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  1. This flag should be lifted, as he said you can play the Acolyte difficulty in Challenge Mode without the need of finishing Acolyte first in Story Mode, unlike the rest of the difficulties where you have to finish the game once in X difficulty to unlock it in Challenge Mode But seriously, this is even stated in the guides. Either the one who flagged him is a dumbass who haven't played the game and didn't mention that he finished Acolyte twice in 6 Secs or the admin can't bother to check the guides first before approving the flag
  2. 100% #2 - Resident Evil 4 Difficulty : 4/10 Time : 20-25h because like an idiot I've been playing the game like the old RE games and not use a lot of ammo lol to the point where I finished the game with 150+ Shotgun & Sniper ammo Unfortunately, it's not as good as I remember because I started to find it repetitive but overall it's still a really good game that you should play About the 100% it's pretty straight forward . Just finish the story twice one on normal and the 2nd on Professional while getting the Cups along the way I recommend using the Special Costume 2 as it will make Ashley invincible and you can use her to protect you from attacks and as a bait to the enemies
  3. I suggest that you make the platinum trophy a trophy milestone . By that I mean like make the Furi plat your 1000th trophy or any trophy number you like so that it will be shown in your "Trophy Milestone" section in your profile And don't be afraid to start it it's not so bad maybe like a 7-8/10 but don't make that number scare you away from it because the game is really, and I mean REALLY good There's an exploit you can use which is that you can close the application before getting "Game Over" on a boss . And your total stats (hits , time K.O's) will be reset to where it was before you began the boss battle So simply the roadmap for the plat is 1-first playthrough for fun 2-Miscellaneous trophies clean up 3-Furi Difficulty S Rank 4-Furier difficulty S Rank 5-Speedrun (which is really easy and has a lot of room for error) That will be around 20-25h but don't worry about it, it'll be over before you realise it simply because it's really good BTW I have the fastest achiever on Furi so if you need any tips/questions feel free to ask
  4. Oh:( that's really bad . How much harder will the 1CC be on Double Play instead of a partner?
  5. Hello, I bought Ikaruga a few days ago Can I play Co-Op online or does have to be couch co-op? I can't play it in shareplay because the internet is really bad in the area I live in
  6. You have to play Persona 5
  7. Platinum #2 - Mighty No. 9 Enjoyment 4/10 (First playthrough) 2/10 for the other playthroughs Personal Difficulty : 7/10 This is without a doubt one of the worst games I've ever played and the worst platformer I've ever played . Everything is broken in this game from the frame rates , hit boxes , pretty much everything 90% of my deaths in this game is because of a glitch or the game decides that my jump wouldn't get me higher than 1cm or Beck wouldn't grab a ledge As for the platinum it's pretty straight forward but really annoying I suggest doing the 60m Speedrun on your 2nd playthrough which will be on hard and also finish the game without restarts which will be easy because you can just use the "Retire" option to to exit without any penalties on time or deaths but make sure you don't get the "Game Over" Screen . There's so much room for errors on this run but if you feel you're doing too bad just use the Retire and restart the level . Because on the end I've had to finish the final level on 5m & 29secs and luckily finished the game on 59:58 The hardest thing you have to do for the plat is being able to play this game without asking yourself why do you exist Nah but for real the hardest thing is challenge 36 because of the insta kills in the final levels (Prison , Robot Factory) Also I've hit 46 UR Trophies:)
  8. Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy & REmake 2 Got both for 40$ (20$ each) As for Digital Games I've got Ikaruga Mercenary Kings Hotline Miami Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number All for 20$:)
  9. TorqueL 100% Enjoyment : 5/10 Difficulty : 6/10 It's not that hard, it's just that the controls are shitty and some levels are really luck based . So it's just about trial and error until you get it I actually found the unknown route really easy except for the first level which is also annoying because it's luck based The wotst trophy by far is the 10 hour one
  10. #1 Furi Difficulty : 4/10 (Personal) , 7-8/10 if it's you're first time playing it Time : 3 hours 59 minutes (#1 Fastest Achiever) Rarity : 1.53% (PSNP) This is one of my favourite games of all time . I've been playing this game non stop trying to get a time below 4hours . While I barely got it, I'm pretty happy with my time . But there's a lot of room for improvement
  11. Game : TorqueL Route: unknown Beat the "Unknown" route Rarity : 0.96% Most people think this is the hardest trophy in the game . For me, it wasn't too bad it's just the first and 3rd level were annoying because you'll need luck to beat them . So it's just about trial and error