the DLCs but I'm sure those are fun too. Until next time Wei Shen!✌️
  10. I mean I'm proably on the same direction as you hahahaha I had fun with this lego game (my first one) and maybe I will buy more in the future! The only thing (not bad) is that these lego games takes a little bit of time to complete.
  11. LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER Cop-letionist Such a fun game but too many golden bricks lol. I don't want to see a lego brick for now hahaha.
  12. Tourist Win a bet on a cockfight.
  13. Just bought Sleeping Dogs on sale, so far it looks pretty cool!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. zizimonster


      m a s t e r p i e c e

    3. NullRay85


      Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! It's starts out like your normal open-world game but get way more interesting thanks to the story and characters. It's not a demanding platinum, just make sure to eat lots of pork buns!

    4. insaneeeRob


      You all liked it, I hope I get the same impression😃 (most likely I will). And yes, I saw that you can eat and drink different things oh and there's karaoke, that's new for me in games hahaha

  14. Well, it looks like I will uninstall borderlands: The handsome collection...

    1. MidnightDragon


      That good, huh?